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This website is about Washington, DC. It's a daily log of my research.

Washington, DC

Today I am sick though. It's the winter. I am busy. Maybe somehow I can be less busy. In my mind I just want more free time so I can settle my thoughts and be calm. My ideal right now is to work maybe 3 days a week and spend the rest of the time at the yoga studio. I end up with twenty volunteer shifts and internships and everything.

At BinBox my supervisor is a Filipino woman. In Texas there are Filipino people. I like them a lot. I always get along with them. They and I are similar in calm and family. I am alright to sit quietly with them as a family.

Today is Thursday. I am working this afternoon at BinBox. I don't mind that maybe because it is supposed to be warm and it won't rain. I like my coworkers at BinBox. They are fun. They are from different backgrounds, maybe they didn't go to college. But they have an interest in tech stuff. Because we tell them to put an app on their phone. And then there are these women who work there who are security guards at their other jobs. They don't know as much about the app. It's funny because they just kind of yell at people to put the app on their phones. I am wanting to calm them down and so they have a good time and don't mind renting a locker. (December 16, 2021)

I am about ten pounds too heavy. I don't feel rested. I feel like I have a lot of burdens. In my life, sometimes there is a heavy burden. I feel fat and tired. I feel overwhelmed. 12-13-21

August 19

The Germans have developed radios that can send long distance transmissions with precision. The radios are used for internal security and to control infantry movements. There are military academies in Berlin, Dresden, and Potsdam. Lviv, Ukraine is near the border with Poland. There are likely labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through the Gulf of Danzig. It seems like there are large airbases near Warsaw. Lubeck is a German port near Poland. In East Germany and Czechoslovakia there are historical anecdotes about labor strikes. Chemical munitions are likely developed near Dresden. There were dive bomber training schools in Dresden. Earlier this summer there were reports about labor strikes in Germany.

August 18

There are reports about naval maneuvers near Benghazi and Tripoli.

August 17

When I was twenty years old I met a man in London named Henry. Henry was a student at the University of London. I was a student at UT-Austin. He asked me about China because he was studying China. And I answered, "The Chinese are evil. Yes, they are a threat." And he said that wasn't a sophisticated response and that he'd have to ask someone else. When I was thirty five years old I met a man in London who is Irish and he works for the British government. He told me that Wayne Rooney is married. And so I know to be an expert in China and to stay away from British men who are married. These are true stories from my life.

August 16

The Capitals are playing in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The team isn't playing very well. They're down 2-0 in the series. I am monitoring the players from Scandinavia and the Czech Republic. I think they are on a labor strike. It's not clear in real terms about the summer months and the hockey league.

August 15

The bureau is in the newspaper. A bureau attorney lied and so there was cause for a surveillance effort. There are concerns about staffing at the bureau as well as the hardware that they use for surveillance. It's not clear about staffing in the evenings or on weekends. It's not clear about office buildings and regular hours.

August 14

The newspaper reported today about the White House and the bureau. It seems like the bureau is on a labor strike because they rely on East German radios. It's not clear generally what the bureau does with or without the German security services.

August 13

The borders east of East Germany are in the news. Minsk, Belarus and Kiev, Ukraine are in the news. It seems like the East Germans used to sell internal security hardware to both countries. It's not clear about what happens in Belarus and Ukraine if there are labor strikes in Germany. There might be cyberattacks in Belarus because of the German security services.

August 12

The Washington Post reported this morning on a bombing near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It seems like the Virginians are on a general strike. They might lobby to import German-made radios. There are concerns about the defense budget. There are Virginians who make a living coordinating military operations in Afghanistan. It's possible they're all down there in Virginia on a general strike. It's because they use imported hardware.

August 11

The Virginians are an ethnic group. Virginia is a state but the people who live in Virginia are the Virginians. The Pashtun tribesmen live near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are radio signals sent between the Virginians and the Pashtun tribesmen. The Washington Post is reporting on 'lengthy delays' in Afghanistan. It seems like there are labor strikes in Virginia. The Virginians sometimes make high salaries working as defense contractors. It's in dispute right now about the radio signals sent between Arlington, Virginia and Kabul, Afghanistan. The signals should stop maybe.

August 10

The Potomac River separates Virginia from Washington, DC. There are reports about labor strikes in Germany. The Virginians might be on a general strike. It's not clear about German-made radios in Arlington County. The Virginians might always strike when the Germans strike. The Virginians are East German immigrants.

August 9

The Capitals are playing today against the Bruins. There are three Czech nationals on the Capitals' roster. Prague used to be in Czechoslovakia. Dresden, Germany is across the border from Prague. I have been reading about dive bomber training schools in Dresden. It seems like there are radio signals sent across the border between Dresden and Prague. There are sometimes large scale labor strikes near there. In the modern age there are labor unions headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv is across the border from Poland. I watch the Czech hockey players really closely. I always wonder if they have been across the border in Germany. Dresden was in East Germany.