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This website is about Manchester and Dublin. There are concerns about the labor unions and military academies in Germany's eastern provinces. East Germany traded in East German mark. There are likely radio signals sent between Lubeck and Manchester pertaining to organized labor. Lubeck is a German port near the Gulf of Danzig. Warsaw is inland. There seem to be labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through Irish ports.
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Manchester and Dublin

[Hovenier: The need for de-escalation, mayors not to work from municipal buildings The U.S. Ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, said today that the Quint countries agree that the situation needs to be de-escalated. He said this after the meeting of the ambassadors of the Quinte countries with the Prime Minister of Pristina's temporary institutions, Aljbin Kurti, and added that the US recommendation is that mayors do not work from municipal buildings, but from other buildings. Hovenier, however, did not say whether Kurti agreed with the recommendation, saying it was not his place to speak. "The US believes, and I am talking about my colleagues, that it is not necessary for elected presidents in the North to go to work every day. In fact, in the short term, we recommend that this not happen," said Hovenier, Reporters report. He said that there is agreement that the situation should be de-escalated, "but he does not know if he can say that there is agreement on how to achieve that de-escalation".]
This is from the Serbian news.
The whole thing is about the elections from April 23.
I guess they'll go along with these elected officials.
But they're saying they shouldn't work from the city buildings.
That is some movement toward not going along with the election results.
Voter turnout was low.
Serbians weren't on the ballots.
(May 30, 2023)

[MOSCOW, May 29. /TASS/. Russia will respond "very tangibly" to any new steps Germany takes to reduce Russia's diplomatic presence in the country, should such steps be taken, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a commentary circulated on Monday.]
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe the Germans are right wingers.
They seem belligerent against the Russian foreign ministry.
(May 30, 2023)

BRUSSELS, May 29. /TASS/. NATO confirms that several KFOR servicemen were injured in Kosovo, claims that "unprovoked attacks" took place and demands that violence "stops immediately." "NATO strongly condemns the unprovoked attacks against KFOR troops in northern Kosovo, which have led to a number of them being injured. Such attacks are totally unacceptable. Violence must stop immediately," the alliance said in its statement published Monday evening. "We call on all sides to refrain from actions that further inflame tensions, and to engage in dialogue. KFOR will take all necessary actions to maintain a safe and secure environment, and continue to act impartially, in accordance with its mandate under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999," the alliance added. Earlier, Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani announced that 11 Italian KFOR servicemen were injured during riots in Kosovo. According to KFOR, a total of 25 servicemen were injured. According the Vecernje Novosti newspaper, KFOR servicemen attacked the Serbs that were peacefully protecting near the Zvecan municipality administration building in the autonomous region of Kosovo and Metohija. The military cordoned off administration buildings in Zvecan, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Kosovska Mitrovica. The situation in the four Serb municipalities escalated on May 26 due to Kosovan forces' attempts to capture city administration buildings despite the resistance from local residents. Cell phone service disruptions and police use of flashbangs and tear gas were reported. Pristina insists that the heads of four municipalities in northern Kosovo, elected during April 23 elections, must assume office. Representatives of the Serb List party boycotted the elections because of non-implementation of Pristina's obligations, resulting in voter turnout of 3.47%. A total of 1,566 Albanians and 13 Serbs out of 45,095 eligible voters cast their ballots.
This is from the Russian news.
Notice the use of cell phone interference and flash grenades.
Maybe the KFOR behave as the Germans and the IDF.
I don't want them to block cell phone signals.
(May 30, 2023)

[Heads of Bulgarian intelligence participate in parliamentary hearing MPs are meeting today at an extraordinary meeting called by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Rosen Zhelyazkov. A hearing of the chairman of the State Agency "National Security", the head of the "Military Intelligence" Service and the chairman of the State Agency "Intelligence" regarding the statements made by MP Radostin Vassilev from the parliamentary group of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" that the heads of the Bulgarian security services were coordinated with the embassies of foreign countries, will take place. The hearing has been requested by "Vazrazhdane" MPs Kostadin Kostadinov, Petar Petrov and Tsoncho Ganev.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
I guess how much they work with the Germans.
(May 30, 2023)

[UPDATED Economy Minister to Unveil Forum on Eurozone's Advantages, Challenges for Businesses Caretaker Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov Tuesday will open a discussion forum on the advantages and challenges of the eurozone for Bulgarian businesses in the process of Bulgaria adopting the single currency, the Economy Ministry said in a press release. The forum will bring together in Sofia representatives of the Bulgarian, Croatian, and Romanian institutions directly involved in the eurozone entry process.]
The Bulgarian news is reporting on the EC.
The EC might be assisting the German army.
Maybe the German economy grows with the help of the EC.
(May 30, 2023)

[25 NATO soldiers were Injured in Clashes in Kosovo 25 soldiers from NATO's multinational force in Kosovo - KFOR have been injured during clashes with Serbs in the northern part of the country. The condition of three of them is serious. The servicemen were injured by explosive devices. Among the injured are 11 Italians. Even today, the protests of the Serbs, who demand the removal of the Albanian mayors, continue. Yesterday, KFOR tried to disperse the protesters gathered in front of one of the municipalities with tear gas and stun grenades. In response, bottles with incendiary liquid and stones were thrown at them. Kosovo Serbs boycotted local elections in April. With a voter turnout of just over 3%, Albanians were elected mayors in predominantly Serb municipalities.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Kosovo has a large Serbian population.
It's weird that so many foreigners are in Kosovo.
Maybe these NATO troops are right wingers.
Belgrade might be complaining about foreign governments in Kosovo.
Why are Italian and Hungarian soldiers walking around Kosovo?
(May 30, 2023)

["The situation in Kosovo and Metohija is very difficult. As a Serb, I absolutely understand the message of the Serb List and all the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija. State authorities will consider the message of the Serb List in a short period of time," said Vucevic and added: "The deployment of the units of the Serbian Army along the administrative line is underway, and I expect that they will be in their positions in the next few hours. We are not playing any war games, but Serbia's red lines are known. The deployment of units is underway, in accordance with the current situation, and will remain in their positions until further notice".]
This is from the Serbian news.
I guess because Kurti wants to use the election results from April 23.
They weren't legitimate elections.
And so then it seems like lawlessness in Kosovo.
(May 29, 2023)

"Shavkat Mirziyoyev Congratulates Recep Tayyip Erdogan"
This is from the Tashkent news.
It seems like the Uzbeks do too much with Ankara.
They trade too much and they do too much foreign relations stuff.
(May 29, 2023)

Miceh went to Cornell and then Penn. He for a while lived in New York City. I spoke with him and he had a girlfriend from China. He was working for
I like to hear Bruce Springsteen every day but I don't because either my dad doesn't want to hear it or whoever I'm with doesn't want to hear it.

[BERLIN, May 27. /TASS/. The accounts of Russian media outlets have again been blocked in Germany, and therefore Moscow will respond in kind, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the DPA agency on Saturday. According to the news agency, she did not name those Russian media outlets, but announced Moscow's readiness to take similar steps against German media in Russia.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice the mention of German computer stuff.
Maybe that means the Germans are cyberattacking other countries.
For example Athens and Sophia.
(May 29, 2023)

[BELGRADE, May 28. /TASS/. The current escalation in Kosovo and Metohija may develop into a serious conflict, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned on Sunday. "I think that the most dramatic developments in Kosovo and Metohija are only ahead, something we have never seen so far, something we cannot even imagine. And this will happen because of the provocative actions and awfully irresponsible behavior by [Kosovo's Prime Minister] Albin Kurti. When I am saying this, I am afraid of general insecurity, instability. I am afraid of big conflicts, since I know that the Serbs cannot tolerate this and he who has started this [Kurti] will not step back. He is dreaming of being a kind of Zelensky," Vucic said in an interview with the Pink television channel. He said that he had recently spoken with the ambassadors of European countries and they had expressed concern over the escalation in Kosovo and Metohija. Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said earlier that the prime minister of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo was indulging in terrorist activities in Serb municipalities and concurrently wanted to present himself as a victim labelling Belgrade as aggressor, following the example of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The situation in four municipalities in northern Kosovo and Metohija escalated on Friday after Kosovo law enforcement officers tried to seize the buildings of local administrations, despite the resistance of local residents. The Kosovo police reportedly used tear gas and flash bang grenades. According to the local mass media, a police car was set on fire in the Zvecan municipality and armored vehicles were reportedly deployed to the site. In response to the actions of the Kosovo authorities, Belgrade put its army on high alert and deployed troops to the administrative border with Kosovo. Pristina insists that the new mayors of the four municipalities, who were elected amid the election boycotting by the Serb population, take their offices. Elections to local self-governments in four municipalities - Zvecan, Zubin Potok, Leposavic and North Mitrovica - in northern Kosovo and Metohija were held on April 23. The elections were boycotted by the Serb List party because of Pristina's non-fulfilment of its commitments. As a result, the voter turnout was a mere 3.47%, with 1,566 Albanians and only 13 out of 45,095 eligible Serbs taking part.]
I guess Kurti is insisting that the election results are upheld.
There are references here to maybe defense contractors in Kosovo.
Maybe the same German firms are in Kosovo and Ukraine.
Conceptually do the Kosovars allow the Germans to use their airbases?
Do the Kosovars assist the German army and navy?
(May 29, 2023)

[Mining company from Jordan shows interest in cooperation with the sector in Bulgaria One of the largest Jordanian companies in the mining industry is interested in a partnership with the mining sector in Bulgaria. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company and former Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Mohammad Thneibat, visited Bulgaria to study investment opportunities. At a meeting with the Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Nikola Stoyanov, specific opportunities for joint projects between the two countries were discussed, which would further contribute to deepening the commercial and economic relations between Europe and the Middle East. Bulgaria "has a very developed mining and processing industry, and I am confident that here you will find suitable partners, competitive at the world level", Minister Stoyanov pointed out. Mohammad Tneibad has invited a Bulgarian business delegation to visit Jordan, as well as to start work on the idea of a joint investment in fertilizer production facilities. The Jordanian company is the second largest exporter and the sixth largest producer of phosphate in the world, with a production capacity of over 7 million tonnes of phosphate per year. The Hashemite Kingdom has the fifth largest phosphate reserves in the world - 3.7 billion tonnes, of which 1.25 billion tonnes are the stocks available to the specific producer.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
The Jordanians seem like right wingers.
I don't want them to trade much with the Balkans.
Rania has four kids.
It's as though she is a fascist because she wastes so much money.
She walks around in heels and dresses.
And her kids are everywhere.
She attends these elaborate Jordanian weddings.
I think the government in Amman is a fascist government.
(May 29, 2023)

[Participants in the tactical live-fire exercise Defensive Shield 2023 are demonstrating capabilities at the Novo Selo Training Area (Southeastern Bulgaria) on Monday, the Defence Ministry said. President Rumen Radev, who is also Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, reviewed the troops. Defence Minister Dimitar Stoyanov and the Chief of Defence, Admiral Emil Eftimov, are attending the demonstration.]
Maybe all of this NATO stuff is a waste of money.
The Germans seem to have a lot of influence over NATO.
It's a lot of long distance travel.
Here in Washington, DC I think most NATO stuff is a waste of money.
(May 29, 2023)

[Radostin Vassilev, who published the recordings of the extended meeting of the leadership of "We Continue the Change", announced on the National Television that he was afraid for his life and that he was under police protection.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice it's about the parliament.
Maybe the Germans can affect the parliament with their computers.
This seems like a weird person who has been elected.
Maybe he shouldn't have been on the ballot.
(May 29, 2023)

District 19

Here in Washington, DC.
Kind of it seems obvious that the Germans send the North Koreans the missile stuff.
The Luftwaffe trains the PLAAF.
And then the British want to read more about China.
[As Malaysia eyes renewable energy exports to Singapore, can it stick to its ambitious energy goals? Malaysia sees boosting renewable energy exports, principally to Singapore, as the logical way to fund its ambitious energy transition plans But analysts urge the government to prioritise domestic consumption of renewable energy-based electricity, to put the economy on a greener footing]
This is from the Chinese news.
It's about energy and banks.
How the Germans use the money in the Malaysian banks.
And the energy from Indonesia.
And the ports in Sri Lanka.
(May 28, 2023)

District 17
District 18
North Korea 23

[Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Saturday that he wants to establish senior-level negotiations between Japan and North Korea in a bid to arrange a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at an early date on the return of Japanese abductees. In his remarks to a gathering in Tokyo seeking the return of Japanese nationals abducted by the North in the 1970s and 1980s, Kishida reiterated that he is committed to realising unconditional talks with Kim "at the earliest opportunity."]
This is from the Chinese news.
Notice the reference to weird North Korean covert operations.
Maybe the Germans train both the North Korean police and army.
It's secretive police ops.
(May 27, 2023)

It seems to be Washington and London's role at this point, to discuss elections and standards, etc.

The EC and elections.
- Do they facilities weird elections in foreign places?
- Did the EC facilitate these elections, now infamous elections in Kosovo?
- Voter turnout was low.
- Serbians weren't on the ballots.
- These seem to be infamous elections.
Can the EC respond about their input and any of this?

This is me talking about the elections in Kosovo. 5-27-23

[Russia on Thursday summoned the envoys of Germany, Sweden and Denmark over Moscow's frustration with the lack of progress on probes into the sabotaged Nord Stream gas pipelines. Built to carry Russian gas to Germany, the pipelines in the Baltic Sea were ruptured by subsea explosives months after Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine in February, 2022. Western countries have blamed the explosions under the Baltic Sea last September on Russia, but the Kremlin has accused the West of sabotage.]
This is from the German news.
Maybe the Germans misuse their ports and the ports in Poland.
They could be sending military items to East Asia.
(May 27, 2023)

[President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned Germany's detention of Turkish journalists from Turkuvaz Media, saying that it is a violation of press freedom. "We find it unacceptable that German security forces arrested Turkish journalists with the words of a fugitive FETÖ (Gülenist Terror Group) member. "What was done in Germany is a violation of the freedom of the press," Erdogan said in an interview broadcast live on Turkish broadcaster aHaber. Following a complaint from FETO members Cevheri Güven and Ercan Karakoyun, German security forces raided the homes of Sabah’s German representative Ismail Erel and the European edition’s chief editor Cemil Albay early in the morning and detained the two without even issuing a notice, Sabah said. The two journalists were released hours later. Police also searched the Sabah offices in Frankfurt and seized Erel and Albay’s computers and mobile phones. German authorities did not disclose the raid’s purpose, Sabah said, adding that the Turkish Foreign Ministry and professional unions have officially stepped in for the release of the two journalists. Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun slammed the incident, saying, “The arrest of Turkish journalists over the stories they break against FETO in Germany and the confiscation of their equipment is a blatant violation of press freedom." Turkiye considers Germany’s attempt to muzzle journalists unacceptable and is concerned about this pressure on freedom of the press, Altun said via Twitter.]
This is from the Turkish news.
I guess the German police arrested a journalist.
They raided homes.
Early in the morning.
Maybe they are using the surveillance stuff that the SAPO was talking about.
(May 27, 2023)

Election humor.
My dad is from New York City.
When he was little, there was this scary kid on the playground.
And he would try to get people to do superman and crook.
Which meant he would chase people running around the playground.
There are all kinds over here too.
"You play crook, I'll play superman."
And his name was Skippy.

When I was in Russia, they had slot machines at the metro stations. And I thought whoever won, someone would steal his money.

Serbia 20
Serbia 21

"US-sanctioned Russian bank CEO hails yuan use while decrying US dollar weaponisation VTB Bank's Andrey Kostin spoke with Post during Russian delegation's state visit to Beijing Russia's second-largest lender, which lost billions last year after being cut off from US dollar and euro, expects a huge turnaround this year as trade with China expands"
This is from the Chinese news.
It seems like the Germans use their computers.
And they expand the Chinese economy.
We've been watching German FDI in Tashkent.
Conceptually the Germans and how they can use their computers for economic stuff.
Do they simply use their computers and set exchange rates, etc?
(May 26, 2023)

"In his opinion, the West still fails to grasp this and believes that this will not happen. Medvedev believes that the Ukrainian conflict could last a long time, perhaps decades."
This is from the Serbian news.
I guess the extent to which the German army wants to fight for Kiev.
How many military bases the Germans and Poles have in Ukraine.
So they can send stuff to East Asia.
(May 26, 2023)

"That's not a sign of German trade!" - The British

"Uzbekistan's government employees to get qualification in Singapore" "Uzbekistan civil servants to improve their skills in Singapore at Lee Kuan Yew School of Government."
This is from the Tashkent news.
Maybe it is a sign of German trade.
Because the Germans use the ports near Singapore.
(May 26, 2023)

[MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. When speaking about the 'Korean scenario' for Ukraine, the Kiev government is checking whether the society will be ready to accept it, the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, told reporters during a visit to Vietnam.]
This is from the Russian news.
It seems like the Germans assist Pyongyang with military research.
Does the German navy send the North Koreans missile items?
(May 26, 2023)

[BERLIN, May 26. /TASS/. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he was planning to re-discuss the situation in Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone "in due course." Quite a long time has passed since their last telephone call, the German leader said in an interview with the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, released on Friday. "But I plan to talk to Putin again in due course," Sholz said.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's so weird that the Germans are in charge of foreign policy stuff.
They do seem to want to send tanks and warplanes other places.
I guess they sell the panzers and stukas now.
(May 26, 2023)

[Caretaker Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov refuted allegations that Bulgarian servicemen would be sent to Ukraine. "During the term of office of the caretaker cabinet, the Ministry of Defence never intended and never proposed to the Council of Ministers to make a decision about proposing to the National Assembly to send armed forces to Ukraine", Minister Stoyanov said at a hearing in parliament.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
I wish the EC and the EU would stop it with the Ukraine sanctions stuff.
There is inflation regionally already.
(May 26, 2023)

"The President of the Greek Court of Audit, Ioannis Sarmas, was sworn in as Prime Minister of the caretaker government, which will prepare the next elections on June 25, the Greek agency ANA-MPA reported to BTA. On Thursday, Sarmas was given the task to form a caretaker government by President Katerina Sakellaropoulou after her meetings with the leaders of the three biggest parties based on their May 21 election results. All leaders have consistently refused exploratory mandates to form a government."
This is another example of a parliament in the Balkans.
Maybe the Germans are using their computers to manipulate Athens.
So their army and navy can use the ports to send items to East Asia.
(May 26, 2023)

[Bulgaria's President: For us both the Russian and the Ukrainian People are Equally Close "As the president of Croatia also said - each EU member state has its own historical path. And this is the richness of the EU - that we have different historical roots, we have different national ideas, we have a different path until we reach the EU. The fact is that the Bulgarian people are grateful for 150,000 Russian soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation a century and a half ago. This is indeed a contribution to our people that we cherish and will never forget. But this has nothing to do with Russia's current aggression against Ukraine." This was stated by President Rumen Radev, who welcomed his Croatian colleague Zoran Milanovic yesterday at "Dondukov" 2 street. The head of state of Croatia is on an official visit to our country at the invitation of the Bulgarian president.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's about the EU, EC, and the German army.
I guess the theory is that the EC wants to trade with East Asia.
And so they are belligerent about the ports in the Balkans.
The Germans want to use the land route south to the Balkans, and then those ports to trade with East Asia.
(May 26, 2023)

Carmelo's used to be the best Italian restaurant in Austin. He was often there, but once I was there at a meeting. He spoke to our table. I said to him, "I come here for my birthday."
John, our neighbor. He is a Mexican American man who speaks Spanish. Julio's is a Mexican restaurant. John talks to the owner in Spanish.
I know to do stuff like that because John does stuff like that.

Bulgaria 20

This is me talking about the events in Bulgaria. 5-25-23

You guys do always side with them and against me.

