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This website is about the modern relationship between Washington, DC and London.

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It's hard for the Americans that William went to St. Andrews. And then Kate Middleton started having all these kids. It's like brainwashing because we all have to say that St. Andrews is a good school. Harry went to Eton College. (September 18, 2020)

The Hoover Building has defense contractors. It's not clear if they're the police. The prisons in Virginia seem corrupt. It seems like mismanagement about the surveillance hardware in the federal buildings near Lafayette Square. It's likely militant picketing because they block the doorway to the police buildings. It's threatening to walk near the police who are defense contractors. (September 18, 2020)

There are accounts about the Hoover Building in Washington, DC that they don't take orders. "We don't take your orders." The Virginians are Prussian and they speak creole. It's been said that the bureau uses Prussian methods in their policing. They seem to lobby to import German-made radios. It might be that they are on a labor strike. There are similar complaints about the British army. It might be that the British don't receive orders and follow orders. There are concerns generally about German radio technology and that there aren't enough telephone calls made. Both groups might send radio transmissions but they won't use the telephone. The Congress asked Christopher Wray about telephone calls to local police departments. The Congress was wanting the bureau to coordinate more with local authorities. (September 17, 2020)

The Americans used to live in England. It's weird about the command structure between Washington, DC and London when there is disagreement. The Americans are wanting to insist that London use the telephone within the army because they have been relying on German radio technology. When the British are slow to do what the Americans tell them. It's kind of like nightmares of Scotland and how many kids they have over there. (September 17, 2020)

I am writing about the British intelligence service. They seem reluctant to use the telephone and eager to use radios. It's strange about what a telephone call can signify. The Germans use signals intelligence. The Americans don't generally use signals intelligence. The British seem to think making a single phone call isn't allowed. Conceptually, how many telephone calls should be made as a part of the British intelligence service? There are accounts about how making a single phone call is a huge debate. It's not routine, then, within the British intelligence service to make phone calls. It seems inefficient. You wonder about the infantry and casualty rates. If casualty rates are high, it's not clear if they're using the telephone enough. The Americans are wanting the British to make more telephone calls. Washington, DC is requesting that London make more telephone calls and so casualty rates go down. (September 17, 2020)

The Virginians are Prussian.
It seems like there are Prussian regions near Manchester.
The bureau is reluctant to use the telephone.
The Virginians speak creole.
There are reports about high casualty rates in both the American and British infantries.
It might be that neither the Virginians nor the British use the telephone.
It's not clear if the British speak creole.
There are complaints about the command structure within the British army.
The Londoners might not take orders and follow them.
Generally, it might be that the British army doesn't follow orders.
(September 17, 2020)

Between the bureau and the British intelligence service, they are both reluctant to use the telephone. There are high casualty rates in the army. It seems like casualty rates went up when they stopped using the telephone. Today there is a dispute because people are being asked to make telephone calls and they won't do it. The Virginians are ethnically Prussian and they speak creole. It's not clear why the British intelligence officers won't use the telephone. They're being asked to telephone and the British are refusing to use the telephone. It might be that the British intelligence service generally no longer makes telephone calls. Washington, DC is asking London to use the telephone and they won't do it. (September 17, 2020)

It has been a relentless barrage of anti-American messages coming across the Atlantic Ocean from London. It's been since Tony Blair was the Prime Minister. All the while, there has been a real growth in labor unions in Manchester and Dublin. There are routes from Prussia to Manchester. It's German labor unions. Today the Americans are asking the British army to use the telephone and they're refusing to use the telephone. The British army today is refusing to use the telephone even though the Americans are asking them to. It might be that the British army generally doesn't do what Americans tell them to do. Today the dispute is that the London office will only send radio signals, they will not also use the telephone. My name is Donna Welles. I live in Washington, DC. (September 17, 2020)

The British army won't use the telephone. The Americans are asking them to use the telephone and the British will only send radio signals. The Germans have developed radios that can send long distance transmissions with precision. The British likely have high casualty rates because they rely on radio technology. It seems like the British army should use the telephone and their casualty rates would go down. (September 17, 2020)

The British army and the command structure is controversial. There are British embassies in the Balkans. East Germany traded in East German mark. Bosnia trades in Bosnian mark. In terms of the army at the British embassies, they might be inclined to side with the Germans and assist them to use ports in the Balkans for trade. For example, the British embassy in Sarajevo might facilitate German trade through Bosnia. (September 17, 2020)

There is a song from the 1990's called 'Semi-Charmed Life' and the Americans can sing about London. "How do I get back there to." "I believe in the sound beneath my toes." For example, Boston is in New England. When Wayne Rooney arrived, Coleen had just given birth to her fourth child. She wore a green Gucci T-shirt to visit the Lincoln Memorial. It was as though the people in Manchester have so many children that the Americans can't return. I went to the Gucci store here in Washington, DC and I asked if I could buy that same T-shirt. It's hundreds of dollars because it's hand stitched and it has jewels in it or something. I collect Armani Exchange T-shirts. (September 17, 2020)

There is a large British embassy in Washington, DC. They kind of just use the embassy for travel and visas. I think it's not a great embassy because they don't interact much with the city. It's controversial about British people traveling to the developing world because they visit third world countries so much. The Americans don't need to visit every country.

The British army seems like they'll leave work undone. A Virginian will sit in a building and not take the trash out. The British are similar in that they'll decide not to do something and the work will go undone. The Americans make requests of the British and they'll simply not do what they're asked. It's things that the Americans can't do, and so the work goes undone. (September 17, 2020)

I am writing about the command structure at the British army. It's similar to the German army because they're sensitive to what's important to other people. There is a strategy about carrot and stick. If things are important, does that matter? If things are less important, does that matter? For example, if there are requests that go to the British army then they're less likely to honor the request if the request is important. They'll say no when it's an important request. The British are less likely to agree to an important request. They are more likely to agree to a request that doesn't matter. In international relations theory there is the prisoner's dilemma. The British consider if the request matters, and they'll not agree if the request is important. (September 16, 2020)

"Are you at work and do you work for the army?" I am writing about the British army in terms of the command structure. The British won't generally do what the Americans tell them to do. Additionally, they might respond to an email and not to a telephone call. For example, the British might follow an order that came through a meeting instead of an email. It matters to the British army how they received the order when they decide to follow the order. An American would follow an order however he heard about it. A meeting is the same thing as a phone call. It's a strange process the British go through when they decide if they'll follow an order, even when they are at work and they work for the army. (September 16, 2020)

The British don't use contraception as the Americans do.
British couples get married at older ages and they have more children.
It's sometimes an argument with the Londoners.
There are accounts about age appropriate behavior within Irish labor unions.
The British have tattoos.

The British are reluctant to use the telephone.
It's strange about radios and telephones.
The British prefer radios to telephones.
Americans prefer telephones to radios.
(September 16, 2020)

Manchester is near Ireland.
It seems like there are labor strikes in both Manchester and Dublin.
It might be the culture of the British government to enjoy the lifestyle of a labor strike.

It seems like the British won't do what the Americans tell them to do.
This is in both the army and the intelligence community.
If an American intelligence officer asks the British to do something, he won't do it.
The American will do what the British tell him to do.

I am writing about the island. I would prefer zero British government buildings, athletes, or students in the United States. It's because they have tattoos and they don't use contraception. My name is Donna Welles and my number is zero. I want zero of these people in this country. It's also because of the labor unions and the trade with Warsaw. (September 16, 2020)