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This website is about Eastern Prussia. Western Prussia is in Germany and Eastern Prussia is in Poland near the Gulf of Danzig. Gdansk, Poland is near Lubeck, Germany. Warsaw is inland. Warsaw trades in zloty and Lubeck used to trade in East German mark. There are concerns about the labor unions and military academies in Germany's eastern provinces. Kosovo is a Muslim enclave near Bosnia. The Virginians are immigrants from Germany's eastern provinces.

Eastern Prussia

January 22, 2022
Madrid sends radio signals to Washington, DC. I hear a loudspeaker when I am in my apartment. It's violent images and messages. It seems like they want to fight with surveillance hardware. I hear a loudspeaker telling me that I will feel pain if I type at my computer. I feel electric shocks when I type. It seems like Madrid is cyberattacking my apartment while I am hearing the loudspeaker.

[The woman civilian agent returned home to her apartment. It was 20F on a Saturday night. She had been at work. The bureau is watching this apartment with surveillance radios. Madrid starts to cyberattack the apartment when she gets home. The bureau watches her put her things away. And it is suspenseful because what if Madrid destroys her apartment? And then the bureau sits in the dark all night with the surveillance radios. ] 1-15-22

It's Saturday night. I just got home from work. It's 20F.
There are complaints that the bureau and the surveillance teams work at night and on the weekends. Tonight, for example, it's really cold. They might take the night off.
Also, they might be blue collar workers and they don't have anything to do at night.
During the day they won't do white collar tasks.
And so the image is that the surveillance teams work 24/7 with nothing to do.

January 11, 2022
The bureau has surveillance radios. It's possible they lie about what they're doing, and so they can get more hours. For example, they say they're doing investigating but they're either asleep or watching movies. It would be boring in Washington, DC what would be on the surveillance hardware. The Congress probably reads all day and goes to bed early.

January 10, 2022
The bureau has an op. The bureau tells the op what is illegal. Madrid tells the op what to do all day. They use satellite imagery and they do covert ops with the surveillance hardware.

January 9, 2022
It's Sunday morning. I'm in my Washington, DC apartment. I feel electric shocks and I hear a loudspeaker. From Madrid, Spanish infantrymen are telling me to do specific cleaning chores around my apartment. They must be able to see inside my apartment. They scream through a radio that I should do specific cleaning tasks. It's not yet 9:30am.

January 7, 2022
In my apartment, I feel electric shocks and I hear a loudspeaker. Spanish infantrymen seem to keep up with my schedule. And so I'll hear commands about what I should do. Often I hear commands to eat or clean. Today I had to be at work at 5pm. All day I heard a loudspeaker telling me what I needed to do before work.

January 6, 2022
Madrid cyberattacks along with a movie. When I am in my apartment and I am watching a movie, it seems like my building is cyberattacked. The Spanish infantry watches the movie I am watching, and the cyberattacks coincide with the events of the movie. At other times I hear a loudspeaker and I feel electric shocks. I live in Washington, DC. It seems like Madrid often watches people in their Washington, DC apartments.

December 29, 2021
The DC mayor is asking for everyone to be vaccinated. It seems like she is too aggressively wanting to vaccinate the entire city.

December 27, 2021
The bureau wants to do ops at night, on the weekends, and during the holidays. That means watch the op read the newspaper.
The op is a 38 year old woman. I'm tired of being the op. It means I cannot come to the building.

The machines are for a young man to be the op.
The bureau has a 38 year old woman civilian agent, and they say she's the op.
It's supposed to be a man in his 20's is the op.
But instead it's a 38 year old woman.
It means my apartment is cyberattacked and I feel electric shocks when I type.

December 26, 2021
The bureau and the surveillance teams run covert operations. But also there will be a person who is the op. This is controversial because maybe this person is an undercover agent. "You're not an agent, you're an op."
There are rules of the op. The surveillance teams can't with the op and they don't pay the op. Also, they don't make phone calls for the op or about the op.

December 25, 2021
Today is Christmas. Kind of, the bureau showed up and watched movies all day with the surveillance hardware. They might have known beforehand that is what they would do, and then that is what they did. If all there is to do is watch movies, then maybe they don't have to work on the holidays?
The women agents don't have sex ever and the bureau wants to have 24/7 surveillance shifts. I'm 38. I wish the surveillance was 9am to 5pm and then I could get some rest. The bureau is wearing out the op.