[Zaluzhny also had shrapnel in his body and was injured during a Russian missile attack at the beginning of May, said an unnamed Russian official, as reported by Sputnik International, which in turn referred to information from the Ukrainian security services. "Zaluzhny received first aid in Nikolaev, in order to stop the bleeding, and then he was transferred to the Kyiv military hospital, where his skull injury was repaired," said that official. He also adds that Zaluzhny's condition was further complicated by type two diabetes. "The predictions are that he will live, but that he will not be able to continue doing his job," concluded that Russian official.]
This is from the Serbian news.
(May 25, 2023)

"Uzbekistan establishes 56 polling stations abroad for presidential election"
This is from the Tashkent news.
Maybe it's a sign of trade with Germany.
The Germans might facilitate these elections.
Maybe people abroad shouldn't vote.
(May 25, 2023)

[UNITED NATIONS, May 24. /TASS/. Syria's renewed participation in the Arab League (LAS) will help improve the situation in the Middle East region, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said at a UN Security Council session on Wednesday.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's about the Turkish army and how they cross into Syria.
The border between Turkey and Syria and with Bulgaria.
The Turks really cross into other countries a lot.
I guess for counterterrorism reasons.
(May 25, 2023)

[BERLIN, May 24. /TASS/. Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui met with German Federal Foreign Office State Secretary Andreas Michaelis Wednesday, the German Foreign Office said on Twitter. "State Secretary Andreas Michaelis today received the Chinese Special Envoy for #Ukraine, Li Hui, at the Federal Foreign Office. The meeting took place as part of Li Hui's visit to Europe. It was preceded by stops in Ukraine, Poland and France," the tweet says. The Foreign Office disclosed neither the details nor the topics of the negotiations. Earlier, the Chinese Embassy in Moscow told TASS that Li Hui would visit Moscow on May 26. Before that, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the Chinese envoy planned to visit Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and France to take part in consultations on a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. On May 16-17, Li Hui visited Kiev. He stated that there is no one way to settle the Ukrainian crisis, and China will help resolve the issue in its own way. On the anniversary of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published a document with proposals on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. It laid out 12 points, including calls for a ceasefire, protection of the legitimate security interests of all sides, settlement of the humanitarian crisis, exchange of captives between Moscow and Kiev, and refusal to impose unilateral sanctions without a UN Security Council resolution.]
It seems strange to read about Germans and the PLA meeting.
Maybe the Germans send the PLA military items and police radios.
We read about the PLAAF and the flybys near Taipei.
Maybe the Germans give them the warplanes.
(May 25, 2023)

[In the recommendations of the European Commission to the economies of the EU countries, for Bulgaria it is said that, together with 14 other countries in the community, it does not comply with the requirement for a budget deficit of 3%. The deficit is expected to be 4.8% this year. It is recommended that Sofia terminate the energy support measures planned until the end of 2023 and redirect the saved funds to reducing the state deficit. It is recommended that Bulgaria should ensure effective management for the rapid implementation of the economic recovery plan and absorption of EU grants. The third recommendation is that Bulgaria should reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, accelerate the transition to clean energy, quickly introduce renewable energy sources and opportunities to store the energy produced by them.]
This is a description of the EC.
It seems like the EC assists the Germans to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
Maybe they are being critical of the government in Sophia.
So the German army and navy can pass through the Balkans.
It seems like right winger motives for these economic assessments.
(May 25, 2023)

["The Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria strongly condemns the planned screening of the documentary Azovstal at Russia's Russian Culture and Information Centre in Sofia and regards this event as open propaganda of the war waged by Russian diplomats in the territory of a EU and NATO Member State," the diplomatic mission said in a press release on Wednesday evening. "Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale military invasion in Ukraine, the Russian occupiers have committed almost 85,000 war crimes and other atrocities," the statement reads. "The Russians have killed more than 10,000 peaceful Ukrainians, have injured over 13,000, have damaged or destroyed nearly 100,000 civilian infrastructure sites. The Russian army attacks Ukraine's residential areas and critical infrastructure, systematically violating the norms of international humanitarian law." "The screening of the film is an attempt to justify the crime, aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territories, the demolition of the Ukrainian Hero City of Mariupol, the destruction of the Azovstal Metal Works, the distortion of the facts about the heroic defence of the city, the obliteration of the murders of thousands of Ukrainian civilians by Russian war crimes," the Ukrainian Embassy said. The diplomatic mission calls attention to the actions of the Embassy of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria, which systematically disseminates military propaganda and the ideology of Ruscism.]
This is another example of the government in Kiev.
They don't want to do normal government tasks.
This seems like rhetoric.
What are they supposed to be doing in that embassy?
The Ukrainian refugees, etc.
Can they stop condemning stuff with their rhetoric and do something about the refugees?
(May 25, 2023)

[The interrogation of GERB leader Boyko Borissov at the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office in the "Barcelonagate" case has ended. On leaving the building on "Cherkovna" Street, the politician and his lawyer Menko Menkov were laconic.]
This is about the Bulgarian parliament.
Maybe the Germans can use their computers to affect nearby legislatures.
Conceptually the Germans and what they can do with cyber warfare.
(May 25, 2023)

[German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced earlier that the peace talks to end the war in Ukraine should not be aimed at freezing the conflict, and other Western leaders, as well as the authorities in Kyiv, expressed a similar opinion.]
This is from the Serbian news.
It's weird reading about the Germans and their opinions about stuff.
Don't they have panzers in the forest and aren't they planning a blitzkrieg?
Where are the Luftwaffe training bases?
(May 24, 2023)

"Uzbekistan increases gold exports" "For the first quarter of 2023, foreign sales totaled $3.06 billion."
This is from the Tashkent news.
It might be a sign of EC trade.
(May 24, 2023)

"MOSCOW, May 24. /TASS/. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said the recent incident, in which a man burned a copy of the Quran in front of a mosque in the Russian Volga area city of Volgograd at the behest of Ukrainian special services, was outrageous and infuriated Russia's Muslim community."
This is just a fun story about the Chechens.
(May 24, 2023)


Xie Feng is from a coastal province. He went to school in Beijing. He isn't from Shandong.
For example, Confucius is from Shandong.
Where he is from is kind of near Hubei where the coronavirus came from.
He isn't from like a big important city.
But he is from the coast. Jiangsu.
It looks like he has experience working in Hong Kong.
I think he isn't that smart and he doesn't come from a good family.
For example, if he was from Shandong then he really might be related to Confucius.
He's also not from Xian.
If he was from Xian, he really might be related to the Terracotta Army.
He is kind of from nowhere important.
I guess he is a CCP member.
Maybe he is part Ming.
He would be weird in his politics about Taipei.

[New Chinese ambassador arrives in United States According to Xie Feng, the relationship between China and the United States was faced with serious difficulties and challenges BEIJING, May 24. /TASS/. China's new ambassador to Washington, Xie Feng, has arrived in the United States five months after his predecessor, Qin Gang, was appointed Chinese Foreign Minister. The release saying that the Chinese envoy has landed in New York City was posted on the Chinese embassy's website on Tuesday. According to Xie, the relationship between China and the United States was faced with serious difficulties and challenges. "I and my colleagues will carry out our responsibilities and live up to our mission with diligence and fortitude," the embassy quoted the diplomat as saying in a statement. His predecessor, Qin Gang, was China's ambassador to the US from July 2021 until he was appointed the country's new Foreign Minister in December 2022. Ever since, China has had no ambassador to the US.]
This is kind of a crazy one.
Should there be a Chinese ambassador here?
Sometimes it's the guy from Taipei.
Maybe we could have a ROC embassy and a CCP embassy.
Kind of it's me and Ambassador Antonov for the most part.
Also, Alex and Anastasia Ovechkin.
Dimtri Orlov was traded to the Boston Bruins.
(May 24, 2023)

Conceptually, government in Ukraine.
Taxes and roads and literacy rates.

[WASHINGTON, May 24. /TASS/. The United States and its partners continue to discuss when US-made F-16 fighter jets will be delivered to Ukraine and how Ukrainian pilots will be trained in Europe to fly them, Pentagon Press Secretary Patrick Ryder has told reporters. "In terms of F-16, what I can tell you is that training will take place outside of Ukraine, at sites in Europe. But in terms of more details, in terms of when that training will begin, how those jets will be provided and who will provide them - we are continuing to work with our international partners," he said at a media briefing on Tuesday.]
This is from the Russian news.
The complaint about Kiev is that they don't want to do normal government tasks.
It's as though Ukraine is a land of defense contracting firms.
They ask for weapons and travel to conferences.
This is another example of weird army stuff in Kiev.
(May 24, 2023)

[Did NATO call a mobilisation of 30,000 troops in Bulgaria? An announcement has been circulated on social media that NATO has ordered the mobilisation of 30,000 Bulgarian troops as of 20 May 2023. The number of the order - No. 123-NATO-2023 - is also quoted. The dissemination is by reprinting the text and not by sharing the publication. It says the NATO "order" is "based on Article 5(1) of the 2014 Protocol on NATO Action in the Event of Armed Conflict."]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
This seems like a waste of money.
So many NATO soldiers and everything.
Here in Washington, DC it seems like the NATO stuff is a waste of money.
(May 24, 2023)

"Croatian President Milanovic to Pay Official Visit Here on May 25" "Croatian President Zoran Milanovic will pay an official visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of President Rumen Radev, the presidential press secretariat said Tuesday. The talks between the two presidents will focus on the prospects for expanding Bulgarian-Croatian cooperation, deepening top-level dialogue, as well as issues on the regional and European agenda."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans use the ports in Croatia.
Remember there are strange occurances sometimes in Zagreb.
(May 24, 2023)

[Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that since May 8, more than 37,000 illegal weapons and explosive devices have been handed over to authorities. He added that he will fight for the return of the death penalty after the shootings in Belgrade and the municipality of Mladenovac, in which dozens of people were killed and injured, BGNES reported. "We currently have more than 37,200 weapons and explosive devices found," Aleksandar Vucic told Serbian news agency RTS. He reminded that those who do not hand over the illegal weapons by June 8 will be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. Vucic added that he will "fight politically in Europe and around the world" for the return of the death penalty, because "there is no other punishment for what happened in Belgrade, Malo Orase and Dubon /Mladenovac municipality". "As long as I am president, I will fight with all my authority and all my power to get the maximum punishment, and as a citizen I will speak about it everywhere," he said. On May 3, a 13-year-old boy opened fire at a school in the center of Belgrade. Ten people were killed, including eight children. Aleksandar Vucic stated that the shooter was placed in a psychiatric hospital because he could not bear criminal responsibility due to his age. On the night of May 5, a 21-year-old man opened fire with an assault rifle in the municipality of Mladenovac. Eight people were killed and another 14 were injured. The shooter was arrested on May 5. After these two cases, Aleksandar Vucic promised to disarm Serbia. The country will impose a two-year moratorium on the issuance of permits to carry firearms, as well as stricter rules on their storage.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans make these handguns.
Also, maybe the Germans trade through the ports in the Balkans.
(May 24, 2023)

Are Bruno Kahl and Nicholas Abbott in favor of the sanctions and EU trade with East Asia?

The European Defense Fund
EU foreign ministers

There is some kind of image.
The Frenchman in Southeast Asia.
And he wants to teach people to throw spears.

I read kind of every day about weaponry in Pyongyang and Taipei.
Immediately I think the Europeans gave them this stuff.

If people are familiar with this image of a Frenchman teaching people to throw spears.
When I read the descriptions of this weaponry in East Asia.
It seems obvious to me that the Europeans gave them that stuff.

"Economy Minister to Open Forum on Opportunities Offered by European Defence Fund"
That one is from the Bulgarian news.
- Doesn't that mean the Europeans are selling weird items to foreign lands?

Ten minutes ago I read about North Korean and Chinese missiles.
It seems obvious to me that the EU does these sanctions.
So they can do these weird army stuff in foreign lands.
"EU foreign ministers discuss 11th sanctions package against Russia"
Do the Europeans sanction the Russians so they themselves can do weird army stuff?

[Russia is capable of continuing its military operation in Ukraine 'for a long time', President of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Bruno Kahl said.]
- Maybe Bruno is in on this weirdo foreign lands army stuff and the European Defense Fund and the EU foreign ministers.

[Warsaw's anti-Russian policy it is necessary to stop Polish trucks from passing through Russian territory. ]
- This one is a specific complaint about the Polish government.

Nicholas Abbott, he is a British diplomat.
I don't always like every diplomat.
Maybe he is in on this spears and stuff in foreign lands European Defense Fund.

There is some kind of a, about the British, and women in the army.
The Ukrainians en masse, all of these Ukrainian women are in the army.

Does Nicholas Abbott want more women in the army?

This is me talking about Nicholas Abbott. 5-23-23

If I have followers here, I have met in person corrupt pollsters.
Because they ask dumb questions and normal people wouldn't know how to respond.
I've actually met these people here in Washington, DC.
They wrote a dumb, corrupt poll.

I used to attend events at the PEW Research think tank.
I couldn't believe the polling questions.
There exist incompetent pollsters.
They ask dumb questions and they don't ask follow up questions.

This morning the news is about Washington, DC and London.
And the King's English.
If we think Germans and Frenchmen send weird munitions to East Asia.
What we think of European economic standards.
But, how the Virginians and Scots are Prussian immigrants.
And so our diplomats are really terrible.
Joe Biden and Liz Truss and Nicholas Abbott are letting everyone down.

Nicholas Abbott wants to send fighter jets to Kiev.
Liz Truss wants to talk about Kosovo.

[Great Britain's Ambassador in Pristina, Nicholas Abbott, said that it is time for the so-called Kosovo to officially propose the draft statute of the Community of Serbian Municipalities - CSM. "My opinion, especially for the CSM, is that it is time for the government of Kosovo to come out with a draft that should be based on the vision of the prime minister," Abbott said, reports Reporter, referring to Kaljo. Abbott believes that international attention will not be directed towards Kosovo forever.]
This is from the Serbian news.
I guess the British.
And the Germans.
And the Conservative party.
The Virginians are Prussian immigrants.
The British have Scottish politicians and diplomats.
And so you read about Liz Truss and Pippa Middleton.
Maybe if the labor unions would be scaled back then the government would be better.
The example of Liz Truss and how she has two kids and wants to talk fighter jets and Kiev.
(May 23, 2023)

[MOSCOW, May 23. /TASS/. The State Duma at its plenary session on Tuesday will consider an appeal to the Russian government to ban the transit of trucks from Poland through Russian territory. On Sunday, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on his Telegram channel that in response to Warsaw's anti-Russian policy it is necessary to stop Polish trucks from passing through Russian territory. According to him, it's necessary to "prohibit Poland from profiting from Russia" and ensure the reloading of goods on Russian trucks so that Russian citizens can earn money from transportation. The draft of the State Duma address, published on Monday, proposes not only to ban, but also to forbid Polish trucks to refuel at Russian retail fuel prices, with the introduction of EU-level fuel prices for them.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice this mention of the Polish economy.
That's a lot of defense firms probably.
Maybe Warsaw has a lot of labor unions and right wingers.
The Germans and tanks and the ports in the Gulf of Danzig.
Conceptually the German and Polish economies.
How much army stuff all that is.
(May 23, 2023)

[BERLIN, May 23. /TASS/. Russia is capable of continuing its military operation in Ukraine 'for a long time', President of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Bruno Kahl said. "Russia, as before, remains capable of leading <...> [its special military operation] for a long time," the DPA news agency quoted the intelligence chief as saying. Kahl also noted that the intelligence service does not see that the conflict has somehow shaken the authority of the Russian state. When asked whether the BND was aware that a military operation would certainly begin, he said: "Fourteen days before the start <...> [of the conflict] we recorded phenomena that could hardly be interpreted in any other way.".]
This is from the Russian news.
It seems weird the Germans have such a large army.
Maybe they expanded their army when the EU expanded.
Generally right wingers in Berlin and the EU.
Too much defense spending and the economy and the army.
It's weird reading about this German intelligence chief.
Maybe he's a Gestapo person or something.
(May 23, 2023)

"EU foreign ministers discuss 11th sanctions package against Russia" "On May 22, in Brussels, the foreign ministers of the EU countries did not take concrete decisions on the 11th sanctions package against Russia. Hungary has not said it will veto the sanctions package if OTP Bank is not removed from the Ukrainian blacklist. Before the start of the Foreign Affairs Council, however, Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned that his country would veto new EU sanctions package against Russia."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
The EU is really at it with these sanctions.
Maybe they are assisting the German army.
It's not clear about the EU and the German army.
Maybe the EU wants to make a lot of money in weapons exports.
(May 23, 2023)

The British don't talk ever
The French and Germans are on a labor strike
They send weird munitions to east Asia.
These are American stereotypes.

"Economy Minister to Open Forum on Opportunities Offered by European Defence Fund" "Caretaker Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov will open a National Information Day, dedicated the European Defence Fund. During the event, scheduled to start at Sofia Tech Park on Tuesday, the opportunities for Bulgarian enterprises to apply under the programme and the conditions for submitting project proposals will be discussed, the Ministry said." "The forum is organised by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and will be attended by representatives of the European Commission, research and industry organisations, universities and academia, and business."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice the mention of the EU and defense spending.
The Germans take a lot of the money.
Also, the energy.
Maybe the EU is a right winger group because they do so much army stuff.
(May 23, 2023)

I guess it's a British joke because they are negative and silent. They don't like what is going on but they won't say why. They just sit and are negative and don't say anything.

[Most of them would join Farage in laying the blame on the Conservative Party, with 75 percent of those polled believing that "Brexit had the potential to succeed, but the implementation of it in practice by previous governments has made it a failure". Nearly 72 percent of UK citizens say the government has not handled Brexit well, including 63 percent of those who voted to leave the EU.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's an example of bad polling.
Because we don't know more about what they think is going on.
Notice this mention of the conservatives in London.
Maybe they are right wingers.
(May 23, 2023)

China 43

"US satellites make another sighting of China's WZ-8 supersonic drone" "US-based Defence News releases image of UAV parked at Luan airbase in eastern China" "The drone's stealth and supersonic capabilities make it a natural target of American interest, analyst says"
This is from the Chinese news.
Maybe this is German technology.
It seems like the Germans send radio signals.
And also military items to East Asia.
It's possible that Berlin assists both Beijing and Pyongyang with its military research.
(May 22, 2023)

"Vucic: Nothing that happens today is accidental. I won't give you independent Kosovo President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, attended a large gathering in Pancevo and on that occasion invited the citizens to attend the meeting in Belgrade as well"
This is from the Serbian news.
It seems like the EC is being really aggressive about Kosovo.
Maybe the Germans want to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
(May 22, 2023)

"The Central Election Commission has developed a cost estimate for preparing and conducting the early presidential election in Uzbekistan. This was announced at a regular meeting of the Central Election Commission."
This is from the Tashkent news.
Maybe the Germans facilitate these elections.
There are strange reports about the parliaments in both Ankara and Sophia.
(May 22, 2023)

"MOSCOW, May 21. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's participation in the meeting of the Group of Seven in Hiroshima has made a propaganda show of it and its results demonstrate that the key reason of its existence is waging a hybrid war against Russia, the Russian foreign ministry said on Sunday."
This is from the Russian news.
It's about the incompetence of the Ukrainian government.
It's as though they don't want to do normal government tasks.
They just want to ask for weapons and fly to these conferences.
(May 22, 2023)

"ANKARA, May 22. /TASS/. Turkey's authorities have no information about any attempts by the Russian side to influence the elections in the country, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday."
This is from the Russian news.
It's about election interference.
Maybe the Germans are interfering with the parliament in Sophia.
Conceptually, what the Germans do with their computers regionally.
(May 22, 2023)

[European Commission condemns attack on its representation in Sofia The European Commission condemns the acts of vandalism against the building of its representation in Sofia which took place on Sunday. "Peaceful protests are a fundamental right in any democratic society, but violence and vandalism are inadmissible," EC spokeswoman Miriam Ferrer told BNR. She clarified that the Commission would inform the competent authorities to investigate the case. The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry also categorically condemned the attack. "Such acts contrast and are incompatible with modern Bulgaria, as well as with democratic values," the position reads. On Sunday, the Representation of the European Commission in Sofia was smeared with red paint during a protest of Vazrazhdane party, in which MPs from the political party also participated. They declared themselves "against the interference of Brussels in the internal affairs" of the country.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's about the EC.
Maybe the EC and the Germans are right wingers.
They keep sending weapons to Kiev.
There is inflation in Bulgaria.
Maybe the EC is to blame for the inflation.
(May 22, 2023)

Bulgaria's Electronic Governance Minister Georgi Todorov and Innovation and Growth Minister Alexander Pulev will attend a Three Seas Initiative (3SI) ministerial meeting on digital transformation in Bucharest on Monday. The idea of the event is to bring together 3SI countries' government members and lawmakers with stakeholders from Europe and the US in a bid to improve the initiative's digital dimension and compare notes on the 3SI Summit and Business Forum this coming autumn. Also on Monday, Todorov and Pulev will confer with Romania's Research, Innovation and Digitalization Minister Sebastian Burduja.
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice this mention of Europe.
Maybe the EC and the Germans.
They want to trade through those ports.
The concern is about weaponry and police items going to East Asia.
(May 22, 2023)

Jakarta 13

Agent British, why cannot you ask the #ManUtd coaching staff about Queen Rania's four kids? Can you inquire with them also about Israeli New Shekel?

Questions about Queen Rania.
More questions about Israeli New Shekel.
How about the Manchester United coaching staff?

