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This website is about Manchester and Dublin. There are concerns about the labor unions and military academies in Germany's eastern provinces. East Germany traded in East German mark. There are likely radio signals sent between Lubeck and Manchester pertaining to organized labor. Lubeck is a German port near the Gulf of Danzig. Warsaw is inland. There seem to be labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through Irish ports.
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Manchester and Dublin

"Taiwan scrambles jets to warn away Chinese air force incursion" "TAIPEI: Taiwan scrambled combat jets to warn away 39 Chinese aircraft that entered its southeastern air defence zone, the island's defence ministry said on Thursday (Dec 22). Taiwan has complained of repeated missions by the Chinese air force over the last two years, often in southern areas of its air defence identification zone, or ADIZ. Thursday's incursion included 21 fighters and four H-6 bombers, as well as early warning, antisubmarine and aerial refuelling aircraft, Taiwan's defence ministry said in a report detailing Chinese activities in its ADIZ over the last 24 hours. Many of the aircraft flew over a waterway known as the Bashi Channel to an area off the island's southeastern coast, according to a map provided by the ministry. Three Chinese navy ships were also detected near Taiwan, the ministry said. Taiwan sent unspecified combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese planes, while missile systems monitored their flight, the ministry said, using standard wording for its response. Separate Taiwan government notices have said the defence ministry's research and development arm, the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, is holding a missile firing drill this week on the island's southeastern coast. China, which claims Taiwan as its own, has stepped up pressure in recent years on the self-governed island to accept Beijing's rule. Taiwan's government rejects the Chinese claims and says it wants peace but will defend itself if attacked."

'Myanmar junta foreign minister meets some ASEAN counterparts at 'informal' Thai meeting' 'BANGKOK: Three Southeast Asian foreign ministers and a regional envoy tasked with solving the Myanmar crisis met with the junta's top diplomat at an "informal" meeting in Thailand on Thursday (Dec 22), the Thai government said. The meeting came shortly after the United Nations Security Council adopted its first resolution on Myanmar, demanding "an immediate end to all forms of violence". The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has led diplomatic efforts to resolve the turmoil that has gripped Myanmar since the military seized power last year. There has, however, been little progress on a "five-point consensus" agreed with the junta in April 2021, which calls for an immediate end to violence and dialogue between the military and the anti-coup movement. There was "candid and constructive" discussion between the foreign ministers of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, Thai foreign ministry spokesperson Kanchana Patarachoke said. "This included the opportunity to hear from Myanmar and to exchange views on finding the exit strategy and pathways towards a return to normalcy in Myanmar," she said. The meeting touched on facilitating humanitarian assistance, Kanchana said, as well as "exploring other approaches that could support the implementation of the Five-Point Consensus".'

'North Korea sold arms to Russia's Wagner group: United States' 'WASHINGTON: North Korea has delivered arms to Russia's private military group Wagner, the White House said Thursday (Dec 22), calling the group a "rival" for power to the defence and other ministries in the Kremlin. The US will boost sanctions on the Wagner group following North Korea's sale to the group of infantry rockets and missiles last month, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, said White House national security spokesman John Kirby. "Wagner is searching around the world for arms suppliers to support its military operations in Ukraine," Kirby told reporters. "We can confirm that North Korea has completed an initial arms delivery to Wagner, which paid for that equipment," he said. Kirby said the Wagner group, which is independent of the Russian defense establishment and is leading a bloody siege of Bakhmut, Ukraine, is spending more than US$100 million each month in its Ukraine operations. "Wagner is emerging as a rival power center to the Russian military and other Russian ministries," Kirby said. "SIGN OF DESPERATION" In a statement, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the UK concurs with the American assessment that North Korea delivered arms to Russia for the Wagner group in violation of UN resolutions. "The fact that President Putin is turning to North Korea for help is a sign of Russia's desperation and isolation," Cleverly said. "We will work with our partners to ensure that North Korea pays a high price for supporting Russia's illegal war in Ukraine." The Wagner group is controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman once called "Putin's chef" for his work catering dinners for Vladimir Putin before and after he became the Russian president.

'Hong Kong court rejects bid to terminate sedition trial of Stand News' HONG KONG: A Hong Kong Court on Thursday (Dec 22) rejected an application to terminate a sedition trial against now-defunct online media outlet Stand News, a case that could see two former top editors jailed if convicted. Former editors Chung Pui-kuen, 53, and Patrick Lam, 35, and the outlet's parent company, Best Pencil (Hong Kong), have been charged with conspiracy to publish seditious material related to news articles and commentaries between July 2020 and December last year. They have pleaded not guilty and are free on bail. Sedition is punishable by a maximum two years jail. Defence lawyers Audrey Eu and David Ma applied to terminate the proceedings arguing the National Security Department had improperly handled evidence related to scores of additional articles prosecutors have cited as seditious since the trial began. But District Court Judge Kwok Wai-kin said the defence could not prove that the prosecution had failed to disclose relevant material in a way that would compromise the fairness of the trial, or would "abuse the court procedures in future hearings". Stand News was forced to shut and took down all their online content after police raided its office and arrested seven former editorial staff and board members in December 2021. Hong Kong's government has said press freedom is enshrined in the city's mini-constitution, the Basic Law.

- Maybe these are German-made Chinese warplanes that are flying in the Taiwanese ADIZ.
- The Chinese infantry and the Germans might do secretive military stuff in Burma and that's why there is a need for a UNSC resolution.
- These might be German-made infantry rockets and missiles that passed from North Korea to the Wagner group.
- The Hong Kong PD might use German-made police radios and that's why they jail people for sedition.