December 24, 2021
The mayor is named Muriel Bowser. I think she is overweight. She might even be obese. It seems like the strain of everything, she isn't maintaining white collar standards about fitness. I think she cannot go to the gym ever, for example. It might be locally they think they aren't supposed to go to the gym. For example, some people are weird that they think it doesn't matter how much they weigh. Their weight on a scale, I mean. It's possible the mayor doesn't know how much she weighs. I weighed this morning and it was 140 lbs.

I volunteer at the DCPL on Wednesdays. Today is Thursday. Yesterday I told the volunteer coordinator and another librarian that I don't want to wear the masks in the library. Today I called and spoke with an administrator about the same topic. And then out of nowhere I got a call from the volunteer coordinator because the administrator I had spoken to complained I'd called her. In the libraries, you kind of cannot even say you don't want to wear a mask. Everyone constantly enforces these mandates. I think it's half of everyone's day. But there isn't freedom of discussion about it. It seems like the locals mindlessly will wear the masks forever and they'll not complain. Or let anyone else complain. (December 23, 2021)

December 22, 2021
The bureau seems to want the police stations, their federal police buildings, to have people who don't read the newspaper. Are the buildings filled with security guards who don't read the newspaper? Are they German immigrants? And then it's this weird surveillance hardware.

December 21, 2021
The Virginians and the bureau seem to misuse surveillance hardware. First of all, they seem to watch radios. Most people don't think you should watch a radio. They might think the radios are special radios and how you use them is to watch the radio. Second, they don't document what they're watching on the radios. Also, they watch the radios day and night. It's been said they sometimes see nudity on the radios and they don't turn away. As though they are supposed to be viewing nudity on a surveillance radio. The Virginians are German immigrants. None of this really makes sense.

December 20, 2021
The bureau has defense contractors. It might be a lot of their budget is security personnel. And it's strange, that for example, they use the surveillance hardware to search people. Also, there are accounts that the bureau doesn't wear masks when they operate the surveillance radios. The rest of the city has to wear the masks, but the surveillance techs at the bureau don't wear them.

December 19, 2021
The bureau has these surveillance radios. They say crazy stuff through them. They'll tell the women civilian agents that they're not agents, through the surveillance radios.

December 18, 2021
The bureau has a 38 year old woman op. I think I am too old to be an op. They don't pay me anything. I work really hard. I don't have a car. And then the bureau is saying that they establish that I am an op, that's their role. That, my career is intact, because they will attest to the fact that I am an op.

The bureau wants to attest to the fact that they have a 38 year old woman op, and that she's not too old.

December 17, 2021
I just got home from work. It's Friday night. There are accounts that the bureau watches the civilian agents urinate with the surveillance hardware. It's a paradox because it's high tech radios, and the Virginians end up just watching their own agents urinate. They're Prussian immigrants and that is how they secure the area.
When I am in my own apartment, and I am getting dressed or I am in the shower, I feel electric shocks. It's Spanish infantrymen signaling to me that they watch me naked. They can see inside my Washington, DC apartment from Madrid. When I change clothes I feel electric shocks in my butt and I hear a loudspeaker telling me that in Spain they can see me naked.

December 16, 2021
The bureau watches the civilian agents and reports back that they're safe. The civilian agents, the whole time, Madrid cyberattacks their butts as signals. And so the bureau knows that the civilian agents are being cyberattacked in the butt all day, but the bureau reports that they're safe. It's because it's less work to say they're safe.
The bureau watches the civilian agents work for minimum wage, ride the bus, and the whole time Madrid is cyberattacking their butts.

December 15, 2021
The bureau and the surveillance hardware teams. It's possible they don't work much during their shifts. For example, they'll have a shift and kind of they didn't do anything the whole time. Also, they don't use the telephone to report what they've seen on the surveillance hardware. They don't document what they are doing or what they're seeing on the surveillance hardware. Kind of, they're just in their office viewing the images sent to them. They don't follow up on the surveillance footage with due process.

December 14, 2021
Maybe it's because of NATO. The Virginians and Madrid monitor the same things at the same time with the same radios. The bureau watches the same apartment that Madrid cyberattacks. It's the apartments where the Washington, DC civilian agents live. As the bureau watches the apartment with the surveillance hardware, Madrid cyberattacks that same apartment. It's their own agents. It's where the civilian agents live. The Virginians are Prussian immigrants. They simply allow themselves to watch these apartments and the cyberattacks day and night for years on end.