"Hong Kong's top judge Andrew Cheung leaves for 4-day Beijing trip, expected to meet new head of country's highest court"
This is about the Hong Kong PD.
It's another story about police radios.
Maybe the Germans send them the police radios.
Also, maybe the IDF uses these same police radios.
(May 21, 2023)

[All German citizens are issued an ID card that most carry with them while out and about, but are internationals supposed to carry ID in public? Here's what you need to know. When you first arrive in Germany, understanding the country's laws and how things work can get incredibly confusing. Whether it's on forums on online expat groups, you may hear conflicting advice from different people and end up even more befuddled than you were before.]
This is from the German news.
It seems like right wingerism.
Who cares who these people are who are walking around?
The police should keep to themselves.
(May 20, 2023)

[A Chinese comedian who told a joke comparing the behaviour of his dogs to a military slogan has been arrested. The company that hired Li Haoshi was also fined 14.7m yuan (1.7m), and Mr Li could face time in prison. Police in Beijing said they had opened an official investigation into his performance, which they said "caused a severe social impact". Mr Li has apologised for his comment, saying he felt "deeply shamed and regretful".]
This is from the BBC.
There is a photo of Chinese women in the army.
That seems like right wingerism.
The army budget is too high.
Also, notice the police are doing this surveillance stuff.
Maybe the Germans send the PLA the radios.
(May 20, 2023)

[As anti-refugee sentiment catches up in Turkiye, social media is at the forefront of misinformation and disinformation targeting migrants. Experts say anonymous accounts on social media platforms are primarily responsible for fuelling violence, particularly toward Syrian refugees who make up the bulk of refugees in the country. The issue is sensitive as Turkiye, a neighbor of war-torn Syria, has embraced millions since the unrest broke out in 2011 in that country. Ankara was lauded for its exemplary treatment of the refugees but growing far-right anti-refugee sentiment aggravates the risk of violence toward them.]
This is from the Turkish news.
Maybe there are this many Syrian refugees in Turkey.
Because the Turks send so many infantrymen into Syria.
There are complaints about the Turks crossing the border into Syria.
(May 20, 2023)

[Live: Zelensky says G7 summit meetings will bring peace 'closer' Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday said "peace will be closer" as a result of meetings at the G7 summit, after a diplomatic source said he had arrived in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Read our live blog for all the latest developments on the war in Ukraine. All times are Paris time (GMT+2). 9:02am: Zelensky says G7 summit meetings will bring peace 'closer' Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday said "peace will be closer" as a result of meetings at the G7 summit, after a diplomatic source said he had arrived in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. "Japan. G7. Important meetings with partners and friends of Ukraine. Security and increased cooperation for our victory. Peace will become closer today," Zelensky said on social media.]
This is from France24.
That's weird that the meeting was held in Hiroshima.
That seems anti-American.
The Americans dropped bombs on Hiroshima before VJ Day.
Here in Washington, DC some of the Europeans have made weird comments about VE Day.
It's some kind of sign about WWII and the Germans.
Maybe Zelensky and the G7 meeting is a right winger meeting.
(May 20, 2023)

Drone 74
Texas 73

- Maybe the Germans make these weapons? It seems like war mongering.
- This evidences incompetence in the Ukrainian government. Why do they have to export so much grain?
- This evidences German trade in the Levant. Notice these reports about Amman. There are reports in the Washington Post about corruption in both Amman and Tel Aviv.
- This evidences German trade in the Caucasus region. Why does anyone need to fly between Tashkent and Baku?
- This seems like too many NATO soldiers, it's a waste of money. Probably the Germans take too much energy for their army.

[Romania will buy European Submarines, Minesweepers and American Tanks Romania will buy two second-hand British minesweepers and two French submarines as part of the Romanian army's re-equipment programmes, local media reported. The leaders of both chambers of the Romanian Parliament have approved the initiation of procurement procedures related to some of the equipment programs of the Romanian Army. The programs include the purchase of two Scorpene submarines from the French company "Naval Group" and the purchase of two "used, modernized" minesweepers through a direct agreement with the British government, reports the information site Hotnews. The Minister of Defense has also asked Parliament to approve the launch of a procurement procedure for a "main battle tank" phase 1 procurement program. Specifically, it concerns the purchase of a battalion of 54 US Abrams tanks. In addition to them, 12 "derivatives" of tank chassis, ammunition and training simulators will be purchased from the stocks of the US Army. The program for the acquisition of these tanks has a total value of more than 1 billion euros and will begin to operate in 2023, adds "Digi 24" TV. The program for equipping the naval forces has a total value of 150 million euros (excluding VAT) and will be implemented over a period of 5 years.

Foreign Ministers of Bulgaria and Jordan Talk by Telephone Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivan Kondov had a telephone conversation with Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi on May 18, Kondov's ministry reported. The initiative for the call came from the Jordanian side in connection with Kondov's recent appointment to his current post. The courtesy call provided an opportunity for the two diplomats to discuss some matters of mutual interest related to current developments in the Middle East and Jordan's role in them. They looked at regional security in the Middle East, the efforts of Jordan to help achieve peace and stability, and ways to support the de-escalation of the Middle East conflict. Kondov and Safadi further spoke about the efforts of Jordan and the other Arab League countries to normalize relations with Syria. In the context of Bulgaria's relations with Jordan, Kondov thanked for Amman's assistance in evacuating Bulgarians from Sudan. He and Safadi confirmed the two countries' shared willingness to deepen their political dialogue. Kondov was invited to visit Jordan at his convenience.

Inflation rate will fall back to single digits as early as May, economy minister says "As early as in May, the inflation rate is going to drop below 10%," caretaker Economy Minister Nikola Stoyanov said in an interview with NOVA TV, and added it had been going down for seven months, and that in summer it will fall back to single digits. According to Minister Stoyanov, there is every reason for the price of foodstuffs to go down, as the prices of fuels have gone back to 2021 levels. "Wholesale prices have been going down in the past 7-8 months, retail prices have not," he added. Regarding the inspections at large chain stores, Minister Stoyanov stated that more than 1,450 inspections had been carried out so far, 841 statements drawn up, and that there are upwards of 350 instances in which unfair trading practices is suspected. "At first, practically every inspection established breaches. They have now fallen below 25%, i. e. the checks are having a disciplinary effect on the chain stores," he commented.

MOSCOW, May 19. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will personally visit Hiroshima to take part in the G7 summit, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Alexey Danilov confirmed on Friday. "Very important decisions will be made there (at the G7 summit - TASS), so the physical presence of our president is absolutely necessary to defend our interests, explain, make clear proposals and arguments about what is happening in our country," he said during a Rada TV broadcast. Earlier, the Kyodo news agency reported, citing "several sources" in the US and Japanese governments, that Zelensky would attend the G7 summit in person. Bloomberg also said that the Ukrainian president would arrive in Japan on an American military plane after attending the League of Arab States summit in Saudi Arabia.

MOSCOW, May 18. /TASS/. Russia confirmed the extension of the grain deal through July 17 without any changes, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement published on its website on Thursday. "Due to the expiration of the 60-day extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative for the export of Ukrainian food and in response to requests, primarily from Turkish partners as a party to the agreement, we have confirmed that it will be extended for another two months through July 17, without any changes," the statement said.

Uzbekistan plans to open terminal at the Baku port Work is in progress to establish storage infrastructure at the Baku port. NATO is ready to attack? 300,000 soldiers on standby The North Atlantic Alliance is preparing for a "conflict that could happen at any moment," Reuters reported on NATO's military plans.]
(May 19, 2023)

It's possible the Germans are aiming space weapons at Serbia and that is causing this rainfall.
"Serbia is completely paralyzed, there are injured PHOTO/VIDEO" "Heavy rainfall caused flooding in some parts of Serbia."

North Macedonia.
These are probably German immigrants like Kosovo or Bosnia.
They are reporting stuff about the Balkans.
To me it means that the ports in the Balkans are mismanaged.
Maybe this is right winger rhetoric.
"North Macedonia's PM attacked Bulgaria and compared it to Russia" "The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovachevski, publicly attacked Bulgaria on the international stage, comparing it to Russia, reports Bulgaria's National Television" "Kovachevski and Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Yotova exchanged criticism at the Council of Europe summit in Reykjavik, Iceland. There, Yotova represented Bulgaria in another major European initiative to support Ukraine."

This is about Ukraine.
How the conflict is affecting countries nearby.
It used to be that warplanes in Bulgaria didn't work.
Because all of the items everyone sent to Ukraine.
Generally, the security stuff in Europe.
Maybe it isn't functional anymore because of the lawlessness of the Ukraine conflict.
President Radev: Europe's Disintegrating Security Architecture May Unleash Destabilization Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said Europe's security architecture is falling apart, which may unleash destabilization processes, especially in the Balkan region, which neighbours on the war in Ukraine. He addressed the 16th Annual Conference of Balkan Countries Chiefs of Defence in Sofia on Thursday. Radev said Russia's aggression against Ukraine had changed the security environment dramatically. This calls for a thorough transformation of the defence model and for collective defence guarantees in a situation of limited resources and time. The conference topic, "Regional military connectivity and military mobility as a focus of the Balkan partnership in search of innovative ways of integration and cooperation", is in line with the NATO-EU cooperation areas.

Notice these different countries.
Some of them are and aren't doing the sanctions.
It's a weird group because of the Moscow and Berlin stuff.
Sofia hosts the 16th Conference of the Chiefs of Defence of the Balkan Countries The annual conference of the Chiefs of Defence of the Balkan countries will be held today in Sofia. Bulgarian Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov will welcome his colleagues from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, the Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro, as well as the representatives of the observer countries Slovenia and Croatia. Bulgarian President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Rumen Radev, Chairman of the EU Military Committee General Robert Briger are also expected to join. The Balkan Chiefs of Defence Forum was founded 17 years ago and is now one of the most significant examples of regional military cooperation.

Maybe the Germans make the warplanes and the Turks build the drones.
In a few states in the US they are banning TikTok.
Maybe the Turks make the software for these PLAN drones.
Taiwan records approach of Chinese air, sea forces, including drone, four warships Aircraft were scrambled to identify the air target, and warnings were issued by Taiwan HONG KONG, May 18. /TASS/. Taiwan has reported the approach of an unmanned aerial vehicle and four Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warships in the region adjacent to the island in the past 24 hours, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said in a statement on Thursday. According to the statement, "an unmanned aerial vehicle and four PLAN vessels around Taiwan were detected between 6 a.m. (1 a.m. Moscow time - TASS) on May 17 and 6 a.m. (1 a.m. Moscow time - TASS) on May 18." It specified that the UAV, a WZ-7 drone, entered the Taiwanese air defense identification zone in the island's southwest. Aircraft were scrambled to identify the air target, and warnings were issued by Taiwan. PLAN vessels and aircraft have been patrolling the waters and airspace near the island regularly amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait that escalated after former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi paid a visit to Taipei early last August. China criticized the high-level visit as a provocation, interpreting it as interference in its internal affairs and support for Taiwanese separatists. Taiwan, China's largest island, has been governed by its local administration since 1949. Official Beijing considers Taiwan a province of the People's Republic of China. Washington remains Taipei's key supplier of weapons and military hardware.

This is about the incompetence of the government in Kiev.
Also, I wonder about the Virginians.
Maybe both the Ukrainians and Virginians are Prussian immigrants.
They make a living on defense contracts.
It looks like labor strike stuff.
WASHINGTON, May 18. /TASS/. Statements by US authorities on the grain deal are blatant lies and Washington intentionally forgets about the "package" nature of these agreements, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday. "The statements of the representatives of the administration are outrageous. Instead of calmly and without politicizing fixing the successful completion of the consultations in Istanbul, local officials again rushed to criticize the Russian Federation in every possible way. Accuse us of allegedly creating artificial obstacles in the way of grain shipments to the poorest states. The notorious theses about the weaponization of hunger again went into play," the Russian Embassy's Telegram channel quoted him as commenting on the reaction by US authorities to the extension of the Black Sea initiative. "Such comments are not just a distortion of facts, but outright deception. Washington deliberately forgets about the 'package' nature of the 'Istanbul agreements.' About the specific requirements laid down in the Russia-UN memorandum that are not being met. We mean the restoration of the admission of Russian ships to foreign ports, the normalization of the situation with the insurance of dry cargo ships, the removal of barriers to the sale of agricultural equipment and technologies to our country, the reconnection of Rosselkhozbank to the SWIFT system, the launch of the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline," the envoy explained. "Moreover, the Americans are again turning the data of deliveries geography upside down. To put it mildly, the statement that Ukrainian grain goes to needy states is not true. Only 2.5% of the 30 million tons of cargo went to indeed hungry. But domestic products are delayed for many months in western harbors, even if we are talking about gratuitous humanitarian flights," the diplomat asserted. "Instead of empty slogans that are clearly aimed at 'pricking' Russia, we would recommend that Washington work more actively to correct the imbalances in the global food market that have arisen due to their unilateral sanctions and political demands. Only in this way, with full consideration of Russian interests, will it be possible to talk about the prospects for transferring the 'Black Sea Initiative,' as the White House put it, onto a sustainable basis," Antonov added. Grain deal extended On Wednesday, Jake Sullivan, the White House's national security adviser said that Washington was satisfied with the extension of the grain deal but insisted to preserve it on a sustainable basis. He also claimed that "Russia continues even in a moment of extension to rhetorically hold it hostage in various ways, to suggest its days are numbered." On May 17, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the grain deal had been extended by 60 days. Later, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow confirmed the extension, explaining that this move will help ensure global food security. On July 22, 2022, a set of documents on supplies of food and fertilizers to the international market was signed in Istanbul. Initially, the agreements were concluded for 120 days and in November 2022, the deal was extended for the same number of days. On March 18, Russia announced the extension of the grain deal for 60 days, saying this would be enough time to assess the effectiveness of the memorandum signed with the UN. The delegations of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN held talks in Istanbul on May 10-11. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin told reporters after the meeting that the Black Sea Grain Initiative would cease to exist unless Russia received guarantees by May 18 that its demands would be met. The demands particularly concern the export of agricultural goods and fertilizers and the reconnection of the Russian Agricultural bank to the SWIFT system.

"Bentley Motors Limited is a British designer, manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs. Headquartered in Crewe, England, the company was founded as Bentley Motors Limited by W. O. Bentley (1888-1971) in 1919 in Cricklewood, North London..."

Drone 36

How the British live, they can't do any but one or two positions. Because there are always little kids in the house.
Rosie can't do it with her skirt on.
She can't do it feet to shoulder.
There are two little kids in the next room.
Jason fuck$s Rosie with her skirt on, thug style feet to shoulder.

The Americans, a lot of them went to the Korean War in the 1950s.
- And they wrote descriptions of the landscape.
- It was like barbed wire and prisons and roadblocks.
- And so I always think the Germans give Pyongyang the stuff.
- I always assume, for example, the Germans built this spy satellite in today's Serbian news.

And then remember when FM Billstrom wanted them to do those sanctions, which suspiciously might assist the German army to trade through these ports in the Balkans.

What do we so to speak do over here.
Well, I am reading in a Serbian news website.
About a North Korean spy satellite.
And I am thinking.
That maybe the Germans built this satellite.
And that from Berlin, the Germans assist the North Korean army.
I am thinking that recently the EC council and the Swedish FM.
Visited Belgrade.
And they wanted Belgrade to impose sanctions on Russia.
Maybe it means they are assisting the German army.
Maybe FM Billstrom wanted these sanctions, because that would assist the German army.
And maybe the German army built this spy satellite in North Korea.

An example of the American perspective of North Korea.
In high school I knew Kyle Johnson.
His dad worked for Sysco Wholesale corporation.
They lived in a large house near where Lyndon Johnson grew up.
Kyle's dad had been a Korean War vet.
Kyle's dad, himself, had served in the Korean War.

Recently a movie here in Washington, DC called 'Devotion' (2022).
Is about the Korean War.
The main actor is originally from Austin and he went to UT.
Glen Powell.

A literal here is that Kyle Johnson still lives in Austin.
I assume Glen Powell still has a house there.
I am also certain that Glen has been near Kyle.
Kyle's dad actually was in the Korean War.
Glen just appeared in this Korean War movie.
Glen went to UT.

[Permission granted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspected North Korea's first military spy satellite. He gave green light for his "future action plan", state media in Pyongyang reported. During his visit to North Korea's aviation agency, he emphasized that reconnaissance from space is key to confronting the US and South Korea, reports AP. During the visit on Tuesday, Kim approved an unspecified "future action plan" in preparation for the satellite launch, North Korea's KCNA news agency said. Pyongyang has not announced a target date for the launch, which some analysts say could be in the next few weeks. Photos published by the Rodong Sinmun newspaper on Tuesday show Kim and his daughter, dressed in white lab coats, talking to scientists near what appears to be a major satellite component. The visit was Kim's first public appearance in a month, following a previous visit to the aerospace center on April 18, when state media announced the satellite had been built.]
This is from the Serbian news.
(May 17, 2023)

This is me talking about the North Korean spy satellite. 5-17-23

"On May 17th, a business forum was held in Xi'an, China, on the eve of the official visit of the President of Uzbekistan Sh.M.Mirziyoyev to China. The Uzbek-Chinese forum was attended by over 400 large Chinese companies, including long-term partners of Uzbekistan, all keen to explore opportunities for cooperation."
This is from the Tashkent news.
I wish the Chinese would stop expanding their businesses into Uzbekistan.
(May 17, 2023)

[UNITED NATIONS, May 17. /TASS/. France's attempts to overthrow the government of Mali continue to harm the collective African effort for stability in the Sahara and Sahel zone, Russia's deputy UN envoy has told the UN Security Council. Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Anna Evstigneeva told the UNSC briefing on the activities of G5 Sahel Joint Force that the current high level of threats to security and stability in the Sahara-Sahel region was a direct result of the Western interference into Libya's affairs in 2011 and the ensuing collapse of the Libyan statehood.]
This is from the Russian news.
The Germans might be testing weapons in those deserts.
The Wagner group.
They keep complaining about the goings on in Africa.
(May 17, 2023)

[BRUSSELS, May 17. /TASS/. European Union countries are unlikely to agree on including a ban on pipeline gas from Russia into its 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions, the European edition of the Politico newspaper said on Tuesday. "From what I hear, it is very unlikely this will pass," the newspaper quoted a diplomat from an EU country as saying. "There is too much resistance from the countries dependent on the remaining gas." He added that the 11th sanctions package "is almost done" and "inserting this huge measure at this moment is not going to work." The Financial Times reported on Sunday that Group of Seven (G7) members and the European Union are set to prohibit imports of Russian pipeline gas via routes where Moscow had earlier reduced its supplies. The paper said that the move was designed to prevent the resumption of Russian pipeline gas deliveries to countries such as Poland and Germany. The sanctions may also affect the northern stretch of the Druzhba pipeline, which delivers oil to processing facilities in Poland and Germany.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice it's about Berlin and Warsaw.
Maybe right wingers in both cities.
They take all of the energy for their armies.
Generally it seems like the Germans use all of the energy.
And then they want to do all of this army stuff.
(May 17, 2023)

[On May 17, the Bulgarian National Radio is to protest for better working conditions and decent wages. The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria, together with trade union organizations and professional associations in the Bulgarian National Radio, are organizing a protest under the motto "Decent pay for those working in the Bulgarian National Radio". The rally will take place at the intersection near the BNR's building.]
This might be a sign of German trade.
Remember the British are now filing lawsuits against the newspapers.
It's anti journalism stuff.
Harry flew all of the way to London from California.
To complain about a newspaper.
He sat in an airplane for a day.
To complain about an article in the Daily Mail.
The British will do anything anymore.
(May 17, 2023)

It's shocking to see British women dress showing their bust lines.
It's shocking to hear them say these things about American sports.
I guess because of the labor unions in Manchester.
The women have to show their titties at dinner.
The women don't know about sports teams.

[Western Balkan Officials Warn of Disappointment, Fatigue after Long Wait for EU Accession North Macedonia's Ambassador to Bulgaria Agneza Rusi Popovska: Support for the European integration process in North Macedonia is waning. We were one of the most Euroenthusiastic countries in the Western Balkans, with 90%-plus support for EU membership. Now this support has declined by some 35 percentage points. The pro-European moods in the country were one of the most powerful weapons against the present-day malicious interventions. Public moods in both North Macedonia and the region, however, have shifted and support for EU integration is diminishing. The reason for this is that the promises made have not been kept. To be able to achieve a candidate country status we had to amend our country's Constitution in 2005. Now we are in a position to reopen the Constitution so as to close this initial phase of the negotiations. This conditionality that emerges midway through the process causes disappointment. The amendments in question envisage adding Bulgarians and other ethnic groups as constituent peoples in the basic law of North Macedonia. Turkiye's Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Akcapar: Turkiye's EU accession negotiations, which began in 2005, are practically put on hold. We have long been waiting on the way to the EU, we have come to a stalemate but we don't think we are the reason for this stalemate. Turkiye is part of Europe and one of the countries that contribute most to the continent's security and prosperity. People in my country want EU membership, but the prestige of the process is under a question mark. The most recent methodological changes in the accession negotiations did not give an impetus to the process either on the part of the EU or of the candidate countries.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice it's about Turkish EU membership.
I wish the EU would stop expanding.
There are complaints about the German navy.
Maybe EC initiatives require German-made tech items.
The EC has been bullying people about sanctions.
There is inflation because they sent so many weapons to Kiev.
(May 17, 2023)

There is a phenomenon about the British.
They believe they are allowed kind of to do anything.
Because of the values of the English.
But then the women show up half naked at dinner.
They say mean thinks about American sports teams.
It seems like they are German immigrants who live on the British isles.
It's labor intensive for the Americans to establish.
It isn't English values to dress half naked at dinner.
Often English women know which team plays which sport.
But, I'm from Texas.
It's as though the British don't want to hear this stuff from the Americans.
[A young, overweight woman from New Zealand, sits in the National Mall and doesn't know which American sports team plays which sport. It's kind of shocking that she has traveled so far to be here.]

