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This website is about Manchester and Dublin. There are concerns about the labor unions and military academies in Germany's eastern provinces. East Germany traded in East German mark. There are likely radio signals sent between Lubeck and Manchester pertaining to organized labor. Lubeck is a German port near the Gulf of Danzig. Warsaw is inland. There seem to be labor leaders in Warsaw who manage trade through Irish ports. Archive 1, Archive 2, Archive 3, Archive 4

Manchester and Dublin

Alex, Anastasia, their two kids, Alex's dad.
Wayne, Coleen, their four kids, Coleen's mom.
Marko, Adrijana, their three kids.

It's a phenomenon here in Washington, DC where people bring several relatives to live with them and nobody gets any work done.

This is from the Book of Common Prayer. For the most part we want to allow God to be in our hearts. And we are asking for God's mercy.

The Lord be in your heart.
I pray God to have mercy on me.

These are prayers from the Episcopal prayer book. They are supposed to be said in the morning:

The earth is the Lord's, for he made it: Come let us adore him.
The mercy of the Lord is everlasting: Come let us adore him.
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: Come let us adore him.

It's like Wayne's dick in Coleen. Madrid sends radio signals.

Madrid sends radio signals to Virginia. It seems like they are wanting to command things. It's Spanish infantrymen using German-made radios. It might be every day of the year. (April 17, 2021)

The first thing I did was I started to complain about Alex Ovechkin's dad. It's like an Ayn Rand novel because we're not allowed to say anything bad about Alex's dad. And now it's Anastasia and their two kids at the hockey games. It began as Alex and his dad that I didn't like. Now it's Alex, his dad, wife, and their two kids at the hockey games. (April 17, 2021)

"Turkey Bans Cryptocurrency Use for Payments" The Bulgarian news is reporting on Ankara. The Germans maintain airbases in Anatolia. There might be inflation in Turkey because of the airbases. (April 17, 202)

In 'Saving Private Ryan' (1998) there is the 'dog tag scene'. The main characters looks through a bag of nametags. And then infantrymen walk past and their friends are the ones whose names are in the bag. That's how it is here in Washington, DC about Alex Ovechkin and Wayne Rooney. It's because they burn the money in front of the city. Alex now has two kids, and they are old enough to go to the hockey games. And so it seems like the team won't win because his kids and Anastasia are always at the games. (April 17, 2021)

I wish that Alex Ovechkin wouldn't have gotten married and he wouldn't have had two kids. It seems like he is squandering the money that they pay him. And that he doesn't work hard enough so the team can win. I'm from Texas. It seems like the East Coast where everyone throws money around. They pay him so much, I wish he had a sense that he really needed to earn the money. Now Anastasia and the kids go to the hockey games. (April 17, 2021)

In Washington, DC there is a phenomenon about athletes and parenting. Wayne Rooney brought Coleen and the four kids with him. He was the captain of DC United for two seasons. The team didn't win much, and he left his contract early. Alex Ovechkin is married to a woman named Anastasia who is from Moscow. They have two children. As Alex and Anastasia are happy about these children, I think it means the hockey team won't win. It's not always happy when children are born. (April 17, 2021)

It might be that in Moscow men believe they have to be parents.
It's strange about gender roles.
The Polish language uses more pronouns than Russian.
It might be German language habits that they have picked up in Moscow.
Both Alex and Anastasia are from Moscow.
Alex made two babies with his dick.
Anastasia made two babies with her cunny.

"Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai sentenced to 14 months for pro-democracy protests" The BBC is reporting on Beijing. It seems like the government in Hong Kong uses German-made radios for policing. (April 16, 2021)

Hopefully my husband will put his dick in me again and we'll have another baby.

It's Friday afternoon. I am getting ready to leave my apartment. It's the Spanish infantry. They combine surveillance hardware and nanotechnology. I drop things and fall sometimes. Radio signals can move objects at long distances. It must be that they aim radio transmissions at American infantrymen. The soldiers would also drop things and fall. In Madrid, Spanish infantrymen use German-made hardware, and they send radio signals to Washington, DC. It's observable here as weapons they might aim at infantrymen. (April 16, 2021)

I am reading that Taylor Pischke is 6'0" tall. Anastasia Ovechkin is 5'7". I'm the same height exactly as Anastasia. Anastasia is from Moscow and I'm from Texas. Taylor is from Winnipeg, Canada. Both Tom Wilson #43 and Alex Ovechkin #8 live in Arlington County which is in Virginia. I live in Washington, DC north of the river.

In Russia there are gender roles. For example, women don't drive the trains on the subway. I think Taylor Pischke is odd about gender roles. It's because she is an adult woman athlete. I think adult women shouldn't play sports. She is 27. It seems like she should be in college. It's a sense that the women won't let the men work. (April 16, 2021)

I stopped playing soccer when I was twenty years old and I began to really focus on academics. Also, my body got too huge to play well. I guess Taylor Pischke can still play volleyball. She is 27. When I was 20 I could tell that my body was no longer a fit athlete and so I stopped playing altogether. (April 16, 2021)

"Taylor Pischke, Tom Wilson's girlfriend, was also at the game. Her appearance appeared to be good luck as Tom scored early in the first period." The news is reporting on Tom Wilson #43. His girlfriend is a Canadian volleyball player. I don't like her because I think volleyball is a dumb sport. Also, I think women should stop playing sports and they should go to college. I went to UT-Austin. I played soccer very competitively in Texas when I was young. It's my sense of gender roles that women should go to college. I am not sure Taylor went to college. I speak Russian and I went to Georgia Tech for graduate school. Probably Canadians don't have to go to graduate school or something. (April 16, 2021)

"Syria devalues its currency against the U.S. dollar" The Washington Post is reporting on Damascus. The Germans maintain military research facilities in Anatolia. It seems like there are belligerent radio signals coming from Turkey. (April 16, 2021)

German athletes might not be great at team sports. It's because they don't want a leader on the team to command the team. They want orders to come from the top. The players might listen to the coach but not the team captain, for example.