DC 85

December 13, 2021
The bureau uses surveillance hardware. There are accounts that they watch the civilian agents in Washington, DC. The bureau in Washington, DC watches the civilian agents with the surveillance hardware. It seems like nonsense because they behave as though the agents are criminals. It's not clear why they watch the civilian agents. The Virginians are Prussian immigrants. It's kind of a make believe world of intrigue with the surveillance radios. Also, they watch the civilian agents in the bathroom. They'll watch a woman civilian agent sit on a toilet and urinate with the surveillance hardware.

December 12, 2021
The bureau and the DOD have people who work there, and they're too old. For example, I met a man recently who said he worked for the army and I think he was in his 60's. It's possible the bureau has people assigned to surveillance hardware and they say they cannot see. The Virginians are German immigrants. It's strange reasons they'll say they cannot see when they operate surveillance hardware. It seems like obvious things, that a man who is too old or who has bad eyesight cannot work for the bureau or the army. At least for the surveillance hardware teams.


This is a reference to Stonewall Jackson. Stonewall Jackson died from friendly fire while on horseback during the evening hours. The Virginians are ethnically Prussian and they work for labor unions. It's never clear about the defense budget or if there are labor strikes in Virginia. The Virginians speak in a regional dialect and they celebrate seasonal holidays. It's controversial about the defense contractors in Virginia because they might not have much formal education. There are different laws pertaining to organized labor on either side of the Potomac River. "General McClellan had been educated at West Point, and had graduated first of the class in which Jackson was seventeenth."

Stonewall Jackson

East Berlin

Notice this reference to the bilateral relations between Tehran and Pyongyang. There are historical anecdotes about a large communications relay in East Berlin. There were official cars and nonofficial cars. The nonofficial cars were searched thoroughly. There are also accounts about roadblocks and barbed wire fences in North Korea. It seems like the Germans send radio signals to Pyongyang about military affairs. The Austrians have for centuries maintained military outposts in Tabriz, Iran. The Germans maintain airbases in Anatolia. Tabriz is near Anatolia. Ankara, Turkey is inland. "2005 16 December: German Intelligence warns that Iran has purchased long-range missiles from North Korea. Iran denies these allegations."

Berlin 1

Labor strikes in Germany

The German news is reporting on labor strikes. There are labor strikes in Germany this week. There are historical anecdotes about labor strikes in East Germany and Czechoslovakia. East Germany traded in East German mark and West Germany traded in West German mark. Frankfurt is the German banking district. Warsaw trades in zloty. There seem to be labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through the Gulf of Danzig. There are likely large airbases near Warsaw. "Local worker representatives estimated that up to 450 employees joined the strike at an Amazon logistics centre in the western town of Rheinberg." "Walkouts were also planned to last into Tuesday in Werne, Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld and Koblenz, some accompanied by protests." "The strike will have 'no influence on maintaining deliveries, as the vast majority of employees are working as normal,' Amazon said." (June 29, 2020)

The Gulf of Danzig

This is a reference to martial law in Taiwan. There is a relationship between labor unions and martial law. There are concerns about the labor unions and military academies in Germany's eastern provinces. There are reports about the internal security in Hong Kong. It seems like the same hardware is used in both Taiwan and Hong Kong for the purposes of internal security. The radios might have been sent to Taipei from the Gulf of Danzig. Bosnia is an important port for the German military because Sarajevo trades in Bosnian mark. "...effectuate martial law (q.v.), grant amnesties, make appointments, and confer honors."

Taiwan 5

Irish ports

Dublin, Belfast, and Galway are Irish ports. There are routes to Ireland from the Gulf of Danzig. Notice this description of Scotland. There are historical anecdotes about Prussian merchants buying land in Ireland. They would assume titles and they would become active in government. There are concerns about organized labor in Dublin and Manchester. East Germany traded in East German mark. Prussia is in Germany's eastern provinces and in Poland. "...Scottish coal miners were not fully emancipated from lifetime bondage until 1799."


The Washington Post is reporting on Ireland. Dublin, Belfast, and Galway are Irish ports. There are routes to Dublin from the Gulf of Danzig. There seem to be radio signals sent between Brandenburg and Dublin pertaining to organized labor. There are concerns about organized labor in Germany's eastern provinces. Warsaw trades in zloty. It's famous in modern history about the trade between Warsaw and Dublin. "Ireland's two dominant center-right parties..." (June 27, 2020)