[Chinese Fishing Vessel capsized in the Indian Ocean: 39 People are Missing A Chinese fishing vessel capsized in the central part of the Indian Ocean on Tuesday and all 39 people on board are missing, CGTN reported. According to the news report, the crew members included 17 Chinese nationals, 17 from Indonesia and five from the Philippines. So far, no missing person has been found, as per the CGTN report. A search is being conducted to find the missing crew members. The Chinese deep-sea fishing vessel capsized in the central Indian Ocean at about 3 a.m. (Beijing time) on Tuesday. According to CGTN report, Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered all-out rescue efforts after a deep-sea Chinese fishing vessel capsized in the Indian Ocean. Xi directed the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Chinese Ministry of Transport and Shandong Province to immediately activate the emergency response mechanism to verify the situation and deploy additional rescue forces, CGTN reported. Xi also called for coordinating international maritime search and rescue assistance. He said that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant embassies abroad should strengthen contact with relevant local parties to coordinate the search and rescue work, as per the news report. He also directed to strengthen early warning alerts of safety risk for distant area operations to ensure the safety of people.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Chinese aren't allowed to fish there.
Also, the Chinese want to cooperate on rescue missions.
I don't want to cooperate with the PLAN on rescue missions.
They are still doing all of these aerial flybys near Taiwan.
(May 17, 2023)

"Mr. President, you cannot fly to East Asia because there is this crisis at the border with Mexico."

"The president is eighty years old, he is showing these signs of senility. Maybe the Vice President needs to take over."

Why doesn't the Secret Service do stuff like this?
Virginia is swampland. Maybe they married their sisters, illiteracy, maybe they ate squirrel and turtle.
They kind of in silence run to the motorcade.

"WASHINGTON, May 16 (Reuters) - An unfolding crisis over the U.S. debt ceiling prompted President Joe Biden on Tuesday to postpone plans to visit Papua New Guinea and Australia, cutting short an upcoming Asia trip so he can return to Washington. Biden will still leave on Wednesday en route to Hiroshima, Japan, to attend a three-day G7 summit. Afterward, he was to have been the first sitting U.S. president to visit Papua New Guinea."

"TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday that he is sending more than 1,100 state law enforcement agents and National Guard members to Texas' border with Mexico. The number is a tenfold increase compared to a similar move in 2021, and comes just weeks ahead of his expected presidential launch."

Why is the president flying to East Asia, if there is this emergency at the Mexican border?
- I'm from Texas, I think it's an emergency.
- The president is from Delaware.
- Maybe he doesn't think it's an emergency.
- He's also really old and maybe he's like senile and doesn't know what's going on.
- He's 80 years old.

"BRUSSELS: The EU's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, today called on Turkiye to address shortcomings in its election process that have been identified by European observers."

"Eli Cohen said his visit to Stockholm was the first visit by an Israeli foreign minister to Sweden in 22 years."

If they haven't done this for 22 years, maybe they don't need to do this now?
(May 16, 2023)

This is me talking about the Secret Service. 5-16-23

Drone 35

"Lajcak: The dialogue continues The special envoy of the European Union for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak, said that the talks will continue."
This is from the Serbian news.
The EC won't stop it with the Kosovo stuff.
Maybe the Kosovars allow the Germans to use their airbases.
(May 16, 2023)

[EU wants to block the "Eurasian backroad" The European Union is considering banning the supply of products sanctioned by Russia to countries engaged in its resale. Uzbekistan is included in this list.]
This is from the Tashkent news.
There are lots of reports about German trade with Tashkent.
(May 16, 2023)

The MI6 people want to talk about the EC.
The Americans want to talk about the Windsors.
"I think the Europeans are on a labor strike and they send munitions to East Asia."
"Can we talk about the Windsors?"

[MOSCOW, May 16. /TASS/. The most recent "weapons tour" by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has revealed that the West, and Great Britain in particular, is prepared to continue fueling the fire of escalation in the Ukrainian conflict, Konstantin Gavrilov, head of the Russian delegation to the Vienna talks on military security and arms control, said on Tuesday.]
This is another one about Kiev.
They ask for weapons and then become active in EC matters.
There is inflation regionally.
It's half illegal now to send them weapons.
The EC is threatening people about the sanctions.
(May 16, 2023)

[BERLIN, May 16. /TASS/. The chairman of the Bundestag's defense committee, Marie-Agnes Struck-Zimmermann, of the Free Democratic Party, has spoken out against deliveries of German fighter jets to Kiev. Speaking in an interview on the Deutschlandfunk radio station on Tuesday Struck-Zimmermann said that "no Western fighters, whether Tornado or Eurofighter, should be in Ukrainian airspace." "The plane's range and the complexity of training are the reasons," she explained. At the same time, the politician believes that Kiev should be supplied with other types of aircraft, such as Soviet-made MiG-29s or US-made F-16 fighters. Commenting on the possibility of further deliveries of tanks to Kiev, Struck-Zimmermann said that "additional pieces of equipment could be bought out from countries which do not need them because these tanks are German-made." Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on several occasions that Germany was not going to provide fighter jets for Ukraine.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice how active is the German army.
The German defense minister is talking.
Their foreign minister is talking.
How huge is the German army?
(May 16, 2023)

This is an old conversation between Washington, DC and London, about how women do and don't have big boobies. Often our armies don't get along.

[A forum on the topic "EU MEETS THE BALKANS" will be opened today in Sofia by the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola, MEP and co-chairman of the ALDE party, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, and the president of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria, Solomon Passy. The event focuses on the topic of enlargement of the European Union and the integration of the Balkans at the backdrop of Russia's war in Ukraine. Special guests to the forum will be Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna. Organizers of the forum are the ALDE party with the support of the European Liberal Forum and the Atlantic Club.]
This is more EC stuff.
Notice the Ukrainians are doing stuff.
Aren't they still asking for more weapons.
It seems like the Ukrainians cause inflation in nearby countries.
Also, they are telling people to do sanctions.
The EC is bullying people to do Russia sanctions.
It seems weird to enlarge right now.
(May 16, 2023)

[A bill tabled by Bozhidar Bozhanov and a group of MPs of Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) proposes the transfer of the state electronic identification scheme from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Electronic Governance, CC-DB said in a press release on Tuesday. Under the bill, the electronic governance ministry would be responsible for the building and implementation of the state eID scheme.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Probably some of this stuff is German made.
And so when the EC does stuff, they'll use German-made tech stuff.
EU policy means German-made tech items.
(May 16, 2023)

I don't have big boobies. Not all American women have big boobies. Kate has big boobies. And I complain that she wastes money.

The MI6 people never want to talk about the empire. I never want to talk about Australia. I would rather talk about Scotland and these Scottish women who make so many babies and how everyone is married and likes big boobies. Rosie has big boobies. Kate has big boobies. I don't want to talk about Australia.

In England, every woman is the Queen Mum, because she has so many babies and doesn't work and wastes money.

[Annual inflation in Bulgaria for April 2023 compared to April 2022 is 11.6%, reports the NSI. The quarterly total income on average per household person in the first quarter of 2023 was BGN 2,394 and increased by 19.3% compared to the same quarter of 2022. In the structure of total income, the highest relative share is income from salary (53.6%), followed by income from pensions (35.8%) and from self-employment (4.3%).]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe there is inflation because of all the weapons sent to Ukraine.
(May 16, 2023)

Both the Russians and the British are like this.
There will be actresses or models. And they are esteemed. But really they are half naked and they get married and have babies. They live in American houses and they are paid in American money. Their husbands are successful famous people. Like, Evgeni Malkin and Jason Statham.
And then I hear how important and wealthy is Anna Kasterova and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They're mums who are half naked in the photos.

Maybe Rania now is the Queen Mum because she has more kids than Kate.

"Today, a new round of dialogue: The delegation arrives in Brussels" "Belgrade delegation, led by the head of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petkovic, traveled to Brussels, where a new round of dialogue awaits them."
This is from the Serbian news.
Maybe the Kosovars allow the Germans to use their airbases.
(May 15, 2023)

"41,951 reports of tax violations" "Uzbeks who reported tax violations were paid 9.9 billion soums."
This is from the Tashkent news.
Maybe it's a sign of German trade.
That they don't want to pay taxes.
(May 15, 2023)

HMQEII had four kids.
She was the Queen Mum.
And they are the Royal Family.
It might be time for different words.
They are the Windsors.
They are from Scotland.
I think they are Prussian immigrants.

"MOSCOW, May 14. /TASS/. Russia is confident that Ukraine is complicit in attacks on Russians, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Rossiya-1 television on Friday. He was responding to a statement by Kirill Budanov, the head of the main intelligence directorate at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, that Kiev was ready to kill Russians around the world."
This speaks to the incompetence of the government in Kiev.
Maybe like the Windsors.
Does Zelensky encourage Jordanians to study at Ukrainian schools?
Does William wine and dine with Ukrainians?
The Russians say that the Ukrainians don't want to do normal government tasks.
(May 15, 2023)

[HONG KONG /XIANGGANG/, May 15. /TASS/. Taiwan has reported the approach of six aircraft and five ships of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) in the region adjacent to the island, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said in a statement on Twitter on Monday. According to the statement, "six PLA aircraft and five PLAN vessels around Taiwan were detected at 6 a.m. (1 a.m. Moscow time - TASS) today." It specified that the island's armed forces were monitoring the situation, and instructed the operators of the aircraft, vessels and ground-based missile systems to respond to those actions. The PLA has been regularly patrolling the waters near the island amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait that escalated after former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi paid a visit to Taipei early last August. China criticized the trips as provocations, interpreting them as interference in its internal affairs and support for Taiwanese separatists. Taiwan, China's largest island, has been governed by its local administration since 1949. Official Beijing considers Taiwan a province of the People's Republic of China. Washington remains Taipei's key supplier of weapons and military hardware.]
This is from the Russian news.
Maybe the Germans sent Beijing these warplanes.
(May 15, 2023)

The Scottish people in England, I think they'll do anything. The seem to encourage foreigners to study at Oxford and Cambridge. And then William and Kate walk around meeting with the people. They're so tall. Kate towers over the men she's talking to. They're from Scotland.

[The President of the Parliament of Montenegro to pay an official visit to Bulgaria On Tuesday, Danijela Durovic will participate in a forum in Sofia Tech Park named "The EU Meets the Balkans", dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the EU enlargement. Senior EU officials, current and former foreign ministers, diplomats and experts are expected to attend the event.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Remember FM Billstrom just met with the government in Montenegro about tourism revenue.
(May 15, 2023)

Rosie is so tall. She had to get pregnant. She spends half the year in Italy. She drives German-made cars around Los Angeles.

William is tall and overweight. He's bald now. He won't shave his head. There were photos of him at the coronation from above. Kate had her hair up, and William was bald.
At the coronation they met with foreigners. I think Queen Rania was there, for example.
Queen Rania has four kids. One of them maybe just graduated from USC in Los Angeles.
I wonder if William knows about all of these foreigners in British schools.
As he is wining and dining, does he know these people's kids are at Oxford and Cambridge?
What if Queen Rania's other three kids want to go to Oxford?
And William is wining and dining with the Jordanians.

[BSP leader Kornelia Ninova asked GERB how they would agree on two topics - the rapid entry into the Eurozone and the provision of arms to Ukraine. She stated this at the meeting between the leaders of the two parties. "There must be a working government and parliament. For us, the budget comes first. There is a change in the approach to the cabinet being more expert than political. We have budget differences. We do not agree that the deficit should be below 3% in order to enter the Eurozone now and immediately. This means a sharp cut in spending in the social sphere. This fixation on the adoption of the euro cannot be done, especially at the expense of the poorest country in Europe," Ninova said. She recalled that some laws under the Recovery and Resilience Plan have not yet been written. "We have no differences on the fact that Bulgaria should enter Schengen. We are removing Geshev to be replaced Peshev, this is not a serious judicial reform," said Ninova. She congratulated Boyko Borissov for the fact that the GERB MEPs did not vote "for" the Istanbul Convention. "Supplying weapons to Ukraine. You need to think. We will not back down from the fact that the state does not export weapons to Ukraine. Our party throughout its history has been fighting for peace. I don't know how we will solve this issue," said Ninova.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice it's a source of conflict right now about weapons and Ukraine.
Also, EU membership.
Maybe it's not constitutional to send weapons to Ukraine.
(May 15, 2023)

Drone 31

Notice this mention of the EU and arms deliveries.
Also, notice the mention of the Ukrainian president.
It seems like the EU shouldn't do arms deliveries and the Ukrainian president should focus on domestic policy.
It's a weird relationship between the EU and the Ukrainian president.
Thank goodness for the EU.
Thank goodness for the Ukrainian president.
[STOCKHOLM: EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell called on Saturday for European nations to provide long-range weapons for Ukraine to help it counter Russian strikes, while accelerating arms deliveries overall. "The Russians are bombing from far away so the Ukrainians have to have the capacity to reach... the same distance, the same range," Borrell said after a meeting with Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Stockholm. "But we have to speed up," he said, as Germany announced a new weapons package for Ukraine worth 2.7 billion euros ($2.95 billion), including tanks, armored vehicles and air-defense systems. "I welcome the German effort and invite all member states to follow this example," Borrell said. On Thursday, Britain said it would send its Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, becoming the first country to provide longer-range weapons to Kyiv. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has been urging Western allies to provide more advanced weapons ahead of a widely expected counter-offensive against Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. "Instead of asking when will the counteroffensive begin, ask, have I done enough for the Ukrainian counter-offensive to begin and be successful?" Kuleba said at the press conference with Borrell. "The main topics of my conversation with EU foreign ministers today will be a long-range artillery ammunition and short-range accession talks" to join the EU, Kuleba said. Zelensky is seeking to accelerate the process for formal talks on EU membership for Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion, launched in February 2022.] (May 13, 2023)

[The top drug lords in the Western Balkans were arrested following an investigation into encrypted phones, Europol said Thursday. Europol said in a statement that on May 11, coordinated raids were carried out in Serbia and in the Netherlands to target a cartel's leadership and distribution infrastructure. "A total of 23 individuals have been arrested, including the 3 leaders of this criminal organization, considered as High Value Targets by Europol," said the statement. Seven other members of this criminal organization were already arrested in Belgium in 2021. Two individuals were previously arrested for other offenses in Serbia and Peru. Another suspect was arrested in the Netherlands on May 8. Serbian authorities seized assets to the tune of 5 million euros ($5.44 million). During the operations, 15 high-end cars and luxury jewelry and watches were seized in 35 house searches. Also, police units captured weapons and explosives including two sniper rifles, three automatic rifles, guns, silencers, 24 detonator capsules and five devices for remote initiation of detonators, 13 packages of plastic explosives, and several hundred pieces of ammunition.]
This is from the Turkish news.
Maybe this is the kind of stuff the SAPO does.
The FM Billstrom security alliance.
(May 13, 2023)

[Jimmy Lai: Son of jailed Hong Kong tycoon condemns UK 'hypocrisy' The British son of a jailed Hong Kong media tycoon has denounced the "hypocrisy" of the UK government. Sebastien Lai said Britain had failed to sufficiently condemn the ongoing crackdown on dissent in Hong Kong. He pointed out that it had not called for the release of his father Jimmy - also a UK citizen - and continues to trade with China. Last year Jimmy Lai was jailed almost six years for fraud. He also faces national security charges. The 75-year old tycoon, who founded the pro-democracy Apple Daily paper, is among the most prominent of the so-called Hong Kong 47 pro-democracy activists currently on trial for subversion. He may spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. On Wednesday, the Hong Kong government passed laws preventing foreign lawyers from defending clients in national security cases, after Jimmy Lai had hired prominent King's Counsel Tim Owen. Speaking on the same day at a Washington event about the human rights situation in Hong Kong, Sebastien Lai called the UK government "incredibly weak". He further slammed the Vatican for not standing up for his father, who is a Catholic, and claimed the United States has been "a lot stronger" on these issues. "It's very sad to see a democratic government being afraid - or asking permission even - to speak on behalf of one of its citizens that is in prison for freedom of speech," said Sebastien Lai. In 2020, then Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the charges against Jimmy Lai showed Hong Kong authorities' "continued attacks on the rights and freedoms of its people". His successors James Cleverly and Liz Truss have also said that freedoms in the territory have been "eroded" since Beijing enacted a controversial national security law , which criminalises subversion, among other offences. This week, Hong Kong saw the first visit by a a senior British official in five years, as Minister for Investment Dominic Johnson held meetings with government officials and executives. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's spokesperson said in January that a junior foreign office minister met Jimmy Lai's legal team, which had requested a meeting with the PM. He added that the Foreign Commonwealth Office had been providing support for him.] This is from the BBC.
Notice the mention of the security laws.
Maybe this is the kind of stuff the SAPO does.
It's the FM Billstrom security alliance.
(May 13, 2023)

"German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall said Friday it will form a joint venture with Ukraine's state weapons manufacturer to maintain military vehicles in Ukraine and later produce some equipment. Ukraine's allies have sent it a huge amount of military gear, including armoured fighting vehicles and heavy battle tanks, to aid Kyiv in its fightback against Russia. The first stage of the agreement between Rheinmetall and state manufacturer UkrOboronProm involves maintenance and repairing of vehicles transferred to Ukraine. Later, they plan to jointly produce some of the German company's equipment in Ukraine, said Rheinmetall."
This is from the German news.
Notice the German weapons making sector.
(May 13, 2023)

[Top French court upholds universal jurisdiction principle for crimes committed in Syria Other European countries have, however, used the principle to try and convict alleged Syrian war criminals. Germany last year convicted a former Syrian colonel of crimes against humanity and jailed him for life in the first global trial over state-sponsored torture in Syrian prisons. Austria and Sweden have also sentenced Syrians for crimes during the civil war. Syria's conflict has killed close to half a million people since it erupted in 2011 with a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests. It has also forced around half of the nation's pre-war population from their homes, many of whom have sought asylum in Europe.] This is from France24.
Maye the SAPO and the Germans.
They tell the Turks to cross the border into Syria.
And then notice here the German courts prosecute Syrians.
(May 13, 2023)

Drone 30

"The EU is seeking a common approach toward China, balancing a harder stance with preserving supply chains still interlinked with the world's second-biggest economy. A paper drafted by the EU's foreign affairs arm, which is due to kick-start discussions, calls on member states to avoid being drawn into a zero-sum contest between Washington and Beijing as it works to manage China's rise."
Notice the EU is looking to preserve the supply chains with China.
Also, they are critical of the US and anti-China rhetoric.
(May 13, 2023)

[The European Union has moved to forge a common foreign policy position towards China, adapted in response to heightened geopolitical risks while acknowledging its importance as an economic and strategic partner. "We exchange with China 2.7 billion euro a day, so forget about decoupling," Mr Borrell told reporters. But he insisted that the 27 member states needed to forge a common position and speak with one voice on the issue. The EU is considering the next steps in its sanctions regime, aimed to cut off Russia's economic means to continue its invasion of Ukraine. After the 10th round of sanctions was agreed in February, the EU is now shifting its emphasis to focus on closing loopholes and tackling sanctions evasion, including through non-EU countries. On social media, Chinese diplomat Wang Lutong warned that if the EU used Ukraine "as an excuse to impose sanctions on Chinese companies" it would be a "gross violation" of the companies' rights, and "a stab in the back ... bullying China on economic issues".]
This is from the Irish news.
It's about how it's inevitable about the Chinese economy.
And how the EU and Beijing are economic partners
Notice how they are rallying people against Russia.
"The EU is considering the next steps in its sanctions regime, aimed to cut off Russia's economic means to continue its invasion of Ukraine. After the 10th round of sanctions was agreed in February, the EU is now shifting its emphasis to focus on closing loopholes and tackling sanctions evasion, including through non-EU countries."
Maybe that is what they are doing in Belgrade and Georgia.
(May 13, 2023)

Because of James, you wonder if they are stealing jerseys and hockey pucks.
Because of Ben, they seem mentally unstable.
Also, William has three little kids and maybe he drinks.

It seems like the British defense people.
They do what the SAPO does.
Maybe because the kings.
Charles III does what the SAPO does.
This could be right wingerism.
For example, send military items and police radios to East Asia.
Does the British defense ministry.
Are they right wingers in the sense.
That they will send military stuff to East Asia?
Because the Royal Navy is defending Australia.
Do you think Ben Wallace sends the PLA stuff?
And then the Royal Navy sees that in the East?
"Office: Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom since 2005, Party: Conservative Party Nationality: British"
It seems like the SAPO and the German navy work together.
Because of the Swedish king and they are right wingers.
William's in-laws are the Matthews family.
Maybe James pays himself the money in the bank.
He owns a hotel in St. Barts in the Caribbean.
Pippa is often there.
Is she allowed to stay there kind of for free if James owns the hotel?
It gets like they are weird about money.
And then maybe they are right wingers.
Ben Wallace seems mentally unstable.
William was in the army.
James drove a race care and William flew a helicopter.
That seems like mismanagement for William to fly a helicopter in the army.
Also, maybe William drinks.
He has three small kids in the house.
(May 12, 2023)

Drone 29

This is me talking about British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. 5-12-23

Wayne Rooney is like giving it to Coleen on the sidewalk in Georgetown.

["The red line has been crossed": the Russians will respond accordingly Russia has threatened Britain with a "military response" after it promised to send long-range missiles to Ukraine. The UK Defense Secretary has said that Storm Shadow missiles will be supplied to the Ukrainian military - and Sky News has learned that some of the missiles are already with Ukrainian troops. Responding to reports that such a deal had been reached, Moscow said the move would require an "adequate response from the Russian military." Ukraine has long sought long-range missiles, but the US and other countries have been reluctant to supply them in case attacks inside Russia escalate. The Storm Shadow is a long-range air-launched cruise missile developed by British Aerospace and a French company that carries a 450 kg conventional warhead with a range of up to 200 miles (300 km). Speaking in the British Parliament, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: "The donation of these weapons systems gives Ukraine the best chance to defend itself against Russia's continued brutality, particularly the deliberate targeting of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, which is against international law. He added that the missiles will be used exclusively "within Ukrainian sovereign territory".]