Washington, DC
December 22, 2022

"Investigation Into Death of Bulgarian Border Police Officer Is At Advanced Stage, Turkish Court Is Yet to Rule" "The investigation into the death of the Bulgarian border policeman Petar Bachvarov, who was shot at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, is in an advanced stage and a court ruling in Turkey is pending, Interior Ministry Secretary General Petar Todorov told journalists. He received the information in his meetings late last week with the Turkish authorities. Most likely, the sentence in the case will be served on Turkish territory, Todorov assumed. The Border Police officer, Sergeant Petar Bachvarov, was killed on November 7 while patrolling the border with Turkiye, near the village of Golyam Dervent. Two days later, the Turkish authorities arrested two brothers, one of whom confessed to shooting at Bachvarov from Turkish territory through a chink in the border fence. Turkiye will build a monument to Bachvarov, it emerged during a visit by Bulgarian National Assembly Chair Vezhdi Rashidov earlier this week. Todorov and part of the Interior Ministry's leadership attended a ceremony in front of the Monument to Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty, where flowers were laid on the occasion of the professional holiday of the Border Police." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the border with Turkey. (December 22, 2022)

This is me talking about James Matthews. 12-21-22

"Police Bust Drug Deal, Seize Methamphetamines Worth BGN 500,000" "Participants in a drug deal were arrested in the centre of Varna, on the Black Sea, on Monday, Varna Police Chief Atanas Mihov reported on Tuesday. The special operation, carried out jointly with the General Directorate for Combating Organised Crime, seized more than 3 kilograms of methamphetamines, with a market value of around BGN 500,000." "The drugs were found in the drug dealers' cars. Four people from Sofia and Silistra, on the Danube, were arrested at the scene, and later a fifth one from the village of Dabravino was also implicated in the crime." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (December 21, 2022)

"Day 301 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Zelensky left for the US on his First Visit abroad since the Start of the War" "Zelensky left for the US on his first visit abroad since the beginning of the Russian invasion" "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to leave for Washington today. This will be his first visit abroad since the beginning of the Russian invasion. In Russia, President Vladimir Putin will participate in a large-scale meeting with the military. At it, the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu will report on the course of the so-called from Moscow 'special military operation'." The Bulgarian news is reporting on Kiev. (December 21, 2022)

Is Spencer Matthews giving us his refined opinion about art?
It's a steers and deers joke.

This is me talking about Spencer Matthews. 12-20-22

Are the Israelis doing PKK counterterrorism operations in southern Syria?
Do we want more S-300s in Ukraine?
Are there military strategic reasons for these discussions about Kosovo?
The suspicion is that there are airbases in Kosovo, and Kosovo affects trade through ports in the Balkans.
Do the Germans want to trade through these ports in the Balkans?

This is me talking about Damascus. 12-20-22

"Militants take hostages at counterterrorism center: Islamist militants seized a counterterrorism center in the northwestern Pakistani area of Bannu on Sunday..." The Washington Post is reporting on Islamabad. (December 19, 2022)

"Bulgaria cannot ask for the Next Payment under the EU Recovery Plan...Yet" "The first payment under the recovery and sustainability plan of BGN 2.7 billion happened according to plan, we were even ahead of Romania by a month. We will not be able to request the next sum of 724 million euros until we have completed our work on the implementation of 66 measures, of which 22 pass through the parliament", Deputy Prime Minister for European funds management Atanas Pekanov told BNT today. He specified that one of the necessary 22 laws has been adopted so far, even though it was adopted by the previous parliament. The current one has only rejected the Whistleblower Protection Act, including corruption. "We are 2 years late for the adoption of this law, because of which our country will pay sanctions," warned Pekanov. He commented on the criticism that the law allows whistleblowing by saying that the law has a written procedure for what happens if you submit false information." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the EU. (December 19, 2022)

[Libya rejects Egypt's 'unilateral' demarcation of maritime borders ibya rejected Egypt's decision to demarcate maritime borders, saying that it violates territorial integrity. "This demarcation is unjust because it was unilaterally announced, it violates Libya's territorial integrity and the principles of good faith and respect for sovereignty," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "The delimitation of the borders between the two countries must take place by mutual agreement through negotiations that guarantee the interests of both parties and respect the principle of equality", it added. In November 2019, Turkiye and Libya signed a maritime delimitation deal that provided a legal framework to prevent any fait accompli by regional states. Accordingly, the attempts by the Greek government to appropriate huge parts of Libya's continental shelf, when a political crisis hit the North African country in 2011, were averted. The agreement also confirmed that Turkiye and Libya are maritime neighbors. The delimitation starts from Fethiye-Marmaris-Kas on Turkiye's southwestern coast and extends to the Derna-Tobruk-Bordia coastline of Libya. In response, Egypt and Greece signed an agreement in August 2020, designating an EEZ in the Eastern Mediterranean between the two countries. Turkiye had questioned the legitimacy of the Egypt-Greece agreement, vowing to keep the country's earlier-signed maritime pact with the Tripoli government in place. Later in 2021, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkiye may negotiate a maritime demarcation agreement with Egypt in the Eastern Mediterranean, depending on the condition of bilateral ties.] The Turkish news is reporting on North Africa. The Germans used to test warplanes in the Libyan desert. (December 17, 2022)

[San Francisco (AFP) - Elon Musk said late Friday he would reinstate the Twitter accounts of several journalists who were suspended after he accused them of endangering his family. Musk had drawn anger and warnings from the EU and UN after suspending the accounts of more than half a dozen prominent journalists from the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post. "The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now," the Twitter owner tweeted. Musk carried out a Twitter poll asking whether he should restore the suspended accounts now or in a week's time. Nearly 59 percent of the 3.69 million who took part said he should restore the accounts now. Some of the suspended accounts appeared to have been reactivated, with former Vox journalist Aaron Rupar tweeting again.] France24 is reporting on Twitter. (December 17, 2022)

This is me talking about right wingerism in Michigan. 12-17-22

Thank goodness the Ukrainians in Ireland are celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Maybe the Germans are cyberattacking Warsaw.
Maybe the Germans are giving police radios to Warsaw.
Are there German soldiers in Poland?
Are the Germans trading a lot through Polish ports?
Can we describe the today relationship between Warsaw and Berlin?

This is me talking about right wingerism in Warsaw. 12-15-22

Warsaw and Moscow are rivals.
Grozny and Moscow are allies.
I prefer Moscow and Grozny because there are sometimes right wingers in Poland.

I am watching 'Rome' (2005). It's kind of about England. Conceptually, where did people in England come from? I think they came from Rome.
I guess William and Kate came from Prussia.