It is a saying from Texas, "He needs to take command."
It means that a leader on the team needs to make the team win.

"Alex needs to take command."

"Command, Cyberattack, Command" The Spanish infantry sends radio signals constantly from Madrid to Virginia. There is property damage. It's as though they try to command people.

"The document, which has raised many eyebrows in the region in recent days reads about the idea for the dismemberment of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the accession of the Republic of Srpska to Serbia and the unification of Kosovo with Albania, and speculates that Slovenian President Janez Jansa sent the 'non-paper' to Brussels." The Serbian news is reporting on the Balkans. Bosnia trades in mark. It's controversial about German trade through Bosnia. (April 16, 2021)

"Kremlin confirms meeting between Putin, Lukashenko being prepared for April 22" The Russian news is reporting on Minsk. It seems like the government in Minsk imported German-made radios that they use to police. (April 16, 2021)

"Iran produces first nine grams of uranium enriched to 60%" The Russian news is reporting on Tehran. It seems like there are military research facilities in the Syrian desert. (April 16, 2021)

I always complain about both Jelena Djokovic and Novak's mom. They behave as Frenchwomen. I get a sense from them that they don't like America. I studied in Saint Petersburg at the technical institute there. It's foreign about anti-Americanism. I speak Russian and I am from Texas. I refuse to hear from Jelena Djokovic anything negative about America. These are photos of Novak and Jelena.

I always try to do a good job because I think about my dad. My dad went to the LBJ School. I really like Novak Djokovic and his dad and brother. I complain about Jelena and Novak's mom because I think they act like Frenchwomen. I also complain about Novak's coach and trainer. My mom is from Indiana.

In Texas it's if your kid is successful.
In Virginia it's if your wife is successful.

"Parliament Accepts Borissov Cabinet Resignation" The Bulgarian news is reporting on elections. Lviv, Ukraine is a regional hub for labor unions. Last summer there were labor strikes in Germany. (April 16, 2021)

I am writing about Europe. It's a culture of two things, (1) wealthy athletes, and (2) they have a wife. Wayne Rooney has a wife and Alex Ovechkin has a wife. They don't win the tournament much. It's possible it is the hungrian or some other German word. Coleen Rooney might be ethnically Prussian. Alex might be ethnically Czech. Both Wayne and Alex have a wife, and they don't win the tournament much. (April 16, 2021)

The British: Wayne had his dick and Coleen said she wanted one, and so Wayne put his dick in her and she made a baby. They have four children.
Texas: Matt has money and Zach needed dental work. Matt didn't give Zach the money for his dental work.

I don't have any kids. I would have given Zach the money. Matt's last name is Durham and mine is Welles. Matt's dad was a fireman and mine worked for the Texas state government.

I am writing about Texas. It seems like German radio technology is responsible for strange happenings there. When I lived there, and I would drive during hot weather it seemed emotionally exhausting. It was as though it was frightening to drive when it was hot. I would become afraid that my car would break down and I couldn't afford to repair it. It might be German-made weaponry that they deploy along the border with Mexico. (April 15, 2021)

The Washington Capitals lost tonight at home against the Sabres. 5-2. (April 15, 2021)

"China 'can save $1.6 trillion by scrapping coal', report says" The BBC is reporting on energy issues. It seems like the Chinese use German-made radios to control their infantry movements. Sometimes Chinese infantrymen cross the border into Laos. (April 15, 2021)

It would be difficult to compete with me in the world of Russian studies. I am right now monitoring the hockey league and Czech players in the league. Because I think there are Czech scientists in Moscow who develop weird police radios. (April 15, 2021)

"I went to UT-Austin and I studied Russian. And I studied in Saint Petersburg. I think for the most part I thought I could do it. Sometimes there were times I got down and discouraged. But I just kept studying Russia and I moved to Washington, DC."

"Sabres game day: The pushback must continue to survive against Capitals" The Capitals play at home tonight against Buffalo. The Buffalo roster includes four Swedish players, three from Finland, and a German. It seems like the Germans use radio technology to recruit players for the hockey league. Some of these players might have relatives in labor unions.

We are fighting over Ireland. The British are alright that William went to St. Andrews. The Americans want for him to have studied at Oxford. The British trade too much with Warsaw.

Two thousand years ago
Two thousand years ago
The proudest boast was.
'I am a Roman.'
Today the proudest boast is.
'I am a Berliner.'

[Two thousand years ago -- Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was "civis Romanus sum." Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is "Ich bin ein Berliner."]

"Hong Kong: China-led electoral bill presented in legislature" The Washington Post is reporting on Hong Kong. It seems like Beijing imports German-made radios and they use them to police. (April 15, 2021)

"Biden: Cycle 'cannot continue' in Afghanistan" "NATO unanimously decides to withdraw along with U.S." The Washington Post is reporting on the Pentagon. The Virginians are German immigrants and they work for labor unions. They might be on a labor strike. The Virginians speak creole. It's never clear if they're on a labor strike.