"Republican commodity exchange signs memorandum with Chinese Business Association"
That's from the Tashkent news.
Maybe it's because of trade with the EU.

[TBILISI, May 11. /TASS/. The Georgian government's decision not to impose sanctions against Russia is supported by a majority of Georgian citizens, according to a survey by the GORBI public opinion and market research agency, made public on Thursday.]

"YEREVAN, May 12. /TASS/. The Azerbaijani armed forces used an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near the village of Sotk on Friday morning, two Armenian servicemen were wounded, the Armenian Defense Ministry reported."

President Rumen Radev is on official visit to the Republic of South Africa

[Over the past year, Brussels has tried unsuccessfully to pressure Belgrade to accept a sanctions regime against Russia, ban direct flights from the country and crack down on Russian companies and individuals seeking to evade Western travel bans and asset freezes. also writes "Financial Times".]

"The meeting will be hosted by Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom and chaired by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. The foreign ministers are expected to discuss the Ukraine conflict and its consequences, as well as EU-China relations."
This one is describing Euro trade with China.
Thank goodness the EU trades with China so much.
And notice the Swedes are hosting the meeting.

[Sweden will spend 2% of its gross domestic product on defense by 2026 as the country seeks to increase investment in its military capabilities, Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said on Thursday "At natural level we are reinforcing our total defense, which comprises of Swedish armed forces, the civilian defense and our industrial base. And we will reach NATO's defense investment pledge of 2% of GDP by 2026," Billstrom said during the Pre-NATO Summit held by the Atlantic Council in Stockholm.]
This is talking about how the Swedish army.
Maybe it's really grown.
It could be a sign of right wingerism.

It's dollar over here, we don't buy in Scottish mark.

At this point, we're supposed to ask if any of that is our money or if those are out airplanes?

[MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th May, 2023) Sweden has provided over 21.5 billion Swedish kronor ($2.09 billion) in financial, humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine since the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine in February 2022, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said on Thursday. "Ukraine is on the track to become the biggest recipient of Swedish development assistance this year. And we are increasingly promoting business ties with Ukraine," Billstrom stated.]
Notice FM Billstrom is talking about business ties with Ukraine.
Maybe the Swedes do too much defense international stuff.
It could be right winger stuff because of how joint army business everything.

["I would define being here in Stockholm that I cannot go anywhere without saying the first parameter of success is being able to raise the Swedish flag among other 31 flags of NATO members," he said on Thursday, speaking at the "Road to Vilnius" conference organized by Atlantic Council, a US think-tank, in Sweden, in partnership with the Lithuanian, German and Portuguese Embassies in Sweden. NATO allies Turkey and Hungary - each for their own reasons - long delayed Finland's accession and are still blocking Sweden's membership. Allies will discuss defense investment priorities and need to ensure that NATO remains the strongest defense alliance.]
This is talking about how the Germans and Swedes.
Notice it's a group.
They are talking about defense spending.
Also, they are describing Ankara and Budapest as their allies.
Maybe the SAPO works too closely with the Turkish army.

Like, taking it from William is Kate's job, like her dad worked for BP?

There is a Middleton street in Bethesda. Other than that, I never heard ever the name Middleton until the wedding. Also, Kate herself didn't have a job. Her dad was an oil man. Kind of there are two Middletons, the one who the street is named after, and Kate's dad.
It gets into was it Kate's job to have babies, and so she is similar to her dad who had a job working for the oil company.
Do the British officially think that a woman can have a job, to make babies?
Are there two or three Middletons? Kate's dad, the one the street is named after, and then is Kate the third?

I'm talking to the British about the Americas:
Lyndon Johnson was from Johnson City, Texas, which is about ten minutes south of Austin, which is where I am from. The New Yorkers hired a man, and he wrote three lengthy biographies of Lyndon.
Unbelievably, the New Yorker concluded that Lyndon's relatives weren't the people who founded the town. I think that speaks to dumb New Yorker stuff. It seems more likely to me that Lyndon was related to the people who founded Johnson City, Texas.
About the Gibsons. It seems likely to me that Mel Gibson is related to this Spanish-American War navy Gibson. I think they are both New York City residents, even.
[Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson Born: January 3, 1956 (age 67 years), Peekskill, NY]

Drone 27
Drone 26

This is me talking about Belgrade and the anti-Russia sanctions. 5-11-23

In Washington, DC it's called a 'front burner'.
The anti-Russia sanctions might not be a 'front burner' in Belgrade.
And yet they seem to be a 'front burner' in Stockholm.


[The CIA announced a large bribery scheme: Vuk Jeremic was involved PHOTO/VIDEO The CIA published a large-scale bribery scheme in which the leader of the People's Party, Vuk Jeremic, was involved. Earlier, U.S. media announced that the leader of the People's Party was involved in a major corruption scandal in the USA, in which the family of U.S. President Joe Biden was also involved. At a press conference, US officials announced that the entire scheme was complicated, and that it was designed to be complicated so that the money could not be traced. "They knew what they were doing and they knew how to do it, and they had done it many times all over the world," he told a news conference in the US. It was pointed out that the commission that investigated the affair discovered that the Serbian opposition politician Vuk Jeremic played a major role in it. Everything is connected to China, but also to the lucrative businesses of the Biden family, that is, Hunter Biden in Ukraine, and the fact that Chinese money "flowed" into Hunter Biden's accounts. CIA officials tried to explain all the details and money flows at the press conference, because it is an affair that has been shaking America for months. On the other hand, some media in Serbia note that "it is very interesting that the alleged 'protests against violence' organized in Serbia by the opposition, one of whose spokespersons is Vuk Jeremic, were launched at the very moment when the CIA presented key evidence about the affair and Jeremic's involvement". "Therefore, the only question that can be asked is whether the opposition in Serbia in the past few days advocates so much for the "fight against violence" just to cover up this big affair that is coming to the surface", Vecernje novosti asked.]
This is from the Serbian news.
It's about the White House.
It's an urban legend about the PLA at the White House.
(May 11, 2023)

"According to the information, the project envisages approving the concept, which assists in the institutional development of the cluster, its strategic planning, and the elaboration of mechanisms of support of projects aimed at the development of competition and cooperation of enterprises. Besides, according to the document, it is supposed to create favorable conditions for cluster development, including through the provision of tax benefits and a decrease of administrative barriers. The concept reflects the goals, objectives, functions, and basic principles of cluster policy, lists the problems of cluster development, cites the positive experience of foreign countries in this direction, and specifies the expected results."
This is from the Tashkent news.
It's about German investments and if the government in Tashkent seems German.
(May 11, 2023)

[Russia is ready to help Republika Srpska defend its sovereignty - Kremlin According to Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russia knows "how difficult it is for the Serbs" and how much pressure is being put on the republic by the West, both inside and outside Bosnia and Herzegovina MOSCOW, May 11. /TASS/. Russia will continue to support Republika Srpska as a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. According to him, Russia knows "how difficult it is for the Serbs" and how much pressure is being put on the republic by the West, both inside and outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. "We absolutely support the rights of our Serbian friends, and we highly appreciate the convincing position of our Serbian friends, who really consistently advocate the maintenance of good relations between Russia and Banja Luka. And we assume that these relations will be developed, continued and strengthened in all areas," the Kremlin spokesman told the ATV channel (based in Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina). "Of course, we are ready to support Republika Srpska as much as possible, first of all economically, so that it has the strength to continue to consistently implement its line within the existing state," Peskov said.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's about locally if everyone has to do anti-Russia army stuff.
(May 11, 2023)

At Texas, we have lengthy clown like assigned reading for our classes. Read this book for the class.

When I first got here, I had reading for my training. And I read every word of all the books. I read a biography of Allen Dulles. I read a history and assessment of the IRA. I read every work to that point published by Andrew Erickson, the Chinese scholar up in Newport. I had a sense of what is needed of me here in Washington, DC.
Also, though.
In New England this is possible.
My uncle worked for the railroad.
There can be like regional leaders.
In New England there can be an elite few.
Maybe in New York and Texas that isn't possible.

The surveillance teams and covert operations desk at the bureau comes to mind. They are all highly trained Yale graduates.

"They are drunk and not working?!"
William J. Donovan is probably the first American intelligence director. Before that it was a different kind of army stuff.
The intrigue of it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
And that was obviously an intelligence failure. It would be good for the British to begin to think in those terms. Why was that surprise attack possible? And so different historical figures have different roles in that fiasco. Allen Dulles, etc. Was it anyone's fault that happened? It seems like they were all drunk and not working. The Virginians are German immigrants.

[Taiwan records approach of 12 Chinese aircraft, five ships According to the statement, three aircraft crossed the so-called midline of the Taiwan Strait and entered the island's air defense identification zone southwest of it HONG KONG /XIANGGANG/, May 11. /TASS/. Taiwan has reported the approach of 12 aircraft and five ships of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) in the region near the island over the past 24 hours, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said in a statement posted on Twitter on Thursday.. "12 PLA aircraft and 5 PLAN vessels around Taiwan were detected by 6 a.m.(UTC+8) today. R.O.C. Armed Forces have monitored the situation and tasked CAP aircraft, Navy vessels, and land-based missile systems to respond these activities," the statement said. According to the statement, three aircraft crossed the so-called midline of the Taiwan Strait and entered the island's air defense identification zone southwest of it. The vehicles were: a BZK-005 type reconnaissance drone, a Y-8 radar reconnaissance aircraft, and a WZ-7 helicopter. The PLA conducted drills on April 8-10 in the Taiwan Strait and waters north, south and east of the island. The exercise was dubbed 'Sharp Sword', and patrols around Taiwan were conducted in parallel. The exercise was a response to a trip by Taiwan's Chief of Staff Tsai Ing-wen, who "transited" through the United States and met with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on April 5. In response, the US side declared the need to continue arms sales to Taiwan. The Chinese Foreign Ministry protested the incident, saying that Beijing would take effective and resolute countermeasures. Taiwan has been governed by its own administration since 1949, when the remnants of the Kuomintang forces led by Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975) fled there after their defeat in the Chinese Civil War. Official Beijing considers Taiwan a province of the People's Republic of China and urges foreign countries to comply with the 'one-China' policy.] This is from the Russian news.
Maybe these warplanes resemble the Czech air force.
Do PLA aircraft resemble Soviet-era 2K12 Kub air defense systems and Czech L-159 light fighter jets?
Maybe the Germans export warplanes to the PLA.
(May 11, 2023)

[The Czech Republic provides Ukraine with two Soviet-era 2K12 Kub air defense systems Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov: Russia's military operation in Ukraine is very difficult, but will continue "Russia's military operation in Ukraine is very difficult, but will continue", Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said for the Bosnian television station ATV. "Russia has succeeded in severely damaging the Ukrainian military machine", said Peskov and added that with the help of high-precision missiles Russian forces had managed to destroy military production and stockpiles. Putin's spokesperson claims that Moscow is not waging a war in Ukraine and that "Russia seeks to preserve cities and human lives". The Czech Republic provided Ukraine with two Soviet-era 2K12 Kub air defense systems. "The delivery includes a relatively large quantity of ammunition for them", Czech President Petr Pavel said. Prague is also considering the possibility of supplying Ukraine with Czech L-159 light fighter jets before the start of the decisive part of the battle, Ceskee Noviny reported. "let's not be surprised if Ukraine eventually gets some F-16s". Petr Pavel added.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It is a description of the Czech air force.
Maybe a lot of this stuff is German-made.
The Germans might assist with air force training in Prague.
(May 11, 2023)

["Economy Minister: EU Sanctions against Russia's Impact on Bulgarian Economy Insignificant" Caretaker Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov said during a hearing in Parliament here on Thursday that according to available macro-data, the effect on the Bulgarian economy of the European sanctions on Russia is not significant. Bulgaria's exports to Russia in 2022 have seen a decline of less than two per-cent, the Minister said. He pointed out that even before the war in Ukraine began, over 60% of Bulgaria's trade was with the European Union, while that with Russia was only 5-6% percent over the past ten years. According to Stoyanov, it is too early to say what the effects of the sanctions will be across the different sectors. The sanctions have been in place since the end of February and the rule applies in all of them that the contracts concluded before their introduction continue to apply until implemented, Stoyanov said. He added that there are also suggestions of restocking some goods imported from Russia in anticipation of the introduction of sanctions on them. Much more time should pass before the real effect of these sanctions on the Bulgarian economy can be seen, the Minister said.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans use too much energy for their army.
(May 11, 2023)

[Bulgaria: 27 Illegal Migrants were Detained in an Apartment in Sofia 27 illegal migrants from Syria and Morocco were detained in an apartment in Sofia. They were found in the capital district "Dianabad". The operation was conducted by the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs and the "Migration" Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior. 20 of the illegal migrants were from Syria and the other 7 from Morocco. Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice this about illegal immigrants.
There are allegations that the Turks don't enforce their side of the border.
Maybe the border has German-made fence items.
(May 11, 2023)

[The topic of the three roundtables will be 'Building more sustainable and inclusive prosperity together', 'Pursuing green opportunities and overcoming global challenges in cooperation' and 'Facing jointly the evolving security landscape in the Indo-Pacific'. The EU, therefore, continues its multifaceted engagement with China but not in the framework of this policy. The EU's commitment in the Indo-Pacific is, therefore, inclusive of all partners wishing to cooperate with the EU in this concept and of course, it doesn't replace various forms of bilateral engagement across the region, the senior EU official added. During the main day of the forum, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom and High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell will greet the ministers at the meeting venue that will also see the presence of HM The King and HRH The Crown Princess of Sweden.]
This is from the news.
Notice how the EU wants to "face jointly the evolving security landscape in the Indo-Pacific".
I think this means that the Germans export, and the German navy sends.
Police radios and military items.
Notice here the King of Sweden is there.
Maybe it means these are right wingers.
It's like human rights police radios, etc.
The Germans are sending to Taipei, Hong Kong, Jakarta, etc.
(May 10, 2023)

Drone 21
Tobias 8

This is me talking about FM Billstrom and radios. 5-10-23

When they see something illegal, they don't have to buy the newspaper.
And so they behave as though everything they see is illegal.
And they never have to buy the newspaper.

The Virginians themselves behave as though what they are seeing is illegal.
And that's why they won't pay for anything.
They do not see anything illegal.
They are supposed to pay for the newspaper, etc.
It's that the surveillance teams refuse to read or write.
And so they allege what they are seeing on the radios is illegal.
But it isn't.

It's a refusal to pay.
Like women don't want to touch money.
The Virginians refuse to pay for items for the surveillance projects.
"We don't papapay for anything."

Every month there is a bill for reading materials, and fees. And the Virginians refuse to contribute to that bill.
They believe it's their job to stare at radios all day.

[MOSCOW, May 9. /TASS/. Polish authorities have turned a blind eye to the provocation against Russian diplomats on May 9, so Moscow will make a firm protest to Warsaw over this situation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. The Foreign Ministry said that the crowd had not let the Russian diplomats walk through to the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw to lay flowers and "thus disrupted the commemoration." "The Polish Foreign Ministry was in advance notified of the ceremony planned by the embassy. The Polish authorities, however, did not prevent the provocative actions of the 'protesters.' The Polish side will be strongly protested," the ministry said. "We consider this to be another manifestation of unfriendly attitude from the Polish side, and above all, to be an affront to the memory of more than 600,000 Soviet soldiers, who fell liberating Poland from the German occupation, and a failure to comply with obligations to prevent such incidents," the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed. The Foreign Ministry added that this policy of the Polish authorities "will not remain without proper response" from Russia. "The incident has once again shown the duplicity of Warsaw's policy in evaluating the World War Two events and in attempting to drive into oblivion our nation's role in saving European countries enslaved by Nazi Germany," the statement states. On Tuesday, an aggressive crowd did not let Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreyev and other Russian diplomats walk through to the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw to lay wreaths at the monument. Founded in 1950, the Soviet memorial cemetery, located on Zwirki i Wigury Street in the Polish capital, is the burial place of about 22,000 Soviet soldiers, who died liberating Poland from the Nazis. The memorial plaque says in two languages, 'Eternal glory to the Soviet soldiers who fell liberating Poland from Nazi invaders in 1944-1945.' In total, more than 600,000 Soviet soldiers were killed in the Polish territory during World War Two.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice the Poles are protesting against Russia on Victory Day.
Maybe the Poles are right wingers.
(May 10, 2023)

When I was young I really was a waitress.
"Can I have more butter for my pancakes?"

Dave worked at the yoga studio in DuPont Circle. In real life, he is from the same town as Arnold Palmer, the golfer. Dave also works for the federal government.
He was a teacher at the studio.
When it was his time to do a workshop on the weekend, he would show up, and he would expect the desk to have thirty fresh new pens for him to use for his class.
That wasn't realistic.
And so the students, having paid for this workshop.
Some of them would have had pens.
But just weirdly not everyone could do the whole workshop.
It's because Dave refused to buy anything and bring it for the workshop.
But, he came across as a weirdo and it was embarring that nobody had a pen.
Dave won in the sense he didn't have to buy pens.
I was the one at the desk.
I looked at him like he was nuts that I was supposed to find thirty pens.

The Virginians have surveillance teams. They are men, and they show up. It's been discussed if they themselves have to buy items. For example, the newspaper. And so it's an image that they come and go. And they are supposed to spend some money on buying stuff. But, they end up spending the whole shift staring at the radios. They don't research anything, really. They think they're supposed to be looking for illegal activity. They never see any. Instead, they could be reading and following up on stuff, etc.

[ANKARA, May 9. /TASS/. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Moscow on May 10 plans to discuss the issues of normalizing relations with Syria, the fight against terrorism, as well as hold a number of bilateral meetings, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey said on Tuesday. "H.E. Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkiye will pay a visit to the Russian Federation on 9-10 May 2023 to attend the quadripartite meeting to be held in Moscow on 10 May with the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Iran and Syria. At the meeting, it is planned to exchange views on normalization of the relations between Turkiye and Syria and to discuss counter terrorism, political process and humanitarian matters including the voluntary, safe and dignified return of Syrians," the statement said. According to the ministry, Cavusoglu will also "hold bilateral meetings within the margins of the aforementioned meeting".]
This is kind of a crazy one.
Because the whole time the Turks want to do counterterrorism stuff.
And they cross the border so much into Syria.
The Russians say that the Turks behave like there isn't a border with Syria.
(May 10, 2023)

"BASIL II., called TEMNY ("the Blind") (1415-1462), Sod of the preceding, succeeded his father as grand-duke of Moscow in 1425. He was a man of small ability and unusual timidity, though not without tenacity of purpose. Nevertheless, during his reign Moscow steadily increased in power, as if to show that the personality of the grand-dukes had become quite a subordinate factor in its development."

Russia, for one thing in Saint Petersburg kind of there is only modern history.
It's funny with me about Russian history.
I have taken classes in Medieval Russian history.
But I know much more about the past few centuries.
Sometimes I mix up the Basil tsars or whatever.

[A new report by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) that examines the effect of Russia's war on Ukraine on attitudes to the European values and the EU, says that Bulgaria and Hungary are the two member states in which European sentiment is currently most vulnerable. The report, entitled Culture clash: Russia, Ukraine, and the fight for the European public and published on the ECFR website on Europe Day, says that European sentiment is strong in the EU today; the public holds positive attitudes towards the EU and Europe; and most governments are dedicated to European cooperation. "With the exception of Hungary - and, to some extent, Poland and Bulgaria - the governments of EU member states are pro-European. The governments of four countries (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, and Slovenia) have grown more attached to Europe over the past year, while only Bulgaria has become more skeptical," the report says.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's about how the EU is perceived in Bulgaria.
Maybe it's because they sent to many weapons to Ukraine.
There is inflation in nearby countries.
(May 10, 2023)

"The Mayor of Chicago has declared a State of Emergency due to an expected Influx of Migrants"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the fence items are German-made.
It's also possible that the border guards work for German labor unions.
(May 10, 2023)

["Foreign Minister Hayashi to join EU meeting on Indo-Pacific in Sweden" Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said Tuesday he will visit Sweden to attend this weekend's European Union ministerial meeting focused on the Indo-Pacific region. The EU's second Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum, to be held in Stockholm on Saturday, is a vehicle to improve engagement with the fast-growing and economically-intertwined region. The 27-member European bloc is looking to have the Asia-Pacific play a role in upholding the rules-based international order amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine and China's assertive behavior. Hayashi told a news conference that he hopes to highlight during the meeting that the "security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific is inseparable, therefore, cooperation among like-minded nations has become more important," apparently given the deepening military ties between Beijing and Moscow. During his four-day trip to the Scandinavian state from Friday, Hayashi also plans to hold bilateral meetings with Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom and other counterparts from participating nations. The forum will bring together around 60 foreign ministers from Europe and the Indo-Pacific, according to the EU. Sweden holds the rotating EU presidency. Discussions during the meeting will center on "common challenges with respect to security, trade, global value chains, digitalization, the green transition and energy security," the Swedish government said. The first Indo-Pacific forum took place in Paris in February last year, days before Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. Hayashi made a virtual appearance at the meeting which involved about 50 countries. China was not invited.] (May 9, 2023)

Drone 19

[The FBI warned Serbia: A minor considers making a bomb Juvenile D.U. from Subotica, a student of the "Svetozar Markovic" high school, was arrested in Subotica because he said that he was planning a massacre. Juvenile D.U. from Subotica, a student of the "Svetozar Markovic" high school, was arrested in Subotica because, in a conversation with the school psychologist, he said that he was planning a massacre. As Blic learns, D.U. said that he was not thinking of committing a massacre at the school, but that something like that occurred to him near the kindergarten. That newspaper also learned that proceedings against him are ongoing, after the American FBI discovered him and reported him to the competent authorities. The FBI located him because the minor was creating accounts on the Internet with the names of mass murderers, and he was also researching how to make a bomb. According to the order of the prosecution, the minor was taken into custody and brought to the High Court for minors and charged with committing a criminal offense - showing, obtaining and possessing child pornography and exploiting a minor for pornography, adds Blic. He was given the measure of banning him from leaving his place of residence, along with wearing ankle bracelet, an electronic monitoring device.]