I am writing about the British. I'm watching Rome (2005) which is a television show about Julius Caesar. There is a scene where a mom has her daughter get a divorce so she can marry a wealthy man, and then they work out when the wedding will be and then it's alright even before the wedding to be intimate.
Across the pond from Washington, DC...are the British.
It seems like Coleen Rooney and Wayne Rooney, they are married and they have four kids. But, their culture is that somehow Coleen and her self. And only Wayne knows her. It's weird in its values about intimacy and weddings and stuff.
(December 14, 2022)

It seems like sending so many weapons to Ukraine is either illegal, or opposite what these people are supposed to be doing. Meaning the European Commission. Aren't they supposed to be doing other priorities or whatever and they can't do that because they sent so many weapons to Kiev?
It's weird to me kind of that Bulgarian diplomats can declare strike action. Maybe this has to do with the Bulgarian Socialist Party. It speaks to the drama now within Bulgarian parliamentary politics.
This joint operation has so many countries. Maybe some of these joint military ops are a waste of money if there are too many countries.

This is me talking about the EC. 12-14-22

We don't even really want Ukraine exporting grain right now. Isn't everyone else sending them aid?
What kind of stuff generally does the EU agree to? Do they do what they agree to? Do they do a good job at this? It speaks to EU membership discussions.

This is me talking about Ukraine grain deal. 12-13-22

This is me talking about James Matthews. 12-13-22

Are the Kosovars taking Serbian POWs?
The Turks have agreed to use their army and police to enforce the border with Bulgaria. President Erdogan himself met with Bulgarian government officials. He agreed to instruct their ministry of the interior about this border and to use Turkish forces to enforce immigration policies.
The Russians are meeting with the Turks. Are the Turks allowed to say whatever about the events in Ukraine?

Earlier, the Kosovo police detained Dejan Pantic, a former Serb policeman, at the Jarinje checkpoint on the administrative border between Kosovo and Metohija, and central Serbia.
In response, the Serb population erected barricades in a highway in several settlements near the checkpoint and took to the streets in protest not to let Pantic be taken to Pristina.
KFOR (a NATO-led international peacekeeping force in Kosovo) and EULEX (European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo) patrols have been pulled to the barricades.
(December 12, 2022)

This is me talking about German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. 12-12-22

"Seventy migrants were intercepted on the Trakiya motorway, the regional police directorate in Sliven, southern central Bulgaria, said. At around 1 am on December 11, traffic police officers inspected a Fiat Ducato van on a parking lot at the 265th km of the motorway next to its Sofia-bound section. They found two Romanian nationals, one of whom was the driver and 70 undocumented foreign nationals, aged between 13 and 38, who said that they were from Afghanistan. Fourteen received medical care due to exhastion and there is no danger to their life. Eleven were examined in the hospital in Sliven and discharged. Another three were admitted at the hospital in Yambol also due to exhaustion. Pretrial proceedings have been opened against the Romanian nationals. Migration officers are working with the foreigners, who will be transported to a migrant centre in Lyubimets, southern Bulgaria." The Bulgarian news is reporting on migrants. (December 12, 2022)

This is me talking about Mevlut Cavusoglu. 12-10-22

"Are not energy prices high because we send so much weaponry to Ukraine?" - Slovakian electorate

Mevlut Cavusoglu
He is the Turkish foreign minister.
He is very famous, he is an A-lister, I guess.
Two things.
Kind of it seems like he can say as he likes.
But, he has flown somewhere and he says this.
Other people, it doesn't matter where he is when he says stuff.
It's some kind of a phenomenon that he doesn't know later people will remember he said this.
About this dispute with Athens right now.

The whole documentary is Harry and Meghan flying everywhere and then the mystery of the press. It��s because it��s offensive they waste so much money travelling so much #DC

— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 8, 2022

"At an official ceremony on Wednesday, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Rumen Radev awarded Bulgarian servicepersons with senior officer ranks. Major General Mihail Popov was relieved of the post of Commander of the Land Forces and appointed to the position of Deputy Chief of Defence, as of December 10, 2022. Popov was also promoted to Lieutenant General. Brigadier General Deyan Deshkov was relieved of the post of Commander of 61st and appointed to the position of Commander of the Land Forces. Deshkov was also promoted to Major General." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the army. (December 8, 2022)

"Bulgaria: About 10 people have been Detained in a Police Operation against Trafficking" The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (December 8, 2022)

The Serbian champion is ranked number one in the world! #DC

[Vucic commented on today's violent action by the Kosovo police ordered by Albin Kurti in North Mitrovica: "Today again, contrary to the Brussels Agreement, armed police officers were sent to the North. As I said yesterday, you just wonder which day some new provocation will happen that can disrupt stability and peace. It is good that, at least according to the current data, there are no casualties, we believe that it will remain so. As for the timing, we do not know what is in the minds of those people who want to cause conflicts every week. It is not an easy period ahead of us, but it is important that we stay with our people and that we make agreement with the Albanians on everything it is possible for peace to be maintained and preserved. I also believe that Miroslav Lajcak will play an important role in calming the situation down."] The Serbian news is reporting on the police in Kosovo. (December 7, 2022)

This is me talking about Prince William. 12-6-22

[Turkey delivers strike at Kurdish refugee camp in norther Iraq - media The Makhmur camp gives shelter to hundreds of Kurdish families who fled Turkey many years ago CAIRO, December 4. /TASS/. A Turkish drone attacked a Kurdish refugee camp near the city of Makhmur in Iraq's northern Erbil province, the Sahaq News Iraqi portal reported on Sunday. "The strike was delivered with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle targeted to the camp," the portal quoted a source. No casualties or damages were reported. The Makhmur camp gives shelter to hundreds of Kurdish families who fled Turkey many years ago. Ankara claims that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (outlawed in Turkey) is using this camp as a training base for its units branded as terrorist in Turkey.] The Russian news is reporting on Ankara. (December 4, 2022)

"UPDATED Continue the Change to Alert National Security Agency about Border Control at Kapitan Andreevo Crossing" The Bulgarian news is reporting on the border with Turkey. (December 4, 2022)

I am writing about the Bulgarian socialist party. It seems infamous now about how they are with the EU. They seem to be corrupt. The policies are nonsensical. (December 4, 2022)

They're going to make us wear the masks on the bus!

"Ex-PM Borissov: There are 2 Options for a Government in Bulgaria - Me as PM or another but with Common Priorities" The Bulgarian news is reporting on Boyko Borissov. (December 4, 2022)


— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) December 3, 2022

This is me talking about Ankara. 12-3-22

"LUGANSK, December 2. /TASS/. Senior Ukrainian officers deployed near Artyomovsk are panicking in the absence of orders to evacuate from the city, Andrey Marochko, an officer with the Lugansk People's Republic's (LPR) People's Militia, told TASS on Friday." The Russian news is reporting on Kiev. (December 2 2022)

"LUGANSK, December 2. /TASS/. The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is arresting residents of the Lugansk People's Republic's (LPR) Nevsky and Makeyevka settlements, temporarily controlled by the Ukrainian military, for receiving Russian humanitarian aid and lump-sum allowances, Andrey Marochko, an officer of the LPR People's Militia, told TASS on Friday." The Russian news is reporting on Kiev. (December 2, 2022)

I guess there exists Irish yoga poses where the women #$%^

"EU governments might agree on a cap on the price of Russian oil, delivered by sea, at $60 a barrel, with an adjustment mechanism approved to keep the cap 5% below the market oil price, said a European diplomat quoted by Reuters." The Bulgarian news is reporting on energy prices. Maybe the Germans are taking too much energy. (December 2, 2022)

Kate Middleton is too huge to do yoga poses with William.

And Coleen and Coleen's brothers and Wayne's fifty kids and the Manchester United coaching staff.

It's like that.
Vladimir Norov isn't popular here in Washington, DC. He can stay over there in Tashkent.

"A delegation of Uzbekistan headed by Vladimir Norov will visit Poland, Lodz to participate in the 29th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe." The Tashkent news is reporting on Warsaw. (December 1, 2022)

"MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told TASS on Wednesday that Finland and Sweden, which used to be symbols of military non-alignment and made a great contribution to building European security, are now turning into the periphery of NATO." The Russian news is reporting on Helsinki. (December 1, 2022)

I'm the police?
;) been to Spain ::wink wink::
Open here to adult lifestyles.
I've never 'been to Spain'.
We have that back home.

"MINSK, November 30. /TASS/. Minsk will continue to take joint measures with Moscow to avert threats to their Union State, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said on Wednesday." The Russian news is reporting on Minsk. (December 1, 2022)

[An employee of Ukraine's embassy in Madrid was injured in an explosion that occurred while processing a letter, Reuters reported, citing Spanish police. The publication 20minitos claims that the blast was intended for the Ukrainian ambassador Sergey Pokhoreltsev The representative of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission who handled the letter suffered minor injuries and went to "Our Lady of America" Hospital on his own, authorities in Madrid said in a statement. Detectives and forensics officers are investigating the incident at the scene, assisted by intelligence investigators. The agency states that they have not been able to contact the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain. According to La Patilla, the case is about a letter bomb. The explosive was triggered around 1:00 p.m. local time, and the police received the report of the explosion at 52 Ronda Abubila Street at 1:17 p.m. The envelope that injured the Ukrainian embassy employee contained a small improvised explosive device, according to police sources. The letter was addressed to Ambassador Sergey Pokhoreltsev, but it did not go through a scanner, but was opened by security in the embassy garden. The National Police, which has activated the anti-terrorist protocol, is investigating all the circumstances surrounding the explosion, and a security cordon has been established around the embassy yard. Explosion disposal specialists with dogs are on site.] The Bulgarian news is reporting on Madrid. (December 1, 2022)

This is me talking about Kosovo. 11-30-22

[EU flouts Serbian president's position on Kosovo - Russian ambassador Speaking to Serbian journalists during his visit to Oslo, President Vucic recalled last week's rallies in Kosovo and Metohija, saying that the situation in the region is very tense, "literally boiling" BELGRADE, November 29. /TASS/. The European Union is ignoring Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's position on the Kosovo settlement, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko said on Tuesday. "According to the Serbian mass media, in his comments on the continuation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell strongly has hinted that it is now necessary to focus on the so-called Franco-German proposal in the settlement of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija. It looks like he cares little about Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's position on this matter," the press service of the Russian embassy quoted him as saying. "In other words, the West has eased tensions around the license plate problem deliberately created by Pristina not for the sake of normalizing the situation in the region." According to the Russian diplomat, the European Union's activities as a mediator in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina "has nothing to do with the role of an honest broker." "It should be borne in mind that it was the General Assembly who mandated the EU play a mediatory role in the dialogue. Did Brussels ask UN member nations, of which the majority - more than 100 - do not recognize Kosovo's 'independence,' to put the so-called Franco-German plan on the dialogue's agenda? Naturally, it is a rhetorical question," he said. Speaking to Serbian journalists during his visit to Oslo, President Vucic recalled last week's rallies in Kosovo and Metohija, saying that the situation in the region is very tense, "literally boiling." On November 5, Kosovo and Metohija Serbs quitted all government institutions of unrecognized Kosovo after the Kosovo authorities had decided to fine those who did not change their Serbian license plates starting November 22. Fines will amount to 150 euros. After April 21, 2023, when the transition period is over, the Kosovo police will be authorized to seize cars with Serbian plates. Following EU-brokered talks between Belgrade and Pristina on November 23, Prime Minister of the unrecognized Kosovo Albin Kurti, under pressure from the United States, dropped the policy of fines for Serbian license plates.] The Russian news is reporting on Kosovo. (November 30, 2022)

I think he's a German immigrant, but they live in Oslo. And he is like old. He is just saying stuff. It seems out there what he is saying about the winter in Ukraine.

"Life is nasty, brutish, and short." -Thomas Hobbes
It is kind of our religion about realism and how hard life is.

"Born 16 March 1959 (age 63) Oslo, Norway" He is kind of old. Maybe he is just saying stuff.

"MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. The United States and Israel are seeking to maintain a hotbed of tension in southern Syria by sending militants there from illegal armed groups from the al-Rukban refugee camp, Russian presidential envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev said in an interview with TASS." The Russian news is reporting on Damascus. (November 29, 2022)

"WASHINGTON, November 28. /TASS/. Washington is encouraged by the phone talks in October between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and between Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Valery Gerasimov, the head of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, a Pentagon spokesperson said on Monday." The Russian news is reporting on the Pentagon. (November 29, 2022)

She is a criminal.
Она преступница.
"Do you feel lucky?"
At the time, I was like 16 and 17 years old. At the time somehow I knew how to say this to these math teachers in Texas. Can we kind of give that I can be in this class and I kind of don't really know how to respond to these math questions.
I'm sure at the time, I did know how to say that as I could.
I'm lying. I'm not lying. I really don't know what to write.
"I'm saying I don't know what to write."