["President Shavkat Mirziyoyev holds meeting on referendum results" At the beginning of his speech, President touched on the results of the referendum on the Constitution. "As you know, on April 30 of this year, a truly huge historical event took place in the life of our country. We adopted our updated Constitution based on a national referendum for the first time. The absolute majority of our citizens who participated in the referendum proudly voted, "This is my Constitution". The referendum practically showed how our people's political consciousness, legal culture, and outlook have improved in recent years."- said President. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev expressed his special thanks to the members of the Constitutional Commission who communicated with the people, took their opinion, and contributed to the improvement of our Basic Law, to all the deputies and senators, representatives of political parties, to the scientists, local and foreign experts who actively participated in the development of the draft law based on international standards, to the truthfulness of the referendum process, to all media workers and international observers who covered and expressed their unbiased opinions.]

[High-level meeting on grain deal set for May 10-11 in Istanbul - Russian Foreign Ministry The meeting will be held in quadripartite format, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said MOSCOW, May 9. /TASS/. A high-level meeting on the grain deal is scheduled for Wednesday-Thursday in Istanbul, it will be held in a quadripartite format, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin told reporters on Tuesday. "We have a high-level meeting in a four-party format in Istanbul tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," he said. On July 22, 2022, a set of documents on supplies of food and fertilizers to the international market was signed in Istanbul. One of them approved a mechanism for the export of grain from Ukrainian-controlled Black Sea ports. Another part of these agreements concerns access to world markets for Russian foodstuffs. The Russian authorities have repeatedly pointed out the fact that the second part of the deal has never actually been implemented. In November 2022, the deal was extended for 120 days. On March 18, Russia announced the extension of the grain deal for another 60 days, saying this would be enough time to assess the effectiveness of the memorandum signed with the UN.]

I don't think a checking and savings account is banking. I don't like that I have to pay a fee. People who take out home loans and car loans should pay banking fees.

[West's representatives urging Serbia to sanction Russia - President Aleksandar Vucic noted that politicians immediately start a conversation on this topic when they meet BELGRADE, May 9. /TASS/. Western representatives visiting Serbia forget to pass the time of the day when meeting and start talking with the call to impose sanctions against Russia, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on the air with the Happy TV. "The first [their] obligation is to explain to me instead of saying 'Good day' or 'Good evening' what a fool I am that I did not introduce sanctions [against Russia]," Vucic said, commenting on talks with West's representatives. "Well, I heard you loud and clear, I understand your proposal, and I wish you all the best," he added. Vucic said earlier that the Belgrade's decision not to introduce sanctions against Russia had been proper and done in interests of Serbia. He also stressed Serbia would not join NATO and would remain neutral from the military point of view. Serbia suggests amendment to Council of Europe's resolution - President Aleksandar Vucic said that if they do not accept this amendment, he will not fly to Reykjavik for the Council of Europe summit BELGRADE, May 9. /TASS/. Serbia has suggested an amendment to the resolution of the Council of Europe (COE) on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on the air with the Happy TV. "We offered an amendment to the resolution where they lash out against Russia and where the protection of territorial integrity of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova is mentioned. We added the line of "and all other countries - members to the Council of Europe" to the amendment, nothing more. Let us see whether they accept this amendment or not and if not, I will not fly to Reykjavik [the Council of Europe's summit will be held there on May 16 and 17 - TASS]. It will be clear then that they have no principles," Vucic said.]

"EC and EP condemn North Macedonia's refusal of entry to Bulgarian MEP" "European Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi wrote on Twitter that the European Commission condemns the denial of entry of MEP Andrey Kovatchev to North Macedonia on the 6th of May. We call on the government of North Macedonia to urgently clarify the situation, V帩rhelyi added. The European Parliament in Strasbourg has also been informed about the incident. MEP Michael Gahler told his colleagues that Kovatchev was not admitted, despite the fact he was traveling with a diplomatic passport, while Skopje specified that the refusal was related to an order not to allow people who could disturb public order in the country. I know Andrey Kovatchev as an honorable colleague who supports the admission of North Macedonia to the EU and the accession negotiations. He certainly does not pose a threat to this country, Gahler pointed out. The President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola said the case was alarming and the institution would protect the right of every MEP to be able to fulfill their duties. Metsola said she would contact the authorities in Skopje to make sure they understood this. North Macedonia refusing entry to an MEP is confrontation with European institutions"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans are wanting to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
(May 9, 2023)

["Parliament Chair: National Assembly Will Fulfill Its Commitments for Bulgaria's Entry in Eurozone" The National Assembly will fulfill its commitments and will pass the acts guaranteeing the legislative framework for the adoption of the euro in quick order, Parliament Chairman Rossen Zhelyazkov said here on Tuesday. He was speaking at the opening of a discussion on the role of organized civil society in the process of Bulgaria's accession to the euro area, held at the Council of Ministers and organized by the Economic and Social Council (ESC). Participating were government members, lecturers from Croatia and the Baltic States, and representatives of various institutions and organizations. Addressing the foreign lecturers, Zhelyazkov said that there is no better example than the one given by the neighbour. "We have walked together with Croatia on the thorny road to EU accession, and we will continue to walk together" he added. He also said that people expect to hear arguments for a well-informed decision. The ESC's role is for the discussion's messages and analyses to reach every citizen. "I believe that in Bulgaria, there are enough serious arguments and a significant majority in view of the political construct, which gives confidence that should we meet all criteria, we could boast about the completion of these important EU integration processes, of which the euro's adoption is an expression," Zhelyazkov noted.]
Here is another description of this path.
It seems like the EC wants countries to follow a specific economic path.
Maybe so the Germans can send their army through there.
(May 9, 2023)

[Despite the Ban: "The Immortal Regiment" march was held in Bulgaria but was met with Resistance The "Immortal Regiment" procession walked its route from the "Alexander Nevsky" temple-monument to the monument of the Soviet Army, despite the ban of the mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova. Its participants stated that they will not give up, although they expect provocations, but they will not block traffic and move along main boulevards. The participants in the procession carry Bulgarian and Russian flags, as well as the flag of the USSR. In front of the monument to the Soviet Army, in addition to the participants in the procession, people who oppose Russia's aggression in Ukraine and the Kremlin's overall policy have gathered. They demand the demolition of the monument to the Soviet army. The two groups are currently separated by a police cordon.]
[Von der Leyen arrived in Kyiv for talks with Zelensky European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said early Tuesday that she had already arrived in Kyiv for talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. "Good to be back in Kyiv. Where the values we hold dear are defended everyday. So it is such a fitting place to celebrate the day of Europe. I welcome President Zelensky's decision to make 9 May Europe Day also here in Ukraine", she wrote. The EU's support for Ukraine, as well as the country's progress on its path to the Union, will be discussed during the visit.]

Notice in Bulgaria, there are marches in support of the Russian army.
Ursula von der Leyen is I guess 64.
She's from Belgium.
I think she is too old to fly to Kiev.
It's weird she is talking about this path to become European.
That seems like right winger talk.
(May 9, 2023)

I will not let this blow over. I would like the RAF really vilified in these conversations.

The Catholics will tell you things are passing.
In England, everything is forever.
Where I am going, you cannot follow. I think they're not people. I will never forgive them. It doesn't matter to me anyway about the Royal Navy or the RAF. I think they just hump their wives and make babies.

The SAPO is inherently secretive and UFO-like
Copenhagen and Greenland
There were supposedly early Viking ships in Canada.
It's cold in both Sweden and Canada.
Both countries are in the north near the Arctic Circle.
There are definitely Scandinavian immigrants in Canada.
Also, lots of labor unions in Canada.

"Swedish Security Service" "The Swedish Security Service prevents and detects offences against national security, fights terrorism and protects the central Government."

Thank tanks
I subscribe, for example, I get the daily Brookings Brief email. I own several Brookings publications. I keep up with my friends who work at the think tanks.
I get the daily print edition of the Washington Post. I pay for fee based German and Chinese online news websites. The Local, the SCMP.

Two incidents:
1) FM Billstrom and Belgrade. He was asking the Serbian government to impose sanctions against Moscow. He said this is because of agreements about security regionally.
2) The SAPO, in the Baltic Sea. They asked several Russian diplomats to leave their embassies, because they said they were doing military stuff in the embassies.

Matt Ishbia is a banker from Michigan.
Supposedly is a billionaire worth $7b dollars.
Who immediately comes to mind for me is James Matthews.
Matt is from really close to the border with Canada.
It's come up about the SAPO and Canada.
This now reminds me of the loch ness, big foot, or UFO stuff.
But, it also reminds of like plate tectonics.
Our task is to kind of put our ear to the ground.
It's like totem pole detection style.
What seems obvious.
The SAPO is really secretive.
Also, what is obvious is Canada is cold is Sweden is cold.

This is me talking about the SAPO again. 5-8-23

The Future of Arctic Cooperation June 25, 2014 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT Please join us for an important discussion which will take stock of current patterns of international cooperation in the Arctic region and discuss the way ahead amidst uncertain geopolitical times. Government officials and expert panelists will examine the most promising areas of Arctic cooperation such as scientific research, Arctic shipping regulations and search and rescue capabilities, current economic trends and future development, and the sustainability of fisheries and the marine environment, and will offer their perspectives on the future of Arctic cooperation in light of the upcoming U.S. chairmanship of the Arctic Council.
Panel One: Areas of Arctic Cooperation
Panel Two: Enhancing Scientific and Research Cooperation in the Arctic
Panel Three: Understanding Economic Trends in the Arctic
Panel Five: Implications for the U.S. Arctic Council Chairmanship

How do all of these Swedes end up in the NHL?

The SAPO, maybe they use their ports in the north.
And they send drones or air force stuff.
Into Canada.

Maybe the Swedes, like steal from Canada.
It becomes big foot and loch ness.
What all does the SAPO do in Canada?

Strange reports in the BBC about the Parliament in Ottawa.
Anti-Chinese rhetoric.
Hockey labor unions.
This incident with this Matt Ishbia Phoenix Suns owner.
He is a banker.
He's from Michigan near the Canadian border.

Maybe the SAPO steals money from the banks in Michigan and that's why Matt Ishbia's bank is being audited.
There are a lot of Swedes in the NHL.
(May 8, 2023)

This is me talking about the SAPO and the Arctic. 5-8-23

Drone 18

[About Ruzic's resignation "I don't want to talk about it. I talked with him and Ana Brnabic and we will make important decisions by the end of the month. There are situations when you can't understand why something is happening and why someone is doing it," said Vucic. Getting started; MIA: Surrender your illegal weapons Ministry of Interior called on citizens who own unregistered weapons to hand them over to the nearest police station from today, May 8, until June 8, 2023.]
This is from the Serbian news.
He is the Minister of Education.
(May 8, 2023)

Obviously , Budanov hasn't been keeping up with DCU and Coleen, etc.
Here is Coleen's Chanel bag at the White House.
We are saying you don't read or write.
We're saying it's weird about the women in the army.
And how the men want to sit inside and do drone tech stuff.

Sir, that is what we are saying.
We are saying that Kiev already fires weapons at Russia.
And that they assist Germans and Poles.
Many of whom, are right wingers.
That to begin with, is what we said.

The complaint to begin with is that Kiev, along with Berlin and Warsaw fire weapons at Russia. And now the Ukrainian intelligence service has announced they're willing to fire weapons at Russia.
Budanov, I guess went to the military academy in Odessa. He has lost track of the initial complaint.
That Germans and Poles maintain bases in Ukraine, and they are right wingers.

Budanov was born in Kyiv on January 4, 1986. He graduated from the Odesa Institute of the Ground Forces (2007), after which he served in the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

[MOSCOW, May 8. /TASS/. Statements by the Ukrainian authorities about their readiness to "kill Russians around the world" indicate that Kiev has become not just a sponsor, but an immediate organizer of terrorist acts, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday. He was commenting on the corresponding statement of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov. "This is a truly monstrous statement. This statement, and what Mr. Budanov said, is a direct confirmation that the Kiev regime is not just sponsoring terrorist activity, but is an immediate organizer of this activity. This statement gives another very important characteristic of the Kiev regime," the Kremlin spokesman said. Moscow will closely monitor the reaction of the West to the statements of the Ukrainian authorities about their readiness to "kill Russians around the world": such words should be condemned, Peskov told. "Today we will closely monitor the reaction of European capitals, as well as Washington - especially Washington - because it is very difficult to imagine that such terrorist statements from Kiev can remain without condemnation. Therefore, today we will wait for these condemnations," the Kremlin spokesman said. According to Peskov, statements by the Ukrainian authorities about their readiness to "kill Russians around the world" once again confirm that the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch a special military operation was correct. "This statement by Mr. Budanov once again confirms the correctness of President Putin's decision to launch a special military operation," Peskov stressed. He added that the special services of the Russian Federation will take into account the statements of the Ukrainian authorities about their readiness to "kill Russians around the world" and will take all necessary measures. "We strongly condemn such statements. We have special services that will do everything they must amid such statements. No one should have any doubts about this," the Kremlin spokesman stressed.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's about the Ukrainian intelligence people.
Budanov went to the military academy in Odessa.

Drone 17

If his bank is being investigated, Math Ishbia shouldn't own an NBA team.

[BEIJING, May 8. /TASS/. China will protect its interests in the event of EU sanctions against seven Chinese technology companies due to their supply of equipment to Russia, the Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesman Wang Wenbin announced on Monday. "If media reports turn out to be true, <...> such actions by the European side will seriously undermine mutual trust and cooperation between the EU and China," he stressed at a briefing. When asked to comment on the information that seven Chinese companies could soon come under EU sanctions due to the supply of equipment to Russia he replied: "The European side should not make a mistake, otherwise Beijing will be forced to resolutely protect its rationally justified legal rights.".]
This is from the Russian news.
My concern is that the German navy sends stuff to China.
And so it's right winger items.
Does EU-China trade look like a large German navy?
There are photos of German ships near Jakarta.
Do the ships pass by Ireland?
Do the ships use the ports in the Balkans?
Do the ships pass by Cape Town?
What is the nature of the German navy and what they are taking to East Asia?
(May 8, 2023)

"Erdogan's Republican Alliance Shows Muscle in Record 1.7 Million Participant Rally"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's describing the government in Turkey.
(May 8, 2023)

Ukraine's Ambassador to the EU: Bulgarians should think about whether they want Repression like in Russia Vsevolod Chentsov is Ukraine's ambassador to the EU since 2021. He was a special guest at the Open Day at the EU Council in Brussels, organized by the Swedish Presidency. Bulgarian media "Club Z" talked to the diplomat in Russian. Your Excellency, how do you see the events in the Council of the EU and the attitude towards the Ukrainians? "In general, it is very positive and always has been. But after Russia attacked our country, we undoubtedly feel spectacular support, mutual understanding, solidarity with Ukraine. The most important thing is that people understand very clearly who is the aggressor and who is the victim, what is the reason for this war. This is an imperialist war and the Kremlin is pursuing very clear interests. I think that with such support we have every chance to win, and to win in the broadest sense of the word. Because the question is not only about territorial integrity, our independence as a country, but simply about our existence as a nation, about our prospects to develop as a European country, to become a member of the EU. The Ukrainians, who are now under protection and found shelter with different families, behave like Europeans. And people understand that they have nothing to fear from Ukraine. For the EU, this is only a plus and will only strengthen it. I hope that when we win and the war is over, Ukraine will become the Mecca of tourism for Europeans. Because we have something to show and give to Europe - industry, agriculture, science. This war, as paradoxical as it sounds, revealed Ukraine to the Europeans. And vice versa - Ukrainians began to better understand where we are aiming and what the EU is." Bulgarians in general do not have such a strong pro-Ukrainian position as many other Europeans, for example the Baltic countries. There is even a parliamentary party that openly sides with Russia. What would you tell them? "I would like to tell the Bulgarians not to be afraid. First of all, not to be afraid of the truth, not to be afraid to open their eyes, not to be afraid to think, to understand what is really happening. And to think what would happen if the Kremlin wins this war. Do they want to live the way Russians live now, do they want to be subjected to arrests, repressions, do they want their standard of living to drop continuously, do they want their neighbors to fear them, do they want to bury their children and husbands? Let them ask themselves what values Russia carries today. 'Values' in quotation marks". As Ukraine's ambassador to the EU, how do you explain to Ukrainians what joining it means? "I explain that the EU today is the most successful integration project in history and currently it is the most powerful transforming force - such as social development, for strengthening institutions, creating a favorable business environment, reforming the judicial system. In my opinion, these things are also relevant today for Bulgaria and many countries, because the process of reforms is, in principle, continuous. A party should not stand still, it should move. EU member states come together and share their best inventions and experiences with each other. Because we are all different - someone can sing well, another can guard the streets well. And when people come together, they learn from each other and strive for the best, not the worst. It makes us stronger." You probably know that Bulgaria is among the countries that are not very inclined to arm Ukraine. Even President Radev said that the ammunition produced in our country will not be exported to Ukraine. What is your message to him and to those in power? "My message is very simple. I think it is in the interest of all EU member states, and not only now, to help Ukraine, our armed forces and our people to protect themselves and Europe. The choice is very simple - either help Ukraine and achieve victory together with it, or then send your soldiers to the front. Because this is not a joke, Russia is an aggressor and today no one can tell you where it is ready to stop."
This is a remarkable one.
I think this Ukrainian is being openly insulting of the people of Bulgaria.
The Bulgarians understand their own region and their own politics.
He seems to be still requesting more weapons.
I don't agree that the EU is a success generally.
(May 8, 2023)

[Matt Ishbia Player Profile, Michigan State Matt Ishbia G ; Nationality: United States ; Height: 5-10]

"NBA playoffs: Nikola Jokic shoves Suns owner Mat Ishbia, draws technical; fan ejected for touching Nuggets center"

There exist modern American billionaires.
Eliot has been to one of their houses in Los Angeles.
He met the owner of Univision and he went to his house.
My dad asked me if I had ever met a member of the Royal Family.
I said once I was about a mile from Harry.
And I talked to people who had just seen him.

"In March 2021, United Wholesale Mortgage announced that they would no longer work with any broker or bank that also worked with United Wholesale Mortgage's leading competitors Rocket Mortgage and Fairway Independent Mortgage Group.[13] At the time, Ishbia claimed the decision was due to the practices of those companies, including working directly with realtors instead of mortgage brokers in securing home loans."
And notice here this bank he has is controversial.
It's not really clear what they do.

Nikola 3
Nikola 4

[Charles Barkley Slams Technical Foul Call on Nikola Jokic After Dustup with Suns Owner The play set off a firestorm of reactions, including from Hall of Fame forward and Inside the NBA panelist Charles Barkley, a member of the Suns' Hall of Fame. "I don't understand why [Jokic] got a technical," Barkley said of the foul issued to the two-time MVP. "If [Ishbia] had been a regular fan, he would've gotten tossed." The statement drew broad agreement from his fellow panelists.]

I only want Nikola to win.
We have one team and one player.

Last night Nikola Jokic had 53 points in the game. And they lost. But, during the game.
Nikola like, went over to get the ball.
And the Suns owner.
Nikola didn't know he was the owner.
And Nikola like grabbed the ball.
The owner isn't tall.
And then in the press conference Nikola said the owner shoved him.
Also, that he is a fan like anyone else.

Eliot's dad is from rural PA.
My relatives are from Kentucky.
I believe you that you have this job.
You cannot hold on to the basketball during the game.
Everyone is watching this game.
Well, the President lives at the White Hose.
Well, Justice Thomas lives in Bethesda.

Drone 16

The NYPD responded and the BPD responded and the DC Metro PD responded, when there was a security threat in London last week outside of the palace. And here is William drinking and looking at titties and hats in this same palace over the weekend.

Sir. This weekend there was titties, hats, and drunken William in that building.
I wouldn't have let the titties or hats in.
And then Richard Moore has this to say.
Well, Director.
Why, what's going on with the titties and hats in the palace?
I might not have allowed all that.
Here is William drinking wine in the palace.

Can you pull your dick out for a minute, Director? Hahaha. I wouldn't have let those titties and hats in that palace.

At the time I said, can they open the doors and just let people go in and take the carpets?

It might have been an unnecessary inconvenience for the director last week.

The other team here.
There are photos of William this weekend drinking wine at an event at Buckingham Palace. I have been there. I could today go there if I wanted to, if I was in London. I know exactly where it is.
Last week a man was arrested as a security threat to the building.
And those at the SAS, SNS, MI5, MI6, Ken McCallum, and Richard Moore responded.
But now, what if William was just in there drinking wine?
Can Buckingham Palace either be a normal government building.
Maybe William isn't allowed to sit drunk in the palace.
It seems strange if William is in there drinking, to get really bothered about a security threat out front of the building.

For about ten minutes, Richard Moore had to pull his d$ck out of his wife to respond to the security threat outside Buckingham Palace last week.

Drone 13
Drone 12

Obstacles to regulating labor unions.
I am wanting to describe labor unions in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Philadelphia. They are isolated, because they behave such that white collar types, don't go where these people are.
I would never go to GWU.
I don't eat at restaurants.
And here are all of these labor union people at GW and working for the restaurants.

"Oct 17, 2013 - George Washington University lies about admissions staistics. In 2012, George Washington University became the latest institution to get caught..."

The Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore.
I went there and I checked out maybe dozens.
Kind of textbooks.
They could have been, for example, college assigned reading.
But really they were formal academic research books.
About organized labor.
Essentially I have read dozens of books that are textbook-like about OL.

- He is from Phili.
- His name is Mark.
- He went to GWU.
- And he works for a restaurant management company.
- In Virginia.

GWU has a lot of stigma, we think it's not a good school. The tuition is high. And then they get fast money jobs.

1) His schooling is scandalous
2) What he does for a living, it's the restaurant business

The point I am wanting to make is that.
There is some kind of line.
That white collar types.
The labor unions get away with it or something.
Because I think GWU is such a terrible school.
And I don't like eating at restaurants.

Tell me, baby, what's your story
Where you come from
And where you wanna go this time?

(May 7, 2023)

This is me talking about the labor unions locally. 5-7-23

Drone 9

Iranian authorities accused Chaab of receiving funding for the operations of the rebel group from Saudi Arabia and claimed that he was "protected" by Israel's Mossad and the Swedish intelligence (SAPO). The prosecution also claimed that other ASMLA leaders are based in other European countries, namely Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. Ankara said in December 2020, when relations with Iran were tense just after the Nagorno-Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, that it had arrested 13 people led by an Iranian for operations including assisting Iranian security forces in the abduction of Chaab in October of the same year on Turkish soil and delivering him to Tehran.
Notice the SAPO does so much financial surveillance.
This mention of the Caucasus region.
Maybe the SAPO tells the Turks to cross the border into neighboring countries.
(May 6, 2023)

Drone 8

[In a statement announcing the execution, the judiciary accused the security agencies of Sweden, Israel and regional countries of backing Chaab and his group, which it said had killed or injured 450 Iranians over several years. Iran said in 2020 that its security forces detained Chaab in neighbouring Turkey and took him to Tehran, without giving details of his capture. Iran has had tense relations with its ethnic minorities, which include Arabs, Kurds, Azeris and Baluch, and has accused them of aligning with neighbouring countries.]
Notice how much the SAPO works with the Israelis.
Maybe both are right wingers.
They might do lots of surveillance everything.
I guess the Turks coordinate a lot with the Iranians.
SAPO, Mossad, Iranians, Turks.
And now here is this other group.
I wonder if they are vindictive toward for example Azerbaijani people.
Maybe the Turks cross the border into the Caucasus region.
(May 6, 2023)

[Chaab had been held in Iran since October 2020 after he vanished during a visit to Turkey before going on trial in Tehran, which does not recognise dual nationality. In December 2020, the Turkish authorities announced the arrest of 11 people suspected of having kidnapped Chaab in Istanbul before taking him to Van, a city near Turkey's eastern border with Iran, and handing him over to the authorities in Tehran. Iranian prosecutors allege other leaders of Harakat al-Nidal are based in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, with the group receiving financial and logistical support from Saudi Arabia. In the footage, Chaab admitted to working with Saudi intelligence services. "The death penalty is an inhuman and irreversible punishment and Sweden, together with the rest of the EU, condemns its application in all circumstances," Billstrom wrote on Twitter. Six other members of Harakat al-Nidal were sentenced to death in March over attacks carried out by "orders of their European leaders", Mizan Online has said.]
What penalties does Billstrom want for what?
I think these long prison terms are inhumane.
Billstrom and I don't agree on inhumane and prison sentences.
He wants to give out long prison sentences for political crimes.
The Turkish army seems really strange.
People vanishing and then being kidnapped and taken between Turkey and Iran.
Maybe the Turkish army are weirdos.
It's not clear about the Iranian weirdos and the Turkish army weirdos.
Now here are Saudi weirdos.
I wonder if all of these people work with the SAPO and Mossad.
I guess there is a lot of death penalty stuff in Iran.
(May 6, 2023)


What will we believe?
- Water runs downhill.
- Often, weird lights are seen above air force bases.
- This anecdote about Ottawa.
- Maybe the PLA really is aiming drone stuff at Ottawa from Beijing.

[China has accused Canada of "slander and defamation" after it said Beijing targeted a member of its parliament and his family. On Friday, China said the allegation that it attempted to intimidate Conservative MP Michael Chong over his anti-China stance was "nonsense".]
That is a direct quote from the BBC.
I think this is like a UFO report, and the PLA is using surveillance radios and they are harassing people in Ottawa.
Another one of my friends, he really is a physicist at Los Alamos. And like in some of the movies, they have this secretive laboratory in the desert of New Mexico.
Near the laboratory, there are like UFO sightings.

[Iranian authorities accused Chaab of staging attacks since 2005 "under the protection of two spy services, including the Mossad and Sapo" - Israeli and Swedish agencies, respectively. According to the prosecution, other leaders of Harakat al-Nidal are based in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, with the group receiving financial and logistical support from Saudi Arabia.]
I am not alright with this death sentence, because I wonder about the standard of guilt stuff. This seems to be like maybe they get more money when they find guilty people. Arresting the wrong person stuff. Because of the group project of it.
It is beneath due process standards.
They might arrest the wrong person.
And the SAPO and Mossad are involved.
Yes, like FM Billstrom was just talking about in Belgrade.
I on my own wonder if this guy is guilty.
What if these Mossad and SAPO guys make more money if he's guilty.
This maybe is what Tobias is trying to get the Serbians to start doing.

This is me talking about the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). 5-6-23

The legal difference between financing and terrorist financing. It's the dumb kind of stuff the Swedish MFA says.

[For 1st time in its history, Sweden to try extortion suspect with PKK terror links Extortion used widely by PKK in Sweden, other countries to fund terror activities for long time, says prosecutor STOCKHOLM For the first time in its history, Sweden will try a suspect accused of extorting money for the PKK terror group, according to local media. Prosecutor Hans Ihrman said the male suspect's links with the terrorist organization have become more evident since he was detained in February, public broadcaster SVT reported Thursday. According to Ihrman, the PKK has been widely using extortion to fund its activities in Sweden and other countries for a long time. "Even though this is a single event, which is the basis of the investigation itself, most things point to the fact that this single event is part of a more extensive activity that has been carried out in organized forms for a long time," he said. The suspect is being charged with attempted aggravated extortion, aggravated weapons offense, and attempted terrorist financing, the broadcaster noted. Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom admitted last week that the PKK terrorist organization's extensive activities in his country were the reason why Turkiye has blocked Stockholm's accession to NATO. Sweden's bid to join NATO After the Russia-Ukraine war began in February last year, Sweden, together with Finland, decided to abandon its decades-long military non-alignment policy and apply for NATO membership. Ankara, a NATO member for over 70 years, asked the two Nordic countries to take concrete action against terror groups such as the PKK and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind a 2016 defeated coup in Turkiye, in order for them to join the alliance. In June last year, Finland and Sweden signed a memorandum with Turkiye to address Ankara's security concerns, and senior diplomats and officials from the three countries held various meetings to discuss the implementation of a trilateral agreement. Showing Turkiye's support for NATO's open-door policy, the Turkish parliament approved Finland's bid to join NATO on March 31, having said earlier that Helsinki had done what was necessary for the membership, whereas Sweden still had work to do. In its more than 35-year terror campaign against Turkiye, the PKK - listed as a terrorist organization by Turkiye, the US, and EU - has been responsible for the deaths of more than 40,000 people, including women, children, and infants.]
This is from the Turkish news.
Notice there is a man who is accused of terror stuff.
"The suspect is being charged with attempted aggravated extortion, aggravated weapons offense, and attempted terrorist financing"
Some of that stuff, isn't normal laws.
It's a discretion of the police.
Financing and terrorist financing.
Both of those I guess are financial crimes.
The concern though is like labor strikes.
What if the police, kind of are on a labor strike and they steal the money so to speak because they misuse the surveillance hardware?
Notice there are two groups now, PKK and FETO.
(May 5, 2023)

Drone 7
Drone 2
Drone 3

In DC, sometimes a press member will ask a question.
And the locals will like think he's an idiot.
And they'll do no comment.
In the example of Sam Welles.
He had studied at Princeton and Oxford, and then we was a Time Inc exec.
He would have asked questions and that would have been the hammer of the navy.
No comment is a non sequetor response.
It's like new the Virginins think they cannot comment on press inquiries.
Then people complain there are non-responsive.
It's some ambience of DC where the Virginians are in buildings and then they don't have a comment when the press asks stuff.
This week the government in Kiev responded no comment when the BBC asked about the drone above the Kremlin.
What are they doing in there and they cannot comment on something?

Yevgeny Prigozhin. It means that maybe there are PLA soldiers stationed in some of the Russian army buildings. Because this man from Saint Petersburg is making subtle German army jokes.
[...Bakhmut to Defense Ministry troops," the video address says. Prigozhin also asserted that Wagner fighters experienced a shortage of ammunition. "Due to the shortage of ammunition, our losses are growing exponentially with every passing day," the video says.]

["The Fergana Valley is an intermountain depression in Central Asia, between the mountain systems of the Tien Shan in the north and the Alay in the south."]

["Timur[b] or Tamerlane[c] (9 April 1336 - 17-19 February 1405) was a Turco-Mongol conqueror who founded the Timurid Empire in and around modern-day Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia, becoming the first ruler of the Timurid dynasty."]

["Fergana was a province of Russian Turkestan, formed in 1876 out of the former khanate of Kokand. It was bounded by the provinces of Syr-darya in the North and Northwest, Samarkand in the West, and Zhetysu in the Northeast, by Chinese Turkestan (Kashgaria) in the East, and by Bukhara and Afghanistan in the South."]

["China produces light construction metal profiles for solar panels in Fergana" The Tashkent news is talking about the economy. Notice the mention of Chinese economic expansionism. (May 5, 2023)]

In Uzbekistan, there is both German and Chinese economic expansionism.
The Germans send them FDI.
And then Chinese firms will build stuff or whatever.
It's an example of how the Germans and the CCP work together in Asia.
German financiers, and Chinese engineers.

This is me talking about the drone above the Kremlin. 5-5-23

Drone 4
Drone 5

Sir, we are arguing about English values. I cannot believe that. This is a new one for me. The Russians told me I didn't study at the chemistry faculty. That one was a new one.

[- 1,200 new police officers are being recruited to be in schools. If we have 331 schools in Belgrade, there will be 331 policemen in those schools. - Other measures will cost us, but we found the money. - The Ministry of Interior is ordered to prepare urgent, without procedures that require waiting for 17 months, amendments to the law on weapons and ammunition, which tighten the conditions for those who have them. This means that everyone who has weapons will undergo an audit. We will disarm Serbia, legally, and we will double the penalties for those who possess illegal weapons, so let's see who they are purchased from, like this one was purchased last night. - Six-monthly checks of persons who own weapons, without delay. - Immediately take measures to introduce a moratorium for the issuance of any new weapons licenses - Ministry of Internal Affairs should immediately call on all those who possess illegal weapons to hand them in immediately, and to warn that the penalties will be drastic. - The Ministry of Justice is ordered to prepare changes to tighten the penalties for the possession and sale of weapons
"Great nations have always managed to find solutions after tragic events'', Vucic pointed out, adding that we were all in a state of shock after the murder of children. ''We adults walked around like zombies, looking for a motive, a reason...not being able to find it. After that, all the parents throughout Serbia, and we have 5247 students, became worried and scared. A logical consequence," said the president.]

This is from the Serbian news.
Notice the new legislation about weapons permits.
(May 5, 2023)

Agent British thinks the Americans are dumb.
Prince William is too overweight to sit at the bar.

"China produces light construction metal profiles for solar panels in Fergana"
The Tashkent news is talking about the economy.
Notice the mention of Chinese economic expansionism.
(May 5, 2023)

The wedding
Harry's wedding
Kate three pregnancies
Meghan's three pregnancies
St. Andrews
At the bar in London, William kind of isn't supposed to drink the beer.
He is d@mned by the ghosts of the ocean.

If you can hear me, if you meet someone from England. He actually doesn't want to discuss the British Empire. He is alright to sit and say nothing. Maybe they are d@mned by the ghosts of the ocean.
The British don't like talking about the empire. I try to tell them about the American west and Texas and California. William went to a bar yesterday in London. I think maybe he didn't drink the beer. He has three young kids at the house. They are Scottish Protestants.
I try to tell the British about the deserts and the ghosts of the Atlantic Ocean.
And William sits at the bar in London, maybe he didn't drink the beer.

The best example is Novgorod and the battle for Novgorod. The Germans wanted to haul the statue back to Germany. Kind of, does the Kremlin understand meaningful symbols of Russian nationalism?

[Wagner fighters to hand over positions in Artyomovsk to Russian troops on May 10 It is reported that Wagner fighters will remain at their positions in Artyomovsk until May 9 and will then "leave for rear camps," to "lick wounds" there MOSCOW, May 5. /TASS/. Fighters of Russia's Wagner private military company (PMC) will hand over their positions in Artyomovsk (called Bakhmut by Ukraine) to Russian troops on May 10 to preserve personnel and get a rest in the rear, Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin said in a video uploaded on his press office's Telegram channel on Friday. "From May 10, 2023, we are leaving the settlement of Bakhmut," he said. Wagner fighters will remain at their positions in Artyomovsk until May 9 and will then "leave for rear camps," to "lick wounds" there, he added. "I request the chief of the General Staff to sign a combat order for the Wagner PMC to hand over the positions in the settlement of Bakhmut to Defense Ministry troops," the video address says. Prigozhin also asserted that Wagner fighters experienced a shortage of ammunition. "Due to the shortage of ammunition, our losses are growing exponentially with every passing day," the video says.]
This is talking about the Russian army.
I do this sometimes.
The Kremlin to me seems German sometimes.
And what they do isn't completely right about army stuff.
I wonder if Yevgeny Prigozhin is making a German joke.
Maybe the drone above the Kremlin.
Is everyone consistent with Russian values in there?
Maybe there are even like PLA guys in the Kremlin?
I comment sometimes about the Kremlin and if they are Germans.
(May 5, 2023)

"ANKARA, May 5. /TASS/. Western countries want the conflict in Ukraine to continue because they are making profit from it, Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop has said."
This is from the Russian news.
Notice the Turks are describing the government in Ukraine.
That there is strange profiting off of imports and exports.
(May 5, 2023)

"Start of negotiations on transit and logistics of agricultural products from Ukraine"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice the mention of the government in Kiev.
The Russians say they don't want to do normal government tasks.
They are too army over there, they make a living in weird imports and exports.
(May 5, 2023)

"In April, Bulgarians Expect Less Rampant Inflation within Next 12 Months - Survey"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe there is inflation in Bulgaria because so many weapons have been sent to Ukraine.
(May 5, 2023)

[After the second mass shooting in Serbia in 48 hours, President Aleksandar Vucic compared the situation in the country today to the 9/11 attacks in the United States and to the mass murders in Christchurch, New Zealand. In an emotional address to the nation, he announced that the most important goal now is to protect the children and police units will be stationed in front of all schools. There will be many penalties for illegal gun possession - up to 15 years in prison - and all firearms permits will be reviewed, Vucic said. "I know that no mother could sleep during these 48 hours, because no parent can survive the death of children, so there will be police officers in front of each of the schools and this is only the first of the security measures." Serbian police said the attacker who shot dead eight people in a school yard last night and wounded 13 others in an indiscriminate shooting spree in villages near Belgrade has been arrested. 21-year-old Uros was captured near Kragujevac, according to initial information, a large quantity of weapons was also found in the area. Tanjug Agency informs that the police operation continues and his accomplice is being sought. The media in the country also reported on other incidents with weapons in which there were injuries. A number of European leaders expressed sympathy for the Serbian people after the second mass shooting in the country, which is in three days of mourning in memory of those who died at the "Vladislav Ribnikar" school in Belgrade - where a 13-year-old student shot dead eight of his classmates and a security guard. The teenager is not criminally responsible, his parents are detained. So far it is known that the father will be tried because the boy fired his weapon. In front of the school today there is a fence of flowers and candles placed in memory of the victims. The suspect for the shootings in Serbia that killed at least 8 and injured 14 has been arrested Police have arrested the man suspected of killing eight people and injuring 14 others, AFP reported, citing Serbian state television. "RTS has learned that the killer has been arrested near Kragujevac," the state-run TV channel announced, referring to the town in central Serbia.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice in Belgrade they are going to review all weapons permits.
(May 5, 2023)

[The Swedish administration takes the road in the fight against terrorism The Swedish Parliament approved the new draft penal code on counter-terrorism under the constitutional amendment, which is one of Turkey's main requests to approve Sweden's NATO membership. Referring to the terrorist organization PKK/YPG's activities in Sweden, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said, "The PKK's activities in our territory are very extensive. Extensive studies are being carried out to finance terrorist activities against Turkey. In addition, drug sales and various ways that harm Swedish society are carried out. "They're using our land as a base to raise money," he said. In the draft law, which aims to criminalize membership in terrorist organizations in the country, people who participate in terrorist activities and cooperate with terrorist organizations are sentenced to up to 4 years in prison.]
This is from the news.
Notice how FM Billstrom is talking about.
In Sweden, the PKK is a threat to Turkey.
And so I guess then in Syria, the PKK is a threat to Turkey.
In the Caucasus region, the PKK is a threat to Turkey.
In Chechnya, the PKK is a threat to Turkey.
It seems to justify the Turks sending infantrymen into neighboring countries.
(May 5, 2023)

"European nations pledge support to Ukraine 'until victory' over Russia" "During a visit to Odesa, Foreign Minister of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics, Foreign Minister of Denmark Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Margus Tsahkna, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland Thordis Gylfadottir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis, Foreign Minister of Norway Anniken Huitfeldt, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Tobias Billstrom, and Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland Kai Sauer reaffirmed their commitment to support Ukraine until its victory over the Russian aggression."
This is from the Ukrainian news.
Notice these countries border the Baltic Sea.
I wonder about the German navy and right winger trade through the Gulf of Danzig.
(May 4, 2023)

Can you guys keep track of who humps or feels on their wife where and in front of how many children between Wayne, Harry, and William?

Do we have to give them all of our stuff?
Do the Americans have to hand over to Tashkent nice stuff?


A different genre of joke.
It's cold over there.
Aren't they communists?

I really watch these Uzbek guys really closely.
Here in Washington, DC the Embassy of Uzbekistan is directly across the street from the Brookings Institute.
What is going on with that building?
The DAR Museum has carpets that are made in Uzbekistan.
The Vermont Room, for example, has a carpet that was made in Uzbekistan.
There is some theory that Vermont, a long time ago ethnically Uzbeks settled there.
A modern example, sometimes students from Tashkent will study at Harvard.
There is a ye olde, something, between Boston and Tashkent.
In Boston it's really cold.
There is this building, and it's so nice.
Is everyone alright with what the Uzbek diplomats are doing?
If they are like, right wingers or something.
It's weird they have this nice building near the Brookings Inst.
Are the diplomats in the Embassy of Uzbekistan here in DC, right wingers?
Today the President of Uzbekistan is in Berlin.
There exists IR theory.
It's not rational thought.
These embassies.
If there are right wingers in this building.
Can they move to a different, not as nice building?

This is me talking about the President of Uzbekistan. 5-4-23

It's a weird, in Anglicanism. We are control everything. Because water runs down hill. We have a realism sense of stuff.
And then Charles is in those buildings will all of those carpets and porcelain.
And I don't know what I can and cannot do about this.
I think he's a Prussian.

If I have followers here, it's a hard week for everyone about the Coronation. I am opposed to all that happening in Anglican churches. I wish they would keep it to government offices and estates and stuff. I don't think Charles III is an Anglican, really. He has been married twice. He seems like a polygamist. I have told the British, in real terms. Some of that stuff in the CoE churches does belong to Americans. I guess the items in the palaces are the Windsors'. The United States is a member of the Church of England. I don't freely hand over to the Windsors church property.

[Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrives in Germany The President met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. According to the visit program, President will meet with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the heads of leading German companies in Berlin. Also, President will visit the exhibition "Archaeological Treasures of Uzbekistan" at the New Museum and James Simon Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition's topic is "From Alexander the Great to the Kingdom of Kushan".]
This is from the Tashkent news.
Notice the President of Uzbekistan is meeting with the Germans.
(May 4, 2023)

For every Liam Payne in England, there are four and five Jamie Galbraiths.
Doug Galbraith himself never finished college, I don't think. I visited him while he was in culinary school in Santa Barbara. His dad went to both Harvard and Yale, he was a Marshall Scholar.
I mentioned to Doug once that I was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa society.
Doug made a comment, he didn't say the name of PBK right.
And then he never mentioned that I was in the Phi Beta Kappa society again.
It's as though I'm not, around Doug.
Or, the Phi Beta Kappa society isn't prestigious.
These are comments about the British and the Canadians and what they do the Americans.
Legitimate complaints about British people.
That they are disgusting and mean to Americans.

[Special force commander refutes reports about Russian troops being surrounded in LPR
According to Apty Alaudinov, the Ukrainians have been pulling forces and vehicles toward a chalk factory in Belogorovka LUGANSK, May 4. /TASS/. A Russian special force commander on Thursday refuted media reports about a group of Russian servicemen being encircled near Belogorovka in the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR). In an interview with TASS, Apty Alaudinov, Commander of the Akhmat special forces unit and Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps, said, "We have drawn away certain forces and materiel and we have been consistently destroying those. What they are saying about surrounding a group of 100 people is not true. There are fighters from the Akhmat special force and the 2nd Army Corps over there who have been making consistent progress - actually, we are on Belogorovka soil now." According to Alaudinov, the Ukrainians have been pulling forces and vehicles toward a chalk factory in Belogorovka. "Nothing works out for them <...>, it is just that they were too quick to declare that they have surrounded someone over there," he added.]
[About 20 Ukrainian soldiers surrender in Donetsk area over past ten days, says DPR It is specified that the Ukrainian prisoners-of-war mostly include mobilized Ukrainian citizens sent to the frontline without proper military training DONETSK, May 4. /TASS/. Russian forces captured about 20 Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk area over the past ten days, a spokesman for the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) people's militia told TASS on Thursday. "Since April 23, about 20 Ukrainian personnel have surrendered," the spokesman said. The Ukrainian prisoners-of-war mostly include mobilized Ukrainian citizens sent to the frontline without proper military training, the spokesman specified.]

These are from the Russian news.
They are descriptions of the Ukrainian army.
In one, the officers supposedly said they had a victory but they didn't.
The other, Ukrainian infantrymen surrendered.
The whole time there have been questions about the Ukrainian officer corps, also women infantrymen. It's an image that the men want like drone jobs, and the women are out carrying weapons and driving the trucks.
And so it's weird to send them more weapons.
(May 4, 2023)

"THE HAGUE, May 4. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is heading to the Netherlands, the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation (Nederlandse Omroep Stichtin, NOS) reported on Wednesday. According to NOS, the Ukrainian leader is already on his way to the country. The Dutch Foreign Ministry has not yet confirmed this information. The Nieuwsuur (Newshour) program said that the visiting Ukrainian president would deliver a speech on justice in The Hague. His full schedule is not yet made public. NOS said that it would be Zelensky's first visit to the Netherlands as president."
This is from the Russian news.
The Russians say that the Ukrainians don't want to do normal government tasks.
Zelensky was recently in Finland.
(May 4, 2023)

The Virginians watch movies and baseball games with the surveillance hardware.

[The prosecutor's office in Bitola has raised charges against the chairman of the "Ivan Mihailov" Association in Bitola, Lupcho Georgievski, accusing him of inciting hatred and xenophobia BTA reports. The announcement of the prosecutor's office does not explicitly state the name of Georgievski, but specifies that it is a 45-year-old resident of Bitola who "committed the crimes in the period from April 16, 2022 to March 22, 2023, knowing that he instills hatred and intolerance, based on ethnicity, language, religion and social status, against the Macedonian people and the members of the Jewish community in the state". As a criminal act, the prosecutor's office also mentions the popularization of a quote by Ivan Mihailov, which denies the uniqueness of the Macedonian nation, language and the anti-fascist struggle of the Macedonian communists.]
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans want to trade through the ports in the Balkans.
And that's what there are reports like this about Macedonia.
(May 4, 2023)

"Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Bulgaria: We Are Exploring Possibility of Ensuring Petrol Supplies to Burgas via Azerbaijan and Georgia"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe the Germans take too much energy for their army.
(May 4, 2023)

"The Speaker of Parliament to the Ambassador of Ukraine: Bulgaria will Continue to insist on achieving lasting Peace The Speaker of the Parliament assured the Ambassador of Ukraine that Bulgaria supports the country's European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Rosen Zhelyazkov expressed hope for deepening and expanding the cooperation between the legislative institutions of the two countries."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Notice this description of the government in Kiev.
(May 4, 2023)

Are Billstrom and Stenstrom making this stuff up about the PKK, like the bureau made up that stuff about the Black Panthers?

"The Black Panther Party was a Marxist-Leninist and black power political organization founded by college students Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton in October 1966 in Oakland, California." It's a police joke that the police would infiltrate this group and kind of they didn't do anything illegal. Liberals bring this up when they make fun of the police.

[Swedes tighten terror laws, likely to help NATO membership STOCKHOLM (AP) - Lawmakers in Sweden passed legislation Wednesday that tightens the country's anti-terrorism laws, a move expected to help persuade Turkey to approve the Nordic nation's request to join NATO. The revision includes a prison term of up to four years for individuals convicted of participating in an extremist organization in a way that is intended to promote, strengthen or support the group. The legislation allows for someone identified as a leader of a terror organization to receive a life sentence, which in Sweden generally means a minimum of 20-25 years. The bill, which passed on a 268-34 vote with 47 lawmakers absent, made it illegal to finance, recruit for or publicly encourage a terrorist organization, as well as traveling abroad with the intention of joining such a group. The revisions are set to take effect June 1. Turkey has accused Sweden of failing to take concrete steps to crack down on groups that Ankara lists as terror organizations or considers existential threats, including Kurdish groups. Sweden's center-right government has taken a harder line not just toward Turkey's outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, but also toward the Syrian Kurdish militia group YPG and its political branch, PYD. Turkey regards the YPG as the Syrian arm of the PKK, which for decades has waged an insurgency within Turkey. Referring to the terrorist organization PKK/YPG's activities in Sweden, Billstrom said, "The PKK's activities in our lands are very extensive. Comprehensive studies are being carried out to finance terrorist activities against Turkey. We also use our lands to raise money through drug dealing and various ways that harm Swedish society. "Using it as a base for terrorism in another country does not mean that we should take these activities any less seriously." had used the words.]

This is in the news about Stockholm.
Notice they are on paper center right politicians.
Maybe Billstrom is officially a center right politician.
That's amazing if it means they are fascists and want a large police budget.
In America, center right might not mean fascist and large police budget.
One example, in America you can be a conservative maybe because of banking laws or inheritance laws. The New Yorkers want to keep their money, etc.
Billstrom might be center right as in long prison terms, etc.
The terror law has a lot to do with prison sentences.
He has the stomach for long prison terms.
Like in California they'll send people to jail for a long time.
Also, some of this stuff not everyone would agree who is guilty. Like, participating in a group, etc.
This is a crazy quote from Billstrom about rackets and extensive networks of organized criminals.
The best example of that in America is the Black Panthers. Kind of they were just poor guys and they didn't do anything really. There are definitely examples of groups in America that aren't actually criminals, they just group based on interest or whatever.
Both Billstrom and Stenstrom have some crazy descriptions of rackets and white collar criminals, etc.
(May 5, 2023)

Tobias 7

This is me talking about the meeting yesterday in Brussels about Kosovo. 5-3-23

The EC, EU, and Sweden.
There are reports about the Balkans, the Baltic Sea, and the Black Sea.
And, do the EC and the EU facilitate German navy stuff in this seas?
Because, for example FM Billstrom is having lunch with Estonians, that's probably about the Baltic Sea.
There are reports from Romania about the Black Sea.
There are reports from Russia about the Black Sea.
There are reports from Brussels about the Balkans.
From Berlin, do the EC and the EU.
Do they facilitate German expansionism?
This means the economy, the German army, and the German navy?
Do the Kosovars allow the Germans to.
Do the Ukrainians allow the Germans to.
These meetings in Brussels.

["It's been released: This paper was rejected" The media published the complete text of the CSM statute, which Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti rejected last night during talks in Brussels. It is a document that directly derives from the First Agreement on Principles Governing the Normalization of Relations from 2013 and the General Principles from 2015, in accordance with the European Charter on Local Self-Government, which the delegations from Pristina accepted and ratified in their parliament. The draft of the CSM Management Team, which includes representatives of Serbian municipalities from Kosovo and Metohija, was drawn up in 2018, but until last night the Albanians refused to familiarize themselves with its contents, even though it was their obligation from the Brussels Agreement, Novosti writes. The mentioned text governs the position of the Community, its rights and duties, scope of work, competences, financing... But, already at the first reading in the building of the European Service for External Affairs, it was clear that Albin Kurti does not even think of accepting something that he is obliged to. As Novosti has learned, apart from him and Besnik Bislimi, in a down-to-earth manner, constantly throwing insults and mocking almost every word, they obstructed the presentation of the Coordinator of the Management Team, Danijela Vujicic (at one point, President Aleksandar Vucic also had to intervene in order to calm them down) clearly marked the parts of the Statute that are not to their liking. Under the mirage of the "new Republic of Srpska in Kosovo", which is abundantly being talked about by certain western circles, Kurti was most bothered by Article 2, which talks about the territory that would be covered by the CSM and its "symbols of statehood", as he interprets it, i.e. the right to a flag, the coat of arms and anthem and the administrative seat which would be in North Mitrovica. In addition, it is stated further in the text, Article 16, which implies that the Community manages public property and goods, infrastructure, and natural resources, "stings the eyes" of Kurti. "Also, he does not like the item under the Community Assets and Revenues provision, which specifies the right of the CSM to receive money from the Serbian budget. The Prishtina delegation also does not like Article 54, which states that goods in general use (roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, streets, parks...), which are located on the territory of CSM, are managed by the Community", the text emphasizes. See the full text of the Statute presented in Brussels below:] [Vucic after the meeting: ''Either it will be accepted or it's the end'' VIDEO A new round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, with the mediation of the EU, was completed in Brussels this evening at around 9 p.m. During the meeting, the Declaration on Missing Persons was adopted and the draft statute of the Community of Serbian Municipalities was presented. After the meeting, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed the media. "It is clear that Pristina does not want to fulfill its commitment from 10 years ago. It is clear to me and I knew that, but today we reached the wall for the first time. And it was clear from the moment when the draft was presented, their reaction after that was that it was unacceptable for them. Although in all the articles of the draft statute, there is a clear reference to previously agreed articles - said Vucic and added that there is not a single point in which something is mentioned that has not been signed yet," said President Vucic after the meeting. When it comes to the situation after, as he said, the shameful elections in the north of Kosovo, the EU came out with its proposal.]
The EU in Brussels has facilitated a meeting between Kosovo and Belgrade.
And, somehow there was throwing stuff and weird refusals at the meeting.
It pertains to a document from ten years ago.
There was discussion about the elections recently that had a low turnout.
Also, what about the budget?
Maybe Kosovo doesn't have an independent economy?
I always wonder if the Kosovars allow the Germans to use their airbases.
Do the Germans finance stuff in Kosovo and that's their budget?
They say that about Kiev.
Locally, the Germans and army stuff.
Are these legitimate independent economies?
The Ukrainian economy and the economy in Kosovo.
Does that look like the Royal Navy and free trade?
(May 3, 2023)

"On May 2 on the eve of the visit of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Germany, a joint business forum was held in Berlin, which was attended by over 250 leaders of large companies, holdings and industrial enterprises, banks, ministries, agencies and industry associations of the two countries."
This is from the Tashkent news.
Notice the Germans are trading with Tashkent a lot.
(May 3, 2023)

[MOSCOW, May 3. /TASS/. The possible meeting between the delegations of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey on the issue of the Black Sea grain initiative has not been agreed, the Russian Foreign Ministry told TASS on Wednesday. Earlier, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar told about plans to hold a meeting on the grain deal between Turkey, Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul on May 5. "The issue has not been coordinated," the Foreign Ministry said.]
This is from the Russian news.
It's another one about how the Turks are in charge of the grain deal.
Maybe it's weird they accept these projects and then there is mismanagement.
(May 3, 2023)

[ANKARA, May 3. /TASS/. Delegations from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine plan to hold a meeting on the grain deal in Istanbul on May 5, Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Wednesday. "On Friday, May 5, the deputy defense ministers of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine plan to meet in Istanbul [to discuss the grain deal]. We can say that the sides are ready to extend the agreements. We want this initiative to be extended without problems," the TRT channel quoted the defense chief as saying.]
This is from the Russian news.
Notice how the Turks are in charge of the Ukrainian grain deal.
Maybe the Turks make a living managing weird imports and exports.
(May 3, 2023)

"European Commission adopts exceptional temporary measures on import of certain agricultural products from Ukraine"
This is from the Bulgarian news.
It's about the government in Kiev.
The Russians say they don't want to do normal government tasks.
Maybe they are war mongers because they make a living in weird imports and exports.
(May 3, 2023)

"Romania's Prosecutor General Alex Florin Florenta condemned the explosive device attack against his Bulgarian counterpart Ivan Geshev and stressed the need for a firm intervention of the judiciary to crack down on organised crime, AGERPRES reported Wednesday."
This is from the Bulgarian news.
Maybe it means the German navy uses the ports in the Black Sea.
(May 3, 2023)

[Stockholm to host EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum on May 13 To move things forward, the European Union and Sweden, currently holding the EU presidency, will host the second EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum in Stockholm on May 13. The meeting, co-chaired by the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tobias Billstrom, and the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, takes place against the backdrop of turbulent international relations. "The text chimes well with the European Union's (EU) own 2021 Indo-Pacific Strategy, which aims to contribute to the stability, security, and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region," the article reads. Bangladesh and the EU attach importance to the same crucial principles: respect for international law and the UN Charter, freedom of navigation and overflight, maritime security and safety, it says. In addition, both approaches place great emphasis on connectivity in all its incarnations, including energy, trade and digital. In the security domain, the EU's CRIMARIO programme, securing critical maritime routes in the Indo-Pacific region, has strengthened cooperation in maritime surveillance by sharing information, building capacity and providing training for its members. "Bangladesh's Indo-Pacific Outlook delivers a welcome contribution to these joint efforts and is a very timely initiative indeed: in the current year, which celebrates 50 years of Bangladesh-EU relations, the need for closer relations between the EU and the Indo-Pacific region has never been greater," the envoys wrote. "Cooperation between the EU and the Indo-Pacific region is of great geopolitical and economic importance. Growing tensions are putting pressure on trade, technology and foreign and security policy, underscoring the need for Sweden and the EU to deepen partnerships and political dialogues with the Indo-Pacific. It is my hope and belief that this meeting will lead to even stronger cooperation," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billstrom. Discussions during the meeting will centre on common challenges with respect to security, trade, global value chains, digitalisation, the green transition and energy security.]
This one is about Tobias Billstrom and the EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum on May 13.
It's lots of discussions about maritime security.
Notice the reference to maritime surveillance.
Maybe they are war mongers because they sell so much surveillance everything.
(May 3, 2023)

A Ukrainian woman recently told me that I spoke Russian very well. I'm sure that's not right. Does that make sense?

"Statsbesök till Estland 2–4 maj genomför DD.MM. Konungen och Drottningen ett tre dagar långt statsbesök till Republiken Estland på inbjudan av H.E. President Alar Karis, som tar emot Deras Majestäter tillsammans med fru Sirje Karis. Regeringen representeras av utrikesminister Tobias Billström, försvarsminister Pål Jonson och bistånds- och utrikes­handels­­minister Johan Forssell. Drygt 25 svenska företag deltar också i programmet. Syftet med statsbesöket är att fördjupa den mycket goda relationen mellan Estland och Sverige, inklusive relationen i EU där Estland och Sverige är likasinnade i många frågor. Besöket ska vidare bidra till ett fördjupat samarbete inom säkerhet och försvar samt ett närmare samarbete mellan svenskt och estniskt näringsliv med fokus på digitalisering och grön omställning. Utbildning och forskning är andra huvudteman för besöket."

Isn't this one about the Baltic Sea?
Tobias Billstrom is meeting with Estonians and they are talking about EU matters relating to the Baltic Sea.

"Lunch hos premiär­ministern" "Estlands premiärminister Kaja Kallas stod värd för en lunch i Stenbockska huset där, förutom Kungaparet, även statsrådet Tobias Billström deltog."

Isn't this one Tobias Billstrom is attending an expensive lunch with the Estonian PM?

Between these two, maybe they are right wingers and war mongers because they are having expensive lunches and talking about trade through the Baltic Sea and the EU?
(May 23, 2023)

Tobias 6

It has to do with Aleksandar and Danilo.

Unfortunately, the list of Swedish foreign policy concessions is getting longer and longer.
During the NATO summit in Madrid in June 2022, Sweden and Finland pledged in a memorandum to "combat disinformation and prevent the misuse of domestic legislation for the benefit or promotion of terrorist organisations".
At the end of September, the Swedish Inspectorate for Strategic Products (ISP) reauthorised the export of Swedish products as military equipment to Turkey, which has a history of warfare with its neighbours.
Days before the Prime Minister's visit, Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom had distanced himself from the Kurdish freedom organisations People's Defence Units (YPG) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syrian Kurdistan, which have successfully fought the world's most dangerous terrorist movement, Daesh/IS, on the ground.

This is from the Swedish news.
It's an opinion piece that opposes this new terror law in Stockholm.
- Notice, it's a lot of stuff they are agreeing about.
- Notice the disinformation stuff.
- That means, to me, like computer warfare capability.
- I wonder about fake news, etc. Maybe the German navy sends out fake news stories. This terror law might result in more fake news stories in London, even.
- They send weaponry to Ankara, I don't like that.
- Notice Sweden is already involved in operations in Syria.
(May 2, 2023)

[FM briefs European counterparts on outcomes of Amman consultative meeting on Syria May 03,2023 AMMAN - Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi on Tuesday made telephone calls with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Tobias Billstrom, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain Jose Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Catherine Colonna and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UK James Cleverly. During the calls, Safadi briefed his European counterparts on the results of the Amman consultative meeting on Syria, which was attended by the ministers of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, Egypt and Syria, and launched a new Arab path to progressively resolve the Syrian crisis in a step-by-step mechanism , in line with Security Council Resolution 2254, according to a Foreign Ministry statement. The minister explained to his counterparts the importance of the meeting, which was based on the Jordanian initiative, the Saudi initiative and other Arab efforts and contacts, in launching a direct dialogue with the Syrian government with the aim of ending the crisis and the suffering caused to the Syrian people and the negative repercussions on the region and the world. He also highlighted the importance of the agreements mentioned in the meeting's joint communique, which, once implemented, will contribute to efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria and address key issues, such as refugees, border security and the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking. The deputy prime minister also stressed that reaching a political solution to the crisis in Syria that preserves Syria's unity, cohesion and sovereignty, restore its security, stability and role meets the aspirations of its people and provides conditions for the voluntary return of refugees and it is a necessity for the security and stability of the region and a priority that joint efforts should realise.]
Sweden is assisting foreign countries on their step by step security paths.
They work on issues relating to refugees, border security and the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.
They are wanting a political solution to the crisis in Syria.
- The complaint from Belgrade is that Sweden wanted to govern Serbia.
- Does Sweden want to govern Syria and Serbia?
- Also, this path stuff seems like right wingerism.
- I'm not sure I should go down a path, so to speak. For example, in Anglicanism there is the life journey as in ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
- This list of items, refugees. All of these Ukrainians are still in Ireland.
(May 2, 2023)


Turkey 19

I wonder if in Texas all of do and don't know the same thing.
Kind of, at the beginning.
I might have been the only real local export about Wayne Rooney.
"Ambassador of Uzbekistan presented credentials to President Joe Biden Furkat Sidikov, recently appointed as an Uzbek ambassador to the United States..."

- "All this is a direct result of the thoughtless and universally sickening sanctions strategy by the collective West led by the United States. Instead of actually helping the Global South, US is only preoccupied with the uninterrupted supply of Ukrainian grain to European markets..."

That is from the Russian news, quoting a Russian diplomat. Andrey Ledenev

- "According to the newspaper Hurriyet, the Turkish side will discuss the problem with representatives of the UN, the US and the UK in the coming days."
That's the Russian news report.

This seems to be an example of, it's mismanagement to put Ankara in charge of stuff like this.
Is Ankara kind of in charge of grain deal stuff?
Even if Washington, DC is honestly trying.
Does it make sense that Turkey is a leader in these Ukrainian grain deal talks?
Washington, DC is far away from Ukraine.
Is this mismanagement about the grain deal and Ankara?
Conceptually, if an American in DC is trying, can we work out the whys and ins and outs of this grain deal?
Isn't one perspective it's weird the Turks are in charge of it?
Is this mismanagement that Ankara is in charge of the grain deal?
(May 2, 2023)

This is me talking about the Ukrainian grain deal. 5-2-23