It was a classroom setting. I was there. All of us are adults now. Matt really does work at Los Alamos. What did everyone write on this test? I alone. There is a Pearl Jam song. I alone sat there and knew the least about this math test. It was like refer madness because I looked around and everyone else was taking the test like how obvious this was they knew how to answer these math questions.
That is what Texas is like. The locals there know all of their own science and math stuff.
My dad is from New York City. We lived in this Mexican neighborhood.

This is me talking about 'Refer Madness' (1936). 11-29-22

"President Rumen Radev Monday met with the Chairman of the Moldovan Taraclia Region, Ivan Paslar, the President's press secretariat reported. Their conversation was a continuation of the joint visit of the Bulgarian head of State and the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, at the Gregory Tsamblak Taraclia State University in Moldova last month." The Bulgarian news is reporting on Moldova. (November 29, 2022)

[The EC is holding Talks with Bulgaria due to Fears that there may be Exports from "Lukoil" The European Commission is holding talks with the Bulgarian government due to concerns that refined Lukoil products might be exported from our country, spokesperson Daniel Ferrie announced: "Actually, Bulgaria enjoys a special derogation from the oil import ban due to its specific geographical location. I clarified our position a few weeks ago and it has not changed. Today I can add that we are in contact with the Bulgarian authorities and the talks are constructive". It is about information according to which the caretaker government wants to allow Lukoil to export its refined products. The Bulgarian authorities claim that this is possible because our country enjoys a two-year derogation from the ban on importing Russian oil by sea, which comes into effect on December 5. About a week ago, the Commission stated once again that Bulgaria cannot sell Russian oil to third countries, including refined products.] The Bulgarian news is reporting on energy. (November 29, 2022)

The British faulter here because they don't get the joke. The Austin people did though. I simply explained to the teacher that I thought I wasn't going to do really great on this particular math test.
How is Texas a state?
They play ball here.

It's also my religion about men and women.
I also needed to take this math test. My parents expected me to take this math test.

I've got no idea at all what to write?
I didn't know at all what to write

Henry Welles was born in New York City in 1956. His dad was Sam Welles, who studied at Oxford. I sat there next to Matt in math class.
I really did need to do well in this class. So did he.
Matt's relatives, I guess, like Dominic West, has relatives in Missouri.
I like the Dutch army guys so much because yeah but my grandpa worked for Time Inc. I need to do a good job on my math tests.
Thank goodness Matt's relatives lived in Missouri.
I get this math test.
Everyone else is answering the questions like they know what to do.

Ever since when we were young kids, it's been the same
I'd put him straight away

But when it's your brother sometimes you look the other way
As the band plays Night of the Johnstown flood

Keep it cool what's the name of this club

Well I will have to report this! #London I will not lie about what I know!

I kind of don't like Dmitri Peskov because I think he's a German or something. What he says is dumb.

[MOSCOW, November 27. /TASS/. The level of relations between Russia and Turkey allows the countries to resolve the existing differences on Syria through negotiations, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday in an interview with the "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin." program, a fragment of which journalist Pavel Zarubin uploaded to his Telegram channel. "We do have differences with Turkey on Syria," the Kremlin spokesman said. He reiterated that earlier, the parties managed to neutralize such differences at the talks in Sochi, with a relevant document signed then.] The Russian news is reporting on Ankara. (November 28, 2022)

I tell the British. I studied Russian in Russia. I went to the Texas Russian language schools at UT-Austin. I am kind of autistic. I think it's not realistic to think they would believe I was a Russian-born native speaker.
It was many many years of Russian language classes though and I also studied the Polish language.

You guys are friends with the #Belgrade PD!

[HONG KONG /XIANGGANG/, November 28. /TASS/. A Chinese CH-4 armed reconnaissance drone approached Taiwan, the island's Defense Ministry reported on Monday. According to the Taiwanese top brass, the UAV crossed the so-called median line of the Taiwan Strait for some time during its maneuvers. In the past day, the defense agency registered four vessels of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and nine aircraft in the area near the island.] The Russian news is reporting on Taipei. (November 28, 2022)

The Virginians can take it and their grandparents ate squirrels.

Thank goodness the Virginians can take it.
Thank goodness the Virginians are up all night.
That's great they used to eat squirrels down there.

[Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has used the recent deadly bombing in Istanbul which the Turkish government immediately blamed on Kurdish PKK and YPG forces, as an excuse to launch several air strikes on Kurdish forces in northern Syria and Iraq. He also uses the bombing as a pretext to launch a long-planned cross-border ground operation, despite calls by the US and Russia for restraint to be shown. Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar was quoted by the official Anadolu news agency as saying that "so far 471 targets have been struck and 254 terrorists were neutralized in the operation", while the Kurdish YPG which strongly denies any involvement in the Istanbul bombing says that 30 civilians and 11 of its fighters were killed.] The Bulgarian news is reporting on Ankara. (November 28, 2022)

[Amsterdam (AFP) - The elegant house overlooking Amsterdam's iconic Vondelpark would fit in nicely with its neighbouring dwellings, were it not for the huge anti-war banners draped down the outside. Since last month a group of squatters have occupied the luxurious five-storey building belonging to Arkady Volozh, the sanctioned co-founder of Russian search engine giant Yandex. A court has now authorised the squatters to stay, after they argued that the house was currently empty and that he planned to rent or sell it in breach of EU sanctions, instead of living there himself.] France24 is reporting on Yandex. (November 26, 2022)

This is me talking about Ankara. 11-25-22

[LUGANSK, November 25. /TASS/. The units of Ukraine's armed forces try to break through the line of engagement in the LPR several times a day but all their attempts are unsuccessful and result in heavy losses, LPR People's Militia officer Andrey Marochko said on Friday. "The enemy tries to break through our line of defense daily, several times a day, multiple times, but they do not succeed. They again sustain heavy losses, return to their previous positions, regroup and advance again, as they say, to the bitter end," he told the Lugansk-24 TV channel.] The Russian news is reporting on Kiev. (November 25, 2022)

["Turkey eliminates 326 terrorists in northern Iraq and Syria" "Hulusi Akar refuted reports that the Turkish army had delivered a strike on a US observation center in northern Syria ANKARA, November 25. /TASS/. The Turkish military has eliminated 326 terrorists during its air operations in Iraq and Syria, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar told reporters on Friday. "At this time, as a result of air operation 'Claw-Sword', 326 terrorists have been eliminated. The operation to punish terrorists continues from the air with ground fire support," the top military official said. He refuted reports that the Turkish army had delivered a strike on a US observation center in northern Syria. "Any strikes on allied forces or civilian facilities are out of the question," he stressed. Overnight on November 20, Turkey embarked on its 'Claw-Sword' air operation in northern Iraq and Syria which involved over 50 aircraft and 20 drones with the on-the-ground artillery support. Ankara's airstrikes hit deployment sites of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is outlawed in Turkey, and its Syrian offshoot, the National Defense Forces. Earlier this week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled plans to conduct a ground operation targeting several regions in Northern Syria simultaneously, namely, Tell Rifaat, Manbij and Ayn al-Arab (Kobani).] The Russian news is reporting on Ankara. (November 25, 2022)

"Readiness for a legislative initiative against domestic violence was expressed by the parliamentary groups of the BSP for Bulgaria and GERB-UDF on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is celebrated on November 25." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (November 25, 2022)

I'm afraid to go over there
The airplane ride
The Manchester PD
The London PD
I think I'll just stay over here
Head back to Texas sometimes

Anyway, I just try to stay skinny. Some of that is in my mind I can do it still.

[12 illegal immigrants from Syria were detained on "Tsarigradsko shose" in Sofia around 8 o'clock this morning. According to information from BNR, the immigrants were in a car with Serbian registration, which was stopped for inspection. Together with the immigrants, the driver of the car, who is a foreign citizen, was detained. All the detainees were taken to the 8th Metropolitan Police Station.] The Bulgarian news is reporting on Damascus. (November 25, 2022)

Thank goodness Tom's wife is a volleyball player
Thank goodness William's wife went to St Andrews
They are both too huge to do it

"UNITED NATIONS, November 24. /TASS/. Russia expects the international community to give principled assessment of the torture of Russian prisoners of war practiced by Ukrainian militants, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on Wednesday." The Russian news is reporting on POWs. (November 24, 2022)

"BRUSSELS, November 24. /TASS/. Negotiators from Serbia and unrecognized Kosovo have reached an agreement on measures to resolve the dispute over license plates and avoid further escalation, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Wednesday after their talks in Brussels." The Russian news is reporting on Kosovo. (November 24, 2022)

"The bill on the ratification of an international agreement on the acquisition of another eight F-16C/D Block 70 fighter aircraft, ammunition, training and maintenance equipment is to be discussed in parliament today." The Bulgarian news is reporting on warplanes. (November 24, 2022)

"Meeting with representatives of AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) on Wednesday, President Rumen Radev said the modernization of the Bulgarian Armed Forces should lead to technology transfer and industrial cooperation, his press secretariat said." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the army. (November 24, 2022)

I can't call it.
Not like Coleen though #ManUtd

I went to Texas and then Georgia Tech.
Dominic West went to Eton and then Trinity College in Dublin.
What does that mean for everyone else?
There isn't anyone else as good as what I do.

His name is Dominic West. He went to Eton which is where Harry went.

Can Aleksandr give everyone a break here, as it is the holidays. The translation desk is away.

Sa predstavnicima Srba sa Kosova i Metohije. Vreme je da kao narod pokazemo ozbiljnost i odgovornost i sacuvamo svoja vekovna ognjista.
Pristinia and Kosovo and Metohija. This is a region and a lot of people live here. In some ways this is a Serbian homeland also. There is an effort about government and everyone living together.

I like to be on the bus!
I like to go to the movies!
I like blin with cheese!

It's not my fault the Virginians don't read or write.

They're Germans. They live in the swamps of Virginia. They don't read or write.

I don't know anything.
When I went to Russia, I took a coat with me. It was from Vermont, but my aunt bought it from a Canadian furrier. They didn't but if the police had asked me, I could have showed them that coat. They could see it is a Canadian furrier and I could explain my aunt bought the coat years ago.

"DONETSK, November 22. /TASS/. The Ukrainian side is seeking to pin the blame on the Russian soldiers who were executed by Ukrainian troops in the village of Makeyevka in the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) in a bid to preserve support from the United States and European countries, Alexander Kofman, chair of the Civic Chamber of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) told TASS on Tuesday." The Russian news is reporting on Kiev. (November 23, 2022)

"MOSCOW, November 23. /TASS/. Iran will continue strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan until the threat to its national security is eliminated, Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC, the elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces) Ground Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said on Tuesday." The Russian news is reporting on Tehran. (November 23, 2022)

"Two police chases and crashes involving vehicles transporting illegal migrants took place in Bulgaria within a single day. The first chase took place near Sofia on Tuesday morning, in which a police officer was seriously injured and few others were hospitalized after a van carrying illegal migrants crashed into a police vehicle. The second accident happened later in the day in the coastal city of Burgas, where an SUV full of illegal migrants failed to pull over, resulting in a chase and yet another crash. The first accident prompted the resignations of two senior police officials." The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (November 23, 2022)

[Bulgarian Police are looking for a Car with Migrants that Escaped after a Chase on Trakia Highway The police are chasing a car with Polish registration on AM Trakia. The car refused to obey a police patrol on the highway. The Ministry of the Interior told the Bulgarian National Radio unofficially that they assumed that illegal migrants were traveling in the car. In the area of "Crna Matsa", a second police car joined the pursuit. According to the latest unofficial information, the driver managed to escape from the police and currently the Ministry of Internal Affairs is looking for the car in the areas around the Trakia highway. There is an increased police presence at the entrance to Sofia from Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. The migrant that was wanted after a chase in the center of Burgas was captured The last wanted migrant after the chase last night in the center of Burgas has already been captured, the police announced. He was caught in the South Bus Station area of the seaside town. After a chase with the police, the driver of the car being chased, carrying migrants from Morocco, crashed into an empty parked car in the area of the intersection with "Ivan Shishman" street behind the Burgas theater building. After the crash, the eight men ran away. Seven of them were caught immediately, and another was being sought until this morning. Yesterday, a serious accident with injured police officers occurred after a chase with migrants in Sofia.] The Bulgarian news is reporting on the police. (November 23, 2022)

Well, this is what we're doing.

This is me talking about Charlie Cox. 11-22-22

I'm 39. Kate is just two years older than me. I cannot believe how they would still do it. She is so huge.

"The F-16 Block 70 fighter jets for Bulgaria are already in production, manufacturer Lockheed Martin said in a press release Monday." The Bulgarian news is reporting on warplanes. (November 22, 2022)

"Two Ukrainians have been detained for stealing a large amount of money and valuables from an apartment in Burgas. One of the detainees has refugee status. The total amount of stolen money and gold amounts to BGN 100,000. The police and the prosecutor's office in Burgas defined the perpetrators as extremely skilled. They used wrenches, screwdrivers and other devices to unlock doors. They drove in two cars and stalked their victims when they left the apartment empty. The Bulgarian authorities got in touch with Europol, after which it became clear that the Ukrainians, aged 37 and 45, were criminally involved in their country and convicted. Charges have been brought against them for the theft in question in Burgas, and the investigation continues to establish whether they are complicit in other burglaries." The Bulgarian news is reporting on Kiev. (November 22, 2022)

I didn't mean to say Coleen Rooney has a lot of cunny. I'm sorry.

OK. Meyer Lansky was a Jewish American. He was tall and handsome. This pertains to New York City and the German army. There were all of these Germans in New York. They were immigrants. It's not well understood about that in the 1930s and the Germans in New York City. Everyone likes Meyer Lansky though as though he assisted with the war effort.

Coleen has more cunny that me #London

I am watching Boardwalk Empire.
In the show, Lucky Luciano is sleeping with Jimmy's mom. She's older.
Out west that is a real don't do that. Maybe that is too harsh, I am not sure what things should be.
This happens to me here though in Washington, DC. I'm 39. these young guys from Maryland always ask to come over to their house or whatever. It's specifically because of their age I know not to do it.

This is me talking about Novak. 11-21-22

[MOSCOW, November 20. /TASS/. Moscow has always been standing for "negotiating solutions," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Sunday, commenting on Turkey's air operation in northern Syria and Iraq. "It is necessary to analyze [the situation], because we have always been favoring negotiating solutions, the more so as there have been contacts with all the countries involved [in the settlement effort], first of all with our Turkish colleagues," he told TASS. When asked whether Ankara had notified Moscow about its operation, Bogdanov noted that Turkey "has been planning it for a long time and has been speaking about it."] The Russian news is reporting on the Turkish army. (November 21, 2022)

[Ex-CIA analyst expects Ukraine to agree to talks with Russia to get US aid "I don't want us to be involved in a forever war in Ukraine," Fred Fleitz said NEW YORK, November 21. /TASS/. Kiev must agree to talks with Moscow in order to continue getting military aid from Washington, former CIS analyst Fred Fleitz said in an interview with the Newsmax media outlet. According to him, the US needs to keep providing weapons to Ukraine but "we have to require that Ukraine participates in peace talks." Fleitz believes that the Ukrainians "don't have to agree to something they can't support, but there should be some kind of ongoing process to end" the conflict. "I don't want us to be involved in a forever war in Ukraine," Fleitz said, adding: "We have to have an end-game plan." In his opinion, the United States needs an inspector general to monitor how its monetary aid is being spent in Ukraine.] The Russian news is reporting on Langley, Virginia. (November 21, 2022)

[Interviewed by bTV on Sunday, Turkish Ambassador to Bulgaria Aylin Sekizkok said that the Bulgarian Border Police officer who drew fire from Turkish territory and was killed on the spot was a hero to them and that the Turkish police view him as one of their own. "Our pain is as strong as that of the Bulgarian people," she said. The Border Police officer, Sergeant Petar Bachvarov, was killed on November 7 while patrolling the border with Turkey. Two days later, the Turkish authorities arrested two brothers, one of whom confessed to shooting at Bachvarov from Turkish territory through a chink in the border fence. The Turkish diplomat said the perpetrator of this serious crime would be tried in Turkey with the full force of the law. "To us, Petar is a hero, he fell fighting to protect his country's border. The Turkish police see him as a brother who lost his life. Right after that extremely bad incident, the Turkish authorities arrested the perpetrator. He is already in prison and I would like to assure you that he will be punished severely for the crime he committed," the diplomat said. Talking about the border between Turkiye and Bulgaria, the diplomat said that her country had invested heavily along its borders with Iraq and Syria, with over 1,000 km of concrete walls built, complete with modern technology and equipment. There are 300 electro-optical towers and sensors, thermal cameras and armoured surveillance vehicles, Ambassador Sekizkok said. Commenting on the arrest in Bulgaria of five suspects of involvement in the November 13 Istanbul bombing, the Ambassador said the Bulgarian and the Turkish authorities were working in close cooperation to establish all details. She declined to comment on the various theories, citing the ongoing investigation.] The Bulgarian news is reporting on the border with Turkey. (November 21, 2022)

This is me talking about Boardwalk Empire. 11-20-22

Believe this because it's true.
When I go to New England, I make a big deal about going to the Episcopal churches because I am a big deal from out west. And I call them fa#$% and stuff. They don't talk right. Can they talk so I can understand what they are saying? It is called New England. I am speaking English. They need to talk to me so I can understand them. And therein is the dispute. I never don't do that. It's because it's my sense of the empire and my own religion.

That being said. My grandpa Sam Welles married Margery Miller from Vermont. Her relatives. Margery's dad Edward, his dad was a war hero at the Battle of Antietam. Their grandpas, they walked all of the way to Quebec and they won the battle for England. It's called the Battle of Quebec. Today I live in Washington, DC. I know that my dad's mom's grandpa's relatives walked from Vermont to Quebec and won the battle for England in the 1700s.

Jeez. I guess the Pentagon is investigating Abu Dhabi for stuff...

"Pakistan: 2 get death in attack on Chinese engineers" "Intelligence finds UAE meddled in U.S. politics" "Myanmar releases former U.K. ambassador and Australian aide to Suu Kyi" The Washington Post is reporting on Burma.(November 19, 2022)

What we do for a living, pertains to the sports leagues. I think I don't care a lot about who is an athlete. But, in terms of water runs down hill. Alex does need dental work and Wayne is too fat to run at all.

"Students in Germany can look forward to a bit of extra cash in the near future after ministers green-lit proposals for a 200 euro energy relief payout. Details of the one-off payment for students were originally set out in the government's third energy relief package, which included a range of measures to help the population with the rising cost of living. Students are the third group to receive a lump sum for their energy bills. In September, employees in Germany received 300 euro on top of their usual wages, while pensioners are also set to get a 300 euros payout by December 15th." The German news is reporting on energy. (November 19, 2022)

Kate's broach and her cunny and her fifty kids.

Is it the striker or the goalkeeper, who's team is it?
I was the goalkeeper.

Today I am a member of the White House church. Do you have any questions for me?

[The Russian Defense Ministry accused Ukraine of executing more than 10 Russian prisoners of war with shots to the head. The defense ministry was responding to a video circulating on Russian social media that it said showed the execution of Russian prisoners of war. Reuters was unable to verify the claim. The defense ministry said the video showed "the deliberate and methodical murder of more than 10 immobilized Russian servicemen by degenerate Ukrainian soldiers with direct shots to the head." The defense ministry said the video was a sign of the "atrocious nature" of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his "regime" in Kyiv, and said he would "answer before the court of history, the people of Russia and Ukraine." There was no immediate response from Kyiv to Moscow's claims. Ukraine has previously said its service personnel have been tortured while in Russian captivity. Moscow denies those claims. The two countries exchanged hundreds of prisoners of war as a result of Turkiye's mediation and diplomatic traffic conducted with the countries' leaders.] The Turkish news is reporting on Moscow. (November 19, 2022)

You're right. That is Audrey's brother.
Yes, I am here. I understand the question. The crown. Whatever.

Audrey, her brother played in the Dutch soccer leagues. He married Angela who was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I went to their wedding. My mom and dad went to their wedding. Alex Van de Walle. When we would play, sometimes me and Audrey would be the team captains and the referees would ask Audrey if her brother was Alex.
Rhiannon's dad had played in the NFL.
Sydney today worked for the US Navy in San Diego.
It's whatever aristocrats who lived in Austin sent their daughters to our team.
Kelsy today works for Dell Computers.

You fa$% decide it doesn't matter who has nicer golf clubs.

If it's I don't have nice golf clubs. I know I have nice golf clubs. My uncle has an engineering degree in golf course architecture. He gave me a set of golf clubs. Golfsmith is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Listen fa#$%, I have nicer golf clubs than Wayne. It's just that Kate has a big.

I say that too. I say Novak's mom didn't send him to high quality tennis camps when he was little.
I'm alright you and I are the team here. #Moscow
Golfsmith is headquartered in Austin, Texas.
I know that I have the world's nicest golf clubs.
Wayne Rooney plays golf. I just know my gold clubs are nicer than his. And then the British are like well your golfclubs aren't nice.

Maybe that's Greek. I don't know her. I don't know him.
Rhiannon today lives in Calgary. Her dad really did play for the NFL. To say I know her isn't right. I met her dad once. He went out to eat with my dad.

[France and Germany on Friday hailed the conclusion of a deal to build a new European fighter jet after months of disagreements between two companies involved -- Airbus and Dassault Aviation. Launched by France and Germany in 2017 and since joined by Spain, the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) aims to have a next-generation jet in service by 2040, along with integrated drone fleets. But progress on the new delta-wing stealth aircraft has been plagued by fighting over the sharing of the industrial work as well as intellectual property for the cutting-edge technologies. "After intense negotiations, a deal between manufacturers has been reached for the next phase of the (FCAS) programme," the German defence ministry said. Airbus later on Friday confirmed the deal after talks between industry and governments. "A number of formal steps now have to be taken in the respective countries in order to allow a swift signature of the contract which we will have to adhere to," the European plane-maker said. In August 2021, the three countries signed an agreement to inject a combined 3.6 billion euros (around $4 billion) into the project's initial stage, known as Phase 1B, for building a so-called flight demonstrator starting in 2025. But the contracts were not signed with Airbus and Dassault, which are overseeing the German and French operations respectively. The French president's office on Friday also hailed the conclusion of the deal. "The political agreement on the FCAS is a big step forward and -- especially in the current international context -- an important signal of the excellent cooperation between France, Germany and Spain," it said, echoing the German ministry. Receive essential international news every morning "It strengthens Europe's military capabilities and guarantees important know-how for our industry and, more broadly, for European industry," the president's office said. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is set to meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Germany on November 25, a visit that could help improve defence cooperation as Europe rethinks its military strategy amid Russia's war against Ukraine. Germany worried many in Paris in March this year when it announced a deal to buy 35 F-35 jets from US firm Lockheed Martin. The planes are certified to carry US nuclear warheads kept in Europe as part of the NATO defence alliance. The FCAS' rival -- Britain's future combat fighter jet project Tempest, whose partners are Italy and Sweden reached its own milestone in July when it announced a pre-prototype would fly "within the next five years".] France24 is reporting on warplanes. (November 19, 2022)


— Donna Welles (@WellesDonna) November 19, 2022

I am sometimes on the board of DC Phi Beta Kappa. These Irish guys in the London office, like it's crazy I'm smart. On paper I'm smart. On paper I'm smart. I never heard before I'm dumb.
I'm learning from you guys that I am dumb.

This is a story from Texas. It's about the race or the game of life.
Ann Richards has died.
Who spoke at my college graduation from UT-Austin?
Ann Richards.
She had been the governor of Texas.
My mother knew her because my mother worked at the city clinics and Ann would visit the city clinics.
My mother really liked Ann Richards. She was very nice to my mother.
I know this story because I worked briefly in politics in Texas. A Texas legislature member, I worked for him and he had known Ann.
When he decided to run for office, he called Ann and he told her his platform and stuff.
She said that he needed to tell people that he'd win. Does that make sense? His message to people needed to be that he could win the election, and that as an elected official he would win.

Born: September 1, 1933, Lakeview, TX
Died: September 13, 2006, Austin, TX

We can go along with this a little bit. But what remains is that I really am a member of the White House church.

There is some kind of a paradox here.
Yeah but I am today a member of the White House church.
I am sometimes on the board of DC Phi Beta Kappa
I'm not going to not take the dog to Brentwood and La Jolla just because of Eliot